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  1. 20 Biggest Typical Whitetail Bucks of All Time June 26, 2013 By PH Online Editors Before there were deer hunting celebrities with their own TV shows , NASA-grade clothing to block scent or entire companies devoted to whitetail management , there were men in wool shirts with old war rifles and corn cob pipes
  2. Like the Hanson buck, this deer is a typical 6X6. While it doesn't beat the Hanson buck, it wouldn't have taken much to do so. In fact, the frames are very similar between the two deer. It wouldn't have taken much for the Gibson buck to be the world record typical whitetail
  3. This is the heaviest whitetail deer ever killed. It broke the 50-year record held by the #2 Spot! This deer is one of the biggest that I have ever seen and one that could hold the record for a very long time! Field Dressed Weight: 431-Lbs. Estimated Weight On Hoof: 540-Lbs. Ontario, 197
  4. Interesting Facts 01 The whitetail deer can live up to 4.5 years in the wild and 14 years in captivity. 02 An adult whitetail deer reaches a size of 6 to 7 feet long. 03 Whitetail deer weigh from 110 to 300 lbs
  5. Why is the typical world record the Holy Grail of whitetail deer hunting? After all, the non-typical record is more than 100 inches bigger, and there isn't a hunter alive who doesn't love..
  6. Here is a yearling whitetail buck we have in or breeder pens. We have high expectations for this guy — thinking this buck will go 320+ inches, which will give him the status of the largest yearling whitetail buck to ever touch Texas soil. Deer hunters love big bucks, but not all deer hunters love big breeder-pen-produced bucks
  7. The Whitetail Deer, also known as the Virginia Deer, is the most widely distributed wild ungulate in North America. It's primarily distributed east of the Rocky Mountains and in most of Mexico. The state that homes the most Whitetail Deer is Texas, with over four million deer

That monster had a gross typical score of 221 7/8 inches as a 5x5, with a net typical frame of 207 7/8. With 26 3/8 inches of abnormal points added in, the buck finished out at 233 7/8. Probably the most amazing thing about this buck was his main beams: 31 6/8 inches on the left, 33 0/8 on the right With an almost perfectly symmetrical rack that resulted in very few deductions, Milo Hanson's buck has stood as the biggest typical whitetail deer in the Boone & Crockett record book for over 20 years. Safari Club International Record Typical Whitetail Hunters (and I'm being generous with the term) typically pay between $1,500-$3,000 to shoot an average buck of 120-140 inches. Larger bucks, 150 inches and up, typically sell for $5,000-$10,000 or more. A real monster in the range of 180 inches can bring much more B&C World's Record - Typical Coues' Whitetail Deer. The antler mass on Ed Stockwell's Coues' whitetail deer sets it apart from any other Coues' buck ever taken. At the 1955 Boone and Crockett Awards Competition, held at the Museum of Natural History in New York City, judges were shocked when they measured a Coues' whitetail deer that was unlike.

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This deer has dominated the recent news, as it should. Forget about the 312-inch score for a minute. It's the largest whitetail ever taken by a hunter. That's reason enough to be talked about so much. Stephen Tucker made a great accomplishment when he brought down this giant whitetail. Interestingly enough, this buck really is a one of a kind Brewster drew his bow, made good on the shot, and not only tagged the biggest hunter-killed non-typical whitetail to date, but also the new all-time P&Y world-record. The incredible buck netted.

1. Kentucky Christian County, KY typical whitetail deer 14 2. Kentucky Ohio County, KY typical whitetail deer 13 3. Kentucky Hart County, KY typical whitetail deer 12 4. Kentucky Butler County, KY typical whitetail deer 9 5. Kentucky Lewis County, KY typical whitetail deer 9 6. Kentucky Henderson County, KY typical whitetail deer 8 7 The Unicorn Buck...one of the largest typical whitetail bucks ever captured on video Apple Creek Ranch This buck was shot at Apple Creek Ranch in Wisconsin, but it's hard telling how much this buck cost. According to their website, a buck that ranges from 301-330 inches costs a whopping $17,500. This buck scored 610 inches and was considered to be the largest deer ever shot at the time of the hunt in 2012 Rod Miller feeds Goliath after the gigantic deer was recovered from another Pennsylvania deer breeder's property last summer. Early estimates put the number of scorable points on this rack at 50 to 60, and his live weight was a whopping 375 pounds! Photo courtesy of Rod and Dianne Mille

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  1. The Top 40 Typical and Nontypical Whitetails of All Time. Whitetail Deer buck standing near the edge of a forest during rut. Daniel J. Cox/Alamy. Just in case you haven't been totally consumed by buck fever yet, here's one last nudge to tip you all the way over the edge
  2. The life span of a whitetail deer can be from 6 to 14 years in captivity. In the wild, the majority of deer don't make it to that age because of disease, hunting and automobile collisions. The average life span for wild whitetail deer is 4½ years (Lopez et al 2003)
  3. The non-typical buck green grossed 246 inches, a score that, if it holds up, could place the buck in the Top 25 velvet non-typical mule deer in the P&Y book. 3. Ryan Berran's Buckeye Beas
  4. We talked to researchers and managers from across the whitetail's range to find examples of known-age captive and wild deer pushing the age limits. The results were astonishing and will surprise many who dream of that elusive 4½ or 5½-year-old grandpa buck. The Luxuries of Captivity. Captivity offers numerous advantages to whitetails
  5. The largest hunter taken, and current number three All-time non-typical whitetail on record with B&C scores 312 and was taken by Stephen L. Tucker from Sumner County, Tennessee in 2016 ( pictured below ). To put Luke's deer in perspective this deer could surpass our current World's Record that has stood for 18 years by more than 20 inches

By age 22, Stafford held the record of having the largest deer in captivity at 180 inches. Nicknamed Samson for his size and musculature, this deer grew from 187 inches at 4 years of age to the biggest deer in the United States at age five years old scoring 251. He later went on to become the biggest deer in the world Hole in the Horn Buck. It could be argued that Ohio's so-called Hole-In-The-Horn Buck is the most famous whitetail in the world. In fact, this legendary deer, with his incredible rack and story to match, might well be the most famous big game animal ever to come from the North American continent! YouTube. Legendary Whitetails The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the whitetail or Virginia deer, is a medium-sized deer native to North America, Central America, Ecuador, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia. It has also been introduced to New Zealand, all the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico), and some countries in Europe, such as the.

Had the deer been killed (or found dead) by a hunter, Milo Hansen's giant would be the No. 2 B&C typical whitetail, and The General would still hold the world record—by a long shot A Deer called The GeneralWe previously featured a story on the BCA Blog detailing the largest set of whitetail antlers in recorded history belonging to the buck dubbed the Minnesota Monarch. The Minnesota Monarch sported a non-typical rack that scored well into the 300's but because he was never killed his exact score remains unknown

The 10 Biggest Typical Whitetail Deer of All Time. These are the highest scoring typical whitetail deer of all time. Thanks to the Boone and Crocket Club for providing the images and information. Read more The current record for the largest typical rack belongs to a deer shot in Saskatchewan, Canada by Milo N. Hanson in 1993. Totaling 213 5/8 points, this largely symmetrical, 14-point rack is impressive to behold. This deer took first place from a 10-point Wisconsin buck, shot by James Jordan. This rack scored 206 1/8 points and has held the. The current world record typical whitetail is the famous Hanson buck, which has just over 213 inches of net antler. It'd be fitting for the record to fall in 2019, just one year removed from a new world record non-typical whitetail and muley This score surpasses a deer taken from Monroe Country, Iowa, in 2003 that scores 307-5/8, which was the largest hunter taken non-typical whitetail and ranked Number 3 all-time. The World's Record and Number 2 in the non-typical category were both picked up, or found dead and score 333-7/8 and 328-2/8, respectively The final tally on this deer is 222 4/8 gross typical frame 93 7/8 in abnormals, and the reason that this buck's final score ranks it as the largest non typical whitetail taken in the last.

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  1. That non-typical deer was a brute in his own right with 34 points that measured out at an impressive 275 7/8 inches. Well, it looks like his father, Mark Barrett, has raised the bar even higher with his own giant, non-typical whitetail buck. And right from his Facebook page, Marko wrote
  2. CY CURTIS NO. 1 TYPICAL -- John Ehmer of Tuskahoma with the mount of his No. 1 Oklahoma typical whitetail, which scored 194 inches in the Cy Curtis Awards program. The 13-point Pushmataha buck was.
  3. With a net score of 1837⁄8, the buck is the largest typical whitetail ever shot in East Texas and ranks among the Top 25 Texas typicals of all-time. The previous East Texas record typical was shot in 1984 in Polk County by Charlie Albertson. The Albertson Buck nets 1747⁄8
  4. Massive Whitetail Deer. 3 of the top 10 typical bucks in the SCI record book were harvested at Gsell's! Gsell's Whitetails has a long established reputation for raising giant northeastern whitetails from the famous Patrick breeding line and we have challenged ourselves to become the #1 trophy whitetail deer hunting facility in North America
  5. Our Elite Whitetail Hunt consists of only the finest and highest scoring record sized bucks!. This hunt is fully guided and early season is by far the best time to book this. The trophies taken on this adventure will be either massive non-typical's ranging from 325-400+ or the biggest typical's scoring from 210-230+
  6. The Keith Brossard buck was shot in Kenosha County, Wisconsin with a gun and had 17 points. 1. The James Jordan Buck. The James Jordan buck is a legendary whitetail and is one of the biggest whitetail bucks ever killed. Currently it sits as the second largest typical buck killed and features only 3 inches of deductions

Bucks either have a typical or non-typical antler arrangement. Typical antlers are symmetrical on both sides and the points grow straight up off the main beam. Non-typical antlers are asymmetrical and the points are going in any direction off the main beam. The whitetail deer is a ruminant, which means it has a four-chambered stomach 22. The average whitetail stands between 36 and 40 inches high at the top of the shoulder. 23. The Florida Key deer, Odocoileus virginianus clovium, is the smallest sub-species of our native deer. 24. There is one authenticated record of a deer kept in captivity that lived to be nineteen years old. 25. A deer can clear an 8-foot hurdle from a. Ive worked with muntjacs for some time so hopefully I can provide some specific help. First off, although muntjac deer *can* adapt to captivity and be quite happy (especially does) this isn't always the case, due to human negligence. They're still..

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The buck has a gross typical frame of 151-5/8 with 178-3/8 inches of abnormal points, according to its 60-day dry score. To put Luke's deer in perspective, this deer could surpass our current world record that has stood for 18 years by more than 20 inches, said Eli Randall, P&Y director of Big Game Records When there's almost 700 pages in a book, you know there has to be a lot of good information—and there's no doubt that the Boone and Crockett Club's sixth edition of Records of North American Whitetail Deer delivers on that promise. With detailed state and provincial data of more than 17,000 of the biggest whitetails in history, there's a lot for the deer enthusiast to digest 13. They Can Weigh Up to 300 Pounds. Despite being the smallest of the North American deer, white-tailed deer can still hold their own in terms of weight. A mature buck may weigh anywhere from 200. Brad Jerman: 2004: Warren: Crossbow: 201 1/8: 1: 1: William D Kontras: 1986: Clark: Long Bow: 201 1/8: 1: 1: Tim Reed: 2004: Muskingum: Long Bow: 198 3/8: 3: 3: Steve.

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N-ICE BUCK by Alyssa Munton. Alyssa Munton of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, holds the big mule deer she took on November 11, 2011. It was the young hunter's first deer, and what a way to start a hunting career! Main beams both reach out to 26 4/8 with the brow-tines going 2 4/8 and 3 7/8 inches ConQuest was the largest Typical Yearling Buck in North America, as a 2-year-old he was 4th, and then as a 3 year old he was the 3rd largest Typical Whitetail as rated by the National Deer Farmers Association. This Typical Genetics line runs thick with a wealth of premium whitetails at ConQuest DeerFarm I snapped this photo of the legendary Jordan Buck in the Cabela's store in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The picture does not do this story justice, for it is fascinating: One day in 1914 near Danbury, Wisconsin, James Jordan followed huge deer tracks in the snow. A train roared by and its grind and whistle startled a group of deer, including a monster buck. James threw up his rifle and cracked off. The largest non typical whitetail bucks ever killed, will be listed below, however let us first define what any non typical whitetail buck is per definition. In layman's terms any NonTypical whitetail buck refers to antlers on a whitetail deer that are not symmetrical and have often points growing off other points of the antlers History While whitetail deer farming as a commercial venture has a relatively short history, records of whitetail deer farming have been found in the United States dating back to the turn of the century. At that time, whitetail deer populations were dangerously low due to mass habitat devastation and widespread hunting. In an effort to [

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During summer, mule deer are tan to light brown; during winter, they are a salt-and-pepper gray. They have large, dark-edged ears, from whence they derive their name. The 7 to 8 inch tail of a mule deer is white, except for a black tip. Mule deer are the largest deer in Washington The non-typical minimums start at 155 for archery bucks and 170 for gun bucks. Boone & Crockett minimum scoring requirements for a typical whitetail deer are 160 inches for the three-year awards book and 170 inches for the all-time-record book. The minimum requirements for a non-typical whitetail deer are 185 inches and 195 inches, respectively That deer was a non-typical 38-pointer taken by a 15-year old in Iowa in 2003. The world record typical whitetail stands at 213-5/8 inches, a tremendous 14-pointer taken in Saskatchewan in 1993

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Be sure to read the buck profiles at the end of the article to see true world class non typical deer taken from Kansas. Kansas deer hunting is one of the most sensitive or unique whitetail deer scenarios to place yourself in. Kansas has produced some of the biggest whitetail deer in the World, however Kansas has a personality all its own Nearly 1,000 people in Texas hold deer breeder licenses allowing them to propagate and raise deer, usually with the ambition of growing bucks with the kind of towering racks that fetch the highest prices from paying hunters. Buck fawns raised in captivity can take just two years to grow to a size that might take four years for a fawn in the wild

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If you're keeping score at home, that's currently the sixth biggest typical buck ever recorded in the ODWC's Cy Curtis Awards program. And until Oklahoma State college student Guner Womack's 188 5/8-inch state archery record buck in the fall of 2019, the Ward buck was the Sooner State's archery state-record typical whitetail 1.8-2.4 m. The White-tailed deer, also called the Virginia deer or whitetail, is named for the white underside of its tail which is visible when it holds its tail erect when it runs. Adults have a bright reddish brown coat in the summer and in the winter it is a duller grayish brown. The young have white spots on their reddish coats I shot this giant whitetail shortly before Christmas in 2000 in eastern Colorado on a mule deer hunt. It is still the most amazing hunt I have been on simply because of how it played out. It all started innocently enough the afternoon before when guide, Dan Ardrey, and I glassed a section of creek looking for a big mule deer the rancher had. The acreage of many game ranches far exceeds a typical whitetail deer's range. But most conservation groups oppose the artificial manipulation of deer herds and view the high fences blocking their movements as an effective privatization of wildlife, which is managed in the United States as a public resource

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  1. Northwest Big Game Inc.'s record books for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana's big game animals
  2. The white-tailed deer ( Odocoileus virginianus) is the most economically important big game mammal in North America and Florida. In 2011, over $50 billion was spent on deer hunting in the United States. In Florida, deer hunting generated $95 million dollars in state and local taxes and generated 14,673 jobs in 2011
  3. The mammoth non-typical buck, which has been initially green scored at 322 4/8 inches net, fell to the muzzleloader blast of 15-year-old Tony Lovstuen of Albia, Iowa, on Sept. 29 in Monroe County
  4. The current Kansas state record firearm non-typical whitetail was taken in 1987 by Joseph Waters in Shawnee County and scored 280 4/8 inches. The current Kansas state record archery non-typical.
  5. South Carolina State Animal White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Adopted in 1972. The whitetail deer, (odocoileus virginianus,) is South Carolina's State Animal (designated by Act No. 1334 in 1972).This species of deer is one of the greatest game animals in North America and our State's most sought after game

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typical whitetail, but is usually longer and darker on the back side. Ears are normally larger than a whitetail and smaller than a mule deer. The preorbital gland in front of the eye is intermediate in depth or may be deep like a mule deer's. Antlers are typically more whitetail-like with antler tines arising from the main beam Monster Whitetail Deer of Louisiana sales Trophy Whitetail Deer 2011 doe fawns and buck fawns for sale R.D.M. 44 magnum fawns, Dream Catcher doe fawns and Maximus great grand daughters for sale in Louisiana (337)515-4868 Charlie LeDou Harold Smith's No. 16 non-typical of all time scored an official 279 3/8 B&C and was killed in Ta Ta Creek, British Columbia, in 1951. With a massive 33-inch outside spread, the deer looks like some kind of mule deer/whitetail hybrid. Its origins may be a mystery, but the status of this record is not — it is firmly placed in the No. 16 spot Illinois, Adams County—24 non-typical whitetail deer in B&C records. 115. New Mexico, San Juan County—24 typical American elk in B&C records. 116. California, San Bernardino County—23 desert. Currently, 32 categories of big game trophies are recognized in the state records program by species (whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep and elk), type of rack, (typical or non-typical), and method of take, (archery, crossbows, modern firearm, or muzzleloader). Minimum scores for qualification

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How Y'all doing I'm Tevis Mccauley with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters owner and operator of one of the world's largest whitetail deer hunting destinations We have over 60 thousand acres scattered across Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Kansas for trophy Buck hunts and eastern turkeys. We also do Osceola Turkey hunts down in Florida Mule Deer, Elk and Western Big Game Hunting Articles and Stories -- MonsterMuleys.com. Wyoming State Record Whitetail. Bob Beeman's Wyoming whitetail officially scored 262 1/8 Boone & Crockett. It is the new Wyoming state record non-typical. It is also SCI's World Record overall at 281 1/8. In July 1997, Bob Beeman, an Arizona resident, was. The Bob Haney Buck from Mahoning County Ohio in 1987. Bob Harvested this unbelievable Whitetail with a bow. This Deer has one of the largest Typical 4x4 frames known at 196 5/8. And even after over 16 inches of deductions still nets 180 1/8 Typical as an 8 point. Come see this amazing Whitetail and meet Bob at The Whitetail Rendezvous in. 1 Description 2 Habitats 3 Attractants 4 Hunting Tactics 4.1 Quick Start Locations 4.2 Video Guide 5 Organs and Bones 6 Whitetail Deer Missions 7 In-Game Photos 8 Videos 9 Non-typical Antlers 10 Permitted Ammunition The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the Virginia deer or simply as the whitetail, is a medium-sized deer native to the United States (all but five of the. The biggest rack ever measured was 333 ⅞ on a deer in Missouri, but that was a pickup, or found deer, not one shot by a hunter. What is the world record typical whitetail deer? For that reason, Brian Damery's buck is the biggest typical whitetail deer in the SCI record book and is arguably the largest typical whitetail deer of all-time with.

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Largest Typical Whitetail Deer by County. The LARGEST TYPICAL WHITETAIL BY COUNTY section lists the largest typical whitetail deer taken from each county that the hunter has decided to enter into the WV Bowhunters Association Records. This list does not include every deer that is in the WV DNR's records. Show. 10 25 50 100. entries. The Coues whitetail is an elfin deer, standing 32-34 inches at the shoulder and seldom exceeding 100 pounds live weight. Coues sport ears and tails appearing out of proportion to their small bodies, with hides generally lighter in hue than other deer species. The large ears facilitate heat dissipation during hot summer months, the grey hide. A guy by the name of Mitch Rompola from Traverse City, Mich., allegedly shot a 12-point buck while bowhunting. The buck was no ordinary whitetail. Its rack allegedly scored 220-6/8 inches typical and would net 216-5/8 inches, making it the largest typical of all time — IF entered and accepted in any of the record-keeping organizations Butcher's whitetail earned an unofficial net non-typical score of 321 3/8 inches. If accepted and verified by the Boone and Crockett Club the Butcher buck would rank fourth in the world for non-typical whitetail deer. As for the Kansas record books, Butcher's buck will be the largest non-typical whitetail ever taken, surpassing the current. I want to take some time and just enjoy this moment.. The Minnesota state archery records for whitetails are a typical that scored 197-6/8; and a nontypical that scored 227-3/8 inches on the Boone and Crockett scoring system. The biggest nontypical ever killed in Minnesota was a gun-kill that scored 268-5.8. That deer was killed in 1974

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Here are the top record whitetail bucks taken in New York, by category, as recorded by the New York State Big Buck Club. Gun Typical. Roosevelt Luckey Buck. Score: 198 2/8. Number of Points: 14. Year Taken: 1939 3. Ohio. Since 2010 hunters in Ohio have logged 370 bucks that made B&C's minimum score for typical and non-typical whitetails. Highland County is one of the best for non-typicals over the last decade. As with many Midwestern states, Ohio's bow season starts well before the rut and goes for several months A typical whitetail hunt at Land of Giants starts off with hunters arriving to our lodge on a Sunday afternoon. This allows you to get accustomed to the surroundings and learn the layout of the hunting property. During this time we will go over your gear checklist, check trail cameras and talk to the guides on how the deer are moving Name Score Year Co. of Harvest Bryan Morehead, Greensburg, KS 202 2/8 1999 Kiowa Chris Unrein, Wichita, KS 190 7/8 2003 Treg Key deer are a subspecies that adapted to life in the Florida Keys, and they are the smallest at 45 to 55 pounds. The largest Whitetail deer can weigh up to 300 pounds, with the average weight being between 110 and 150 pounds. Whitetail deer are muscular and swift, and they have excellent senses of hearing and smell

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This allows a whitetail's overall body condition to improve from the stress of winter, setting the stage for rapid antler growth. By the time May draws to a close the G-2 points (2 nd point on a typical rack) should be noticeable. In addition the antler beams should now be about ½ of what their length will be when the rack's growth is. It is estimated that at least 40,000 white-tail deer live in Ontario, with more found in other providences. In most of its regions, this species is the deer with the largest population. The population of white-tail deer has swung over history. They were almost hunted into extinction in the late 1800s and early 1900s We have the biggest typicals in the world! Two of our whitetail deer have held record titles for being the largest deer in the U.S. scoring as high as 523 inches. Other impressive game to hunt are our massive elk and rams. Our most popular game are our whitetail. We are one of the top places in the nation for killing whitetail deer JUN 11, 2021 - It was a good deer season for many Oklahoma hunters, especially for bowhunter Travis Ocker of Lawton. Ocker, a sergeant in the U.S. Army and stationed at Fort Sill, killed the trophy buck on the Comanche County base on Nov. 12. It is the biggest non-typical buck taken by an Oklahoma bowhunter, and the second biggest non-typical ever taken in the state, according to the Oklahoma. 1. Mel Johnson-Illinois. This is the largest Pope and Young Typical Whitetail Buck ever shot. Mel Johnson took this 204 4/8 inch buck in Illinois in 1965. One of the biggest and most iconic bucks ever shot in Illinois has to be the Mel Johnson buck. This deer has almost a 24 inch spread and 13 score able points Fast Facts: White-tailed deer. Scientific name: Odocoileus virginianus Average weight: 68 to 141 kg (male) 41 to 96 kg (female) Average height: 68 to 114 cm Average lifespan: 6 to 14 years (in captivity) Did you know? The white-tailed deer can make vertical leaps of over two and a half metres and horizontal leaps of nine metres — that's almost as long as a school bus