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CHAINED THEME by bryanna / code & live preview. i tried making this theme 'boxy' like the more popular themes right now!! i havent released a theme in a while so if there are any problems or anything, just send an ask and ill fix it! options include: pixel links, sidebar algin/size/radius options, no post bg, bolded tags/links, shadows. Neocities, just upload all your code like HTML, CSS or any other language and it's online WordPress.com , popular software especially for blogs. You can do a lot things with little effort and no knowledge of HTML, but creative freedom is restricted and the platform is financed through advertisements Name: xangalayouts Country: USA Metro: Chicago Birthday: 11/19/17 Gender: N/A Interests: making xanga layouts, making tumblr themes, making tumblr themes that look like xanga layouts Occupation: programmer Message: message me Website: visit my website Member since: 201 Just your friendly neighborhood bison. 7 Jul 01 2021 src via. sync. heart. obhobh: otherkin/therians should not be using the term phantom limb, ever. it's so tone deaf. that's a term for amputees. i'm seeing people on tiktok discovering the term for the first time and not even knowing the original meaning, thinking it's a therian term

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furthermore, we might as well get all tumblr with this. you know what's actually damaging to the gay community? fetishizing. you see, htgawm is a shonda joint, and love her or hate her, she's got pretty great knack for filling out a diverse cast without falling on stereotypes and being perfectly normal about it, and it's awesome to see on basic. name here lastname • interactions • photography • musings • starter • likes • texts age: age here pronouns: she/her sexuality: sexuality traits: persuasive, amusing, ebullient, careless, flirtatious.. These are not tumblr replacements. It's your headquarters. Your hub. All your info, links, and art can be there when social media fails to deliver. this is a big post so please click the readmore ↴ neocities.org [ site example] Neocities is the spiritual successor to geocities Title of Show Extra Details Title of Show Extra Details Title of Show Extra Detail

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  1. biuesargcnt. to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered. lily. aelingalahynius. they were infinite. they were the beginning and the ending; they were eternity. alyssa. lunaraelin. even in the future, the story begins with once upon a time. natalie
  2. carrd tutorial. another tutorial for the folks in the @artistsclub discord server! this time for making a carrd!. i had some trouble figuring it out at first, but i absolutely love it now! once you get the hang of it, it's pretty dang user-friendly, and it's a great way to get all your links and info all in one place
  3. Template for my neocities website. Available for anyone to use as a template for their own site. Nothing fancy here. This is a website I created on Neocities after talking with Chris Were on Destination Linux. Neocities is a free website service that is open source. Was a fun project to work on
  4. or, abusive, incestuous, or otherwise problematic ships. In the future I plan to implement a feature to filter out prompts that involve shipping, but until then I apologize if any.

Nutty-Themes. 2015. View All Films Books TV Shows. Januar all templates are responsive. please rehost images on imgur if you're able. i tend to clean out my albums and things break. i don't always realize when this happens. side note: these templates are made from images, not stripped or stolen code

To use any codes found here simply click on the image link. You will be taken to either a pastebin page, a layout featuring a pastebin page, or a neocities style. To use any code in a neocities style simply right click+view source, copy everything on the page that opens, and paste it all into your own neocities styl Rarebit is an HTML Webcomic Template written in simple and extensively commented code that even an HTML/JS beginner can figure it out, but modular enough that an HTML/JS pro can make it special. Everything is done in HTML and vanilla JavaScript, you don't need Bootstrap or JQuery or anything. Just download the template and plug your comics in Basic Classes. While the point of this framework is to give basic styling to HTML without the need for CSS knowledge, for those that do have a basic knowledge of CSS, and want to add just a bit extra to their websites, here are a few basic classes with examples. CSS Buttons. CSS Layout. CSS Helper Classes THEME/CODES COMMISSIONS. HIIIIIIIIII this is a really long shot because idk if people would even buy these but i'm opening up theme commissions, in case anyone wants custom themes, because i could use some money. drawing art is too difficult and time-consuming so i will code instead. themes are at a fixed price of $15 and pages are $5. all.

total: 12. film title. film title (year) watched date watched here. ★ ★ ★ ★. long film title. goes here. kiss kiss bang bang (2005) rewatched february 23 Loosened IP connection limits, the game will allow multiple connections per IP. Added a player counter to the join and leave messages. Added chat commands. Some tanks will automatically have their bullet speed maxed out to prevent lag. Added a TON of new tanks, mostly to Potato Chip and Bosses branch social media, phone, misc. and narrative/style templates: https://coding.neocities.org/starring.h tml - tons of templates for twitter, instagram, google alerts. Nycto Themes - Even MORE great tumblr themes Egg Ramen - Nice simple CSS templates, great for learning how to position things and make certain layouts. Hugely recommend if you're getting started with neocities! Websets by Lynn - Awesome, cute early 2000s style web layouts! Great for a dose of nostalgia x Templaterr - HTML themes & guides for.

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  1. Welcome. You have just stumbled upon the Anime Sacred Realm REVIVAL - an anime appreciation and design resource conglomerate. Here you will eventually find layouts, graphics, goodies and more themed after your favorite series within the Japanese animation genre. This website is a revival of an old Geocities website and is currently undergoing.
  2. Person A is the Sub, Person B is the Dom and Person C and D are optional but if chosen, C and D are friends of A and B and could be seen as in a relationship
  3. ฅ ^ •ﻌ• ^ ฅ. Anomaly Themes. : Description. Anomaly (noun) - something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified. Arieon ♥ 21 ♥ USA Theme maker of mediocre skill. This is where I archive my themes. Feel free to ask for help! Status
  4. Neocities is completely free, or it's $5 a month for your own domain name and a TON of space to host your stuff. Bogleech.com consists of 61,800 files, most of them images, and still isn't even using half of our neocities disk space. The service does have built-in modern features allowing people to like, favorite, share, comment on and.
  5. URL: https://zeyspace.neocities.com https://zeyspace.neocities.com contacting zélie send message. add friend. block user. report user. NAME's Interests General. ADD STUFF HERE Music. ADD STUFF HERE Movies. ADD STUFF HERE Television. ADD STUFF HERE Books. ADD STUFF HERE.

this was all made in like 2017 on tumblr when i was bored, it was the theme of this blog: checjiouw.I didn't have a youtube account cause I was paranoid but still wanted to keep track of my fave osts.. keep track of what I was watching and all my links.. so I made that pag A webpage template without the how-to guide. An additional instructional file; Unzip them to the same folder and open SAMPLEPAGE.html in both notepad and your web browser, and it should teach you how to make classic style webpages as easily as you make tumblr posts! You don't even have to fully understand any of it to use it OH, PSSHAW. Welp, just put in my Artfight team app, to oppose all the people I see joining Cyberpunk. Can you tell I have a lot of font-based nervous energy to get out. If Fritz's face doesn't look like it's either about to collapse in on itself or fold into a fighter jet, I drew it wrong It might be that they're using CSS for the layout or other visual parts (colourshemes, fonts etc), so you'll also want to download the CSS file, which will be in the head of their HTML document. Just visit the URL which ends .CSS in their layout code, copy to a separate text file and save as .CSS - the CSS file should normally be kept in the. Themes . the digital diarist proudly hosted on neocities. after learning some HTML/CSS from my time on tumblr, I built my first neocities site in high school. I launched this site just before the pandemic hit my province, and created a COVID-19 resources page that got shared around a bit

My Life. Your name is . You are 18 years old and have last year of college left before you could apply for full time job. You have inherented more of your mother's traits making you you have sharp and some what girly feautures with petite body, but you still seem to be not as attractive to others bustah wolf. snake_0.txt --. snake ― male / 22 / jp-american. i post video games + nature / aesthetic. you don't have to follow back or whatever. I switch between japanese and english. 日本語と英語を切り替えて使っている. neocities • twitter • themes • art blog • ref blog Nostalgia Planet. Welcome to Nostalgia Planet, this is a retro 90's style site designed to revive the old internet! Enjoy it! Also, it would really be appreciated if you visited my personal homepage, thanks! Joe ~rebello Harley. Feel free to browse the site using the tabs below! About Use NeoSurf 1 Free HTML5 CSS Templates. Latest 172+ are Bootstrap templates that are responsive HTML5 mobile-ready CSS layouts. All 560+ CSS templates are absolutely 100% free download to use for your sites. You can freely use our templates for your commercial or personal purpose Turbo Content Toolkit. Your Ultimate Content-Writing Shortcut. The complete, comprehensive toolkit for writers - over 700 pages of fill-in-the-blank templates, swipe files, checklists, case studies, training manuals, and idea starters for bloggers, writers, copywriters, content creators and information publishers

Can I use a custom domain name? If you host your Zonelet on Neocities (the recommended beginner method), it will live at yourusername.neocities.org.If you want to use a custom domain on Neocities, you must become a supporter ($5/month as of 2020-11-09). I am a supporter, and that's how this site is zonelets.net instead of evenkei.neocities.org.You also have to purchase domain names to use them Reconstruction of the Wired. (Doing some basic 'electric sheep'/visual & user interface tests) Pre-3D Lain model. 1st day: Kitchen and living room. (low res because of the 10Mb limit on Neocities) Playlist of my 3D project (YouTube) Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcomed: fauux01@gmail.com Bold, italics, underlined, emphasis, strikethrough, Link.. This is Lilac Wine, a free HTML/CSS theme for your blog or website!It can be pasted directly onto a HTML page or adapted for blog sites like blogger (using classic templates) or even a wordpress website if you're familiar with the codes. The design is inspired in part by the style of tumblr themes I used to love using TERMS OF SERVICE:.I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason, although this is very rare..I maintain all rights to my artwork and may use it for promotional material, portfolios, etc generate a prompt! your prompt is

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NOTE: Neocities file uploader has trouble uploading multiple folders at once. Save yourself some confusion and upload each folder individually. It's fine to upload multiple regular files at once. NOTE: If you upload a file to Neocities and it has the same name as an existing file in that folder, the old file will be overwritten NeoCities.org - Everything old is Neo again - Everyday DesignerEveryday Designer. Scott O'Hara. Scott is a designer and front-end developer based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He has been working as a professional designer since 2003 and specializes in product design, CSS, and responsive web design. Write for us NeoCities Wants to Save Us From the Crushing Boredom of Social Networking. GeoCities, the old free web hosting site from the 1990s, was amazingly ahead of its time. It did obsessiveness before. solardrifter:. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou - ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 (1998) (Source: infornographi) animeglitch:. lain iwakura, serial experiments lai

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Whimsical Sprite/title> ClearFigure Design by TEMPLATED. Also, any Ko-fi donations are greatly appreciated. They help support my artwork, as I create everything and share it for free with everyone here! If you enjoy my work or have used some of my freebies/templates/etc, please consider throwing a little love my way. [cue PBS talk] This website is possible due to viewers like you, thank you! Retur Also: For anyone that is new to Neocities and Web1.0 website design in general, don't feel put off by how complicated it all seems from the get-go. Even basic stuff takes a while to wrap your head around if you've never dabbled in this sort of thing before, but rest assured that it gets easier the more you piss around with things Accordion Theme, homepage, free CSS template from templatemo.co These are 47 of the best blogging platforms where you can start your site in 2020, publish amazing content and build your audience.. It's easier than ever to start a site and create your online home. Even if you don't want to spend time setting it all up, or if you don't want to spend any money on it or even if you don't have any technical skills

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CREDITS. shrine favicons // credit to this tumblr for the favicons used for my kazuya and lain shrine.. web creations by jumpy // a nice website filled with graphics! highly recommend, it's fantastic.. glitter graphics // a place for graphics that have a 2000's charm to it.. w3schools // a useful site that teaches css and html as well as some other programming languages. it really helped me. A Ruby wrapper for the Neocities API, and; A tool to create and publish Neocities sites from the command line. Installation gem install neocitizen Usage Creating a new site with the neocitizen tool. Run neocitizen SITENAME to generate a skeleton for a new site. That gives you a directory structure like this DNI some text here - list item 1 - list item 2 - list item 3 - list item 4 - you get it; Or you could write them in this paragraph idk Kins some text her Hey Peebrain, You Teleport? was an alternate reality game on Tumblr in which what appeared to be a porn bot with the username sexygirlmax2019 would message users with the phrase Hey peebrain, you teleport? However, when clicking on the link submitted by the supposed bot, users would be taken to cryptic blogs relating a story about a guardian angel, Max, trying to reconnect with its charge. le likes: coding, old operating systems, old technology in general, retro gaming, nintendo, video game urban legends and myths, internet mysteries, lost media, the lord of the rings, pretty cure, and, obviously, anything i make a web shrine about and put up here. ^__^ le DISLIKES: bigots, meat, how the modern internet is a capitalist hellscape, most modern social media, MAPs/NOMAPs (please get.


TL; DR: Founded in 2013 by Kyle Drake with a mission to bring creativity back to the web, Neocities is enabling developers, online entrepreneurs, and anyone with a digital vision to make their online dreams come true. With a philosophy centered on open-source software and giving back to the web development community, Kyle and Neocities are looking to change the hosting space by delivering a. Carrie Fisher's Force awoke as she spanked Star Wars son Alan Avison But I did spank Alan when I first met him, so that felt good. She added: He's very tall so I don't think he was scared Name Of Site: Neocities Type Of Site: Web Hosting Service Category: Internet Marketing Founded On: 2013 Founded By: Kyle Drake Official Site Neocities is an open-source web hosting service started in 2013 which allows you to create your own website for free without any ads Making pages a lot for angular, wordpress or sometimes xmapp but seeing Neocities, I really liked their way of explaining to new ones about HTML / CSS and a bit of php. I see that it is highly recommended for those who wanted to make their first page but at no cost. 3D Design. I can model, do animations to make details of 3D models. using.

GeoCities was a web hosting service founded in 1994 and acquired by Yahoo! in 1999. The service was mostly discontinued in 2009, except for GeoCities Japan, which is still operating as of May 2013. At the height of its popularity in 1999, GeoCities was third-most visited website in the world Spacecraft landing on Mars have incorporated air bags to cushion the landing. Luna E-6 and E-6M Moon lander (aka Luna 9 and Luna 13) Before using air bags to land on Mars, a similar technique was used to land on the Moon by the Luna 9 and 13 spacecraft. Airbags allow landers to bounce several times before coming to rest Listening to the best techno. deep house, progressive and trance, as mixed by the most skilled DJs on the planet.From techno, deep house, progressive and trance - check out the sounds of the D Halloween wallpaper black cat live wallpapers is the best scary halloween live wallpaper with black cat themes pumpkins and witch s cat pumpkin themed background halloween cat wallpaper spooky autumn night image and holiday themes 3d wallpaper automatic background changer photo frame analog clock magic touch and dynamic

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  1. Yahoo Mail APK 5.7.1 - Free Communication App for Android. via apk4fun. With its beautiful design, easy-to-use interface, and lightning fast speed, the Yahoo Mail app makes reading, organizing, and sending emails across your inboxes (Gmail, Outlook, AOL and more) easier than ever. Yahoo Mail offers 1000GB of free cloud storage..
  2. If you want to build your own controller device, you could leverage an Android device and the USB-Contrller app. For some background and how to build a phone usb controller, see Phone USB Controller. To use USB-Controller, start by downloading the Android app to your Android smartphone that you think has USB-OTG support
  3. Neocities was actually launched and bootstrapped on HN about 3 years ago, and donations from HN users bankrolled the first year of operating it. Things have been going really well, the site is growing and still sustains it's own existence through donations and supporter accounts. I still work on the site heavily
  4. And this year the themes are GOD DAMN AWESOME. (Pretty sure it's one I voted on too o<o!) If you already know, go ahead and read more, if you don't then go ahead and watch the team reveal video! It's super cool >:) Keep readin
  5. theme i made after my neocities ー 1/2. 22:22 345N. n1a: ☆ golden age theme by n1a. code / preview 1 / preview 2. i've made themes for myself in the past but this is the first one where i'm giving out the code!! a list of features are under the cut. Keep reading. 22:21 1526N. aurithemes

neocities (a place to make your own website) tumblr theme page (good starting point for making themes) tumblr theme base codes: 1, 2; prevent squished images; 8:57 × 196. bastardbvby: quackity took off the beanie and replaced it with a hat or quackity shows off his mullet. 3:14 × 249 202NE1 THEME BY ANNIE @NOODLE . i know, it's about time. i promised to release it on new years (even had the title planned out) and now its halfway through april. better late than never. actually it took me so long to upload this i forgot all the options here so just fuck around n find out. college has been kicking my ass. graphic design is my eternal hell. art is official art, and i. dreamcore Exclusive // Shimmering // Glittering. In Saitama, Yesterday by Damien Ark grab a copy of FACELESS IN NIPPONN /x.html meow.html () /bolivia.htm htmlcodes theme sideblog. mute:. all men are pigs v2 theme by me!. temp. preview / code. note: a remake of one of my most liked themes, all men are pigs!! features below. Keep readin she/her | english is my second language | requests are CLOSED| feedback highly appreciated! | gifs not mine, unless said otherwise | Hi, I'm Elle, I live in Europe and hope you will enjoy it here

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Welcome to Old Google! We recreate and restructure old versions of the Google Search Interface. We're the sister product of Old Yahoo. We are recreating the following years: 1998. 2009. 2010. 2011/2012. 2013/2014 MySpace 1.0 Theme for Tumblr An earlier version of this theme was posted (and got a lot of attention), but this is the final version to properly get MySpace back and in a form you already like using. There was a previous version that wasn't very in depth, which sent me on the mission to make a perfect one

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For Pink Melonade, I opted to use a premade design from bootnotfurby on Tumblr. They have tons of great free eye chip designs, and this watermelon design was exactly what I was looking for! Import the design and make sure it's sized properly. Time to print! Use glossy photo paper for a shiny look, and make sure your printer is set accordingly Using modernGL for post-processing shaders with PyGame. In this tutorial, we will use shaders for scaling and post-processing a 2D PyGame game. We will not cover actual 3D graphics or rendering 2D sprites, but use OpenGL to display and process a PyGame surface as the final rendering step after your drawing code has finished Hi! I contributed a page [this page, the one above this text] to a nifty little zine made with friends themed around our experiences during quarantine Jun 22, 2021. 8000+ Website Templates. Download. Features Of Design Studio HTML Design. Jun 15, 2021. Quality Logistics Services Landing Page Template. Jun 17, 2021. Going Up Html Web. Jun 22, 2021 Hytale's has 2 standard texture resolutions: 32x32 for Map generated blocks (sand, soil, walls, etc) and. 64x64 for Npcs and local models. You will be able to use your own size however just like in Minecraft (128x128/256x256 and above).. A Hytale character is 2 blocks high (128pixels) its head is 28x28 pixels

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Browse the themes here, and decide which one you'd like to use. Open the corresponding file from the Theme Pack, select ALL of the text inside, and copy it. Hint: try using Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+A, Cmd+C (Mac). Find the corresponding background image and upload it to your site's image folder. Open style/style.css in the Neocities editor - some of the anime I source my pictures and gifs from may contain adult content or morally questionable themes. I do not condone any of it. If you think you'd like to watch an anime I've posted please look it up before you watch, especially if you're a minor. look at my insta and website pwease?? @frogstyle1 // frog-style.neocities.or

Your Own Website Let me tell you the magic of having your own website. Here's what sucks about making 'professional' websites today: It's like when you were a kid, and your parents told you that you could grow up to be anything you wanted, and then you grew up and realized 'fuck... I can't be a [insert cool career here] unless I want to literally starve to death and be homeless' I've also tried few options before, I tried creating a template in Notion.so but I didn't really like it and they don't have a Linux app, I also tried using a password manager (KeePassXC and Bitwarden) but that required more work. I keep track of renewals by emails and I use few uptime monitors (HetrixTools and UptimeRobot) to track their status

Deep Sea Settler is a puzzle-ish colony builder made for Ludum dare 48. It's loosely inspired by Reus, Dorfromantik, and Solar Settlers by tumblr's own @brickroaddx. Based on the theme deeper and deeper, you have to slowly build out your underwater colony by placing buildings in a hostile environment - without destroying said environment Jul 5, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Jessica. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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There is certainly a shitton of content created on tumblr, even if you discount the value from aggregation. In addition, Neocities 10mb limitation hugely limits what you can do. Setting aside 1MB for CSS, JS and images and assuming you have a 85/15 content/markup split in your files, you get ~150k words Here are various stories that I have written mainly dealing with the themes of this site. Please keep checking back as they will be continuously updated. If you want to be notified when stories are added, please add me on Twitter! Also, please e-mail me with any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have. Thanks for reading! NEW! Roan is a hero of myth to high Asthaom. She authored its river, circumvented its only war, and birthed magic into the world. The Akiat diaspora considers her a fragment, aspect, or even a reincarnation of their late saint Lex, although she is ambivalent at best about this Check out kittystuff's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired Neocities.org. The web site for Neocities! It's open source. Want a feature on the site? Send a pull request! Getting Started. Neocities can be quickly launched in development mode with Vagrant. Vagrant builds a virtual machine that automatically installs everything you need to run Neocities as a developer. Install Vagrant, then from the.

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