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  1. 2010 Mississippi Code TITLE 93 - DOMESTIC RELATIONS Chapter 17 - Adoption, Change of Name, and Legitimation of Children. 93-17-1 - Jurisdiction to alter names and legitimate offspring; legitimation by subsequent marriage
  2. Note: This summary is not intended to be an all inclusive discussion of the law applicable to an action for change of name in Mississippi, but does include basic and other provisions. Name Change Action Allowed: In Mississippi, a person may change their name by filing an action in the Chancery Court with appropriate forms
  3. 2010 Mississippi Code TITLE 93 - DOMESTIC RELATIONS Chapter 17 - Adoption, Change of Name, and Legitimation of Children
  4. Mississippi, like most states, permits marrying couples to change their name when applying for a marriage license. Simply fill out the application form with the new name, noting a former name, and submit it along with all other required information to the clerk of the county circuit court's office
  5. Mississippi Name Change Law § 93-17-1. Jurisdiction to alter names and legitimate offspring; legitimation by subsequent marriage. (1) The chancery court or the chancellor in vacation, of the county of the residence of the petitioners shall have jurisdiction upon the petition of any person to alter the names of such person, to make legitimate any living offspring of the petitioner not born in.
  6. Mississippi Legal Name Change State Laws: Sec. 41-57-23. Proceedings to correct birth certificate containing major deficiencies. (1) Any petition bill of complaint or other proceeding filed in the chancery court to: (a) change the date of birth by two (2) or more days. (b) change the surname of a child. (c) change the surname of either or both.
  7. Mississippi Title 93. Domestic Relations MS ST Section 93-17-3. Read the code on FindLaw notwithstanding the condition or defect. The court shall have the power to change the name of the child as a part of the adoption proceedings. The word child in this section shall be construed to refer to the person to be adopted, though an adult.

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Name Change After Marriage It is possible for individuals to adopt either their spouse's surname or to conjoin their last name with that of their spouse when getting married in Mississippi. In order for this change to take place, they will need to indicate the name change on their marriage license application Employer Name Change Banks Credit Cards Professional Organizations Loans Investments Utility Companies Retirement Plans Doctors Insurance Companies Memberships AAA, clubs, etc. 1 2 4 3 STEP 5 Mississippi Secretary of State E Pearl St, Jackson, MS 39201 5 NAME CHANGE NOTIFICATION CHECKLIST You may want to send out a form email alerting everyone. Pharmacists who change the legal name, under which they practice, through a legal name change, e.g., marriage or divorce, must notify the Board within ten (10) days of receipt of the legal document effecting the change. The following must be included in the notification of change of pharmacist's name

In the United States, a legal name change can be obtained through a court order and any US citizen has the right to change his/her name through either common law or court procedure. A person may change his/her name at will and operate a business, write a book, or even sue someone under a different name Mississippi Name Change Guidelines Procedures may vary by county. If you have any questions, please consult a licensed attorney. Mississippi law about name changes: Mississippi Code Annotated § 93-17-1 and §93-17-31

Mississippi does not have an official petition that you need to fill out when you want to change you name. Instead you can write a statement explaining the reasons for your name change as well as your current personal information (including current full name) and your desired new name To change your name on your MS driver's license, ID card, car registration, and title certificate, you'll need to provide proof of the change to your local MS DMV office. Before doing so, make sure you've changed your name with the Social Security Administration

In order to update the name and/or gender on a Mississippi ID, the applicant must submit in person documents demonstrating the name and/or gender change, such as a birth certificate or court order. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety addresses name change here Current through legislation becoming effective on or before April 22, 2021 Section 93-17-307 - Forms The petition shall be accompanied by the documentation indicated on the forms. The petition and order shall be in substantially the following form unless the Supreme Court adopts a rule setting forth a different form

The name, home address, any telephone number or other private information of any person who possesses a weapon permit issued under Section 45-9-101 or Section 97-37-7 shall be exempt from the Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983 General Frequently Asked Questions. The following is intended to provide general information concerning a frequently asked question about taxes administered by the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR.) It is an informal interpretation of the tax law and is not intended to serve as a rule, regulation, declaratory opinion, or letter ruling The State of Mississippi does not have a specific name change form. You must write your own petition to change the name, use a form prepared by a commercial service, or have an attorney write one for you Mississippi law about name changes: Mississippi Code Annotated § 93-17-1 and §93-17-31 What You Need: Name Change Petition (obtain from your county clerk's office) Social Security Form; Total estimated costs: $113.00 Adult Name Change. If you are over the age of 21 and want to legally change your name, you can access the documents here: This link will take you to a different website with an interactive form (the website will ask a series of questions about your particular situation). At the end of the questions, the website will create the Adult Name Change.

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  1. Form. Filing Fee. NP-004. Application for Notary Public Change of Address. $20. NP-005. Application for Notary Public Change of Name
  2. or laws set out what is known as the age of majority, or the age at which a citizen is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Mississippi's age of majority is older than most states, at 21 years old. However,
  3. About this Form: In most jurisdictions, a Petition for Change of Name of Adult must be filed in the county court in which the Petitioner (i.e. the person seeking to change his or her name) lives. Any lawful reason that the Petitioner deems a benefit is typically adequate to satisfy most courts
  4. or your state. This package contains (1) State Specific Information on Change of Name, (2) Steps to Change your Name, (3) Forms Required and (4) Access to State Specific Law Summary. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
  5. Please contact the Board office at 601-957-6300 or e-mail tgreenlaw@msbn.ms.gov to request this application. LPN Expanded Role (IV Therapy and Hemodialysis) IV Therapy. Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 73-15-17 (1972, as amended). Part 2830
  6. Motor Vehicles owned by out-of-state owners that are domiciled or garaged in this State and are required to purchase a Mississippi Road and Bridge Privilege License are to be titles under Title Law. The address shown on the application for title must be the Mississippi address where garaged or domiciled
  7. Mississippi Code sections are cited for easy reference by readers who wish to consult the related statutes. Cited sections are as of filing, any future changes, additions or deletions in the Code take precedence over the filed rules and regulations. 101 General Provisions 101.01 Statutory Authority (§41-57-1)

for-Change-of-Name-of-Minor-Mississippi.pdf The filing fee is approximately $150, but the exact amount varies by county. The Petition may be filed without paying the fee if the following affidavit is completed and submitted to the court SUMMARY: How to Change Your Name in Mississippi. To change your name on your MS driver's license, ID card, car registration, and title certificate, you'll need to provide proof of the change to your local MS DMV office. Before doing so, make sure you've changed your name with the Social Security Administration The term minor, when used in any statute, shall include any person, male or female, under twenty-one years of age. Read this complete Mississippi Code Title 1. Laws and Statutes § 1-3-27. Minor defined on Westlaw. FindLaw Codes are provided courtesy of Westlaw, the industry-leading online legal research system The name, residence address and date of birth of pledgor or seller; (c) Date of pawn or purchase transaction; (d) Driver's license number or social security number or Mississippi identification card num-ber, as defined in Section 4535-1, Mississippi - Code of 1972, of the pledgor or seller or identifi-cation information verified by at least two (2

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  1. The Capitol is now open for guided tours: To reserve a guided tour for groups of 30 or fewer, please call (601) 359-3114 or email tours@house.ms.gov. Drop-in tours for visitors, which do not require a reservation, will be conducted at 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Groups of 10 people or more must schedule a.
  2. JACKSON, Miss. (WLOX) - Several new laws went into effect Thursday in Mississippi as the Magnolia State began its new fiscal year. Here is a preview of some of the more notable new laws. House.
  3. Browse Mississippi Code 1972 All State & Fed. JX. Search the Law Search. Help Sign In Sign Up Sign Up. Statutes, codes, and regulations. Mississippi Code 1972. Title 93 - Domestic Relations. Chapter 17 - Adoption, Change of Name, and Legitimation of Children. Article 9 - Mississippi Registration of Foreign Adoptions Act . Article 9.

This is our collection of NAME CHANGE LAW information and links to all of the states. Each link leads to a state-specific page which is devoted to the name change laws of that particular state. You'll also find links to purchase do-it-yourself forms to file for a legal name change for an adult or minor child. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas Mississippi joined the Union as the 20th state in 1817 and gets its name from the Mississippi River, which forms its western border. Early inhabitants of th

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Judicial Excellence Award. Outstanding Young Lawyer Award. Susie Blue Buchanan Award. Contacts. Bar Events Calendar. Directions to the Bar Center. Registration Open. Deadline June 18. COVID-19 Court and Operations Updates Mississippi law provides, at common law, any person of mature years may voluntarily change his name, without necessity of statute, provided the change was not for fraudulent purpose and does not interfere with the rights of others Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure. Please note that lobbyists are active in the state of Mississippi and laws concerning civil procedure and process serving can change. Therefore the information listed below may have been amended. For updated process serving legislation, please visit the Mississippi State Legislature website. Rule 4. Summon

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  1. istered, access to online filing, and forms
  2. Good Faith Certificate. Form 89-140-10 2010 Annual W-2 Information Return. Form Mississippi Acknowledgement of Paternity. Form 83-105 Mississippi Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return. Pretrial Order. Application for Enrollment in Court's Panel of Neutrals. Case management Order. Form 80-170 Mississippi Resident Amended Individual Income.
  3. Statute: Ala. Code § 22-9A-19(d) (2004). Text: (d) Upon receipt of a certified copy of an order of a court of competent jurisdiction indicating that the sex of an individual born in this state has been changed by surgical procedure and that the name of the individual has been changed, the certificate of birth of the individual shall be amended as prescribed by rules to reflect the changes
  4. The Mississippi State Department of Health's Office of Vital Records is located at 222 Marketridge Dr., Ridgeland MS 39157. You can find driving directions online with. or a similar service. What time is the Vital Records office open? Vital Records is open for customer service from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday
  5. Forms are available in the law library. In cooperation with the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission to help provide legal services to under-privileged, low income families, a pilot program is on-going involving the following limited areas ONLY: Joint Paternity. Emancipation of a Minor. Contempt for Non-Payment of Child Support
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Official webpage for the Mississippi Insurance Department. This page contains links to Home Consumers, Individuals/Entities, Companies, Fire Marshal, and Health Care The Mississippi Nursing Practice Law and the Administrative Code require licensed nurses in shelter settings to provide care which adheres to the law and to applicable standards of care. Medical orders concerning administration of medications at home which are evidenced by pill bottles or IV bags etc. should be followed as they would in the home Mississippi law presumes that a child born to a husband and wife is the natural offspring of the couple. Paternity is presumed until proven otherwise in court. For a child conceived out of wedlock during the marriage, the law still recognizes the husband as the legal father who has parental rights and responsibilities to the child

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In Mississippi, it's a presumption (meaning, it's assumed) that mothers and fathers are equally entitled to custody, regardless of gender. Having both parents involved is generally what's best for the child, unless there's a history of domestic violence, a parent is chemically dependent, or a parent has a history of convictions for serious crimes The state of Mississippi has both a voluntary and involuntary process in which parents can establish a child's paternity. Should the child's mother be married when the child is conceived or become married any time before the child is born, the mother's husband is considered the child's father and is added to the child's birth certificate

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The site is designed to assist Mississippi's low-income citizens with their civil legal questions. Question topics can include family law matters (such as divorce, custody, child support, visitation, guardianship, emancipation, and adoption), name change, birth certificate correction, domestic violence, bankruptcy, consumer, education. Relevant Mississippi Law: Original Birth Certificate. Miss. Code Ann. § 93-17-21. Revised birth certificate. (1) A certified copy of the final decree shall be furnished to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, together with a certificate signed by the clerk giving the true or original name and the place and date of birth of the child. The said. Mississippi Last Will and Testament. Mississippi has specific laws that affect how a last will ensures your property is correctly handled when you pass away. Find out more about the specific laws that affect last wills in Mississippi, how to get a last will, how to change a last will, and more Mississippi Driver's License Name Change. In Mississippi, you notify the Department of Public Safety (DPS) of your name change to get an updated driver's license or ID card. To do so, visit in person with the following: payment of the fee $11 ($14 for ID cards)

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Mississippi is the only state that awards property to the person whose name is on the title. If only one person's name is on the title to a car or the house, it goes to that person. However, the court does have the flexibility to divide assets fairly and equitably. This includes assets that were acquired before and during the marriage If you live in Georgia and would like to change your name, you might be surprised at the simplicity of the process. The proper form filed in your local superior court and payment of a fee will get you well on your way. Let us help by providing answers to some of the questions you may have about the process But changing your name does require some legal steps on your part. FindLaw has tips on the legal procedure for name changes, FAQs on changing your name, and more. There are no requirements to change your name following marriage, although many people do so for a number of reasons. The most obvious motivation is the merging of two individuals.

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User Login. Filing Fees. Business documents in Mississippi may only be filed using the Secretary of State's online filing system. To use the system, you will need to set up a filing account by clicking the Register button below. If you already have a filing account, you may access business forms by entering your username and password in the. Welcome to the website of the Mississippi Judiciary. This site is designed to provide public access to information about the state court system. Here you will find dockets, briefs, orders and opinions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Appellate opinions dating back to 1996 are available here any amendments to your new LLC's certificate of formation (such as change in name). Unlike some other states' statutes, Mississippi does not allow for the possibility that an operating agreement or other document might impose different voting requirements, such as a greater majority vote. However, generally speaking, where the LLC is formed. Mississippi Law Sec. 97-37-1 (2) states It shall not be a violation of this section for any person over the age of eighteen (18) to carry a firearm or deadly weapon concealed in whole or in part within the confines of his own home or his place of business, or any real property associated with his home or business or within any motor vehicle Changing Your Name Without Going to Court [Not to be confused with Changing Your Name in a Common-Law Marriage, this article covers the idea that one could change his or her name simply by using that name regularly]. The federal courts have ruled again and again that changing your name at will or, by common law is every citizen's right under the U.S. Constitution

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As a state agency, MSBOC cannot endorse or recommend any particular course or company. American Contractors 1-800-992-1910. Mississippi Contractor Licensing Service 1-800-432-9930. Builders License Training Institute 1-800-727-7104. MyContractorsLicense 1-877-699-0775 The rollout of the new name has been taking place over the last several months, as the program makes changes on its website and social media accounts. The name change will also take place gradually in the program's publications, lessons and other resources. The Spring 2021 issue of Teaching Tolerance magazine is the last one under that name jdf 421 r3-18 petition for change of name (minor child) By checking this box, I am acknowledging I am filling in the blanks and not changing anything else on the form. By checking this box, I am acknowledging that I have made a change to the original content of this form

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In Mississippi, real property transfers are generally completed with a general warranty deed. The warranty deed provides the grantee/buyer with clear title -- free from any outstanding mortgages, liens or third-party claims of ownership -- and insures that if any defects arise or are discovered after the transfer, the grantor/seller will defend against those claims and compensate the grantee. June 23, 2015 6:15 PM EDT. A s South Carolina officials have united behind a push to remove a Confederate flag that flies in the state capital, focus has shifted to the last state that includes. Welcome to the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry web site, which lists registered sex offenders in Mississippi. Once you have read and acknowledged the disclaimer below, you may search the database by a specific sex offender's name, or obtain listing of registrants within a specified distance of an address, or obtain a listing of registrants within a specified Mississippi ZIP code Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss football preparing for future with name, image, likeness changes looming. OXFORD — The future of college sports in Mississippi is being decided before our eyes. On March 31.

To legally change your child's last name, follow these steps. 1. File a petition with the court. Each state's court has its own forms and fees for name change petitions. Obtain the correct form for your state, complete all required fields, and file the petition with your county clerk of court. Pay the required fee or request a fee waiver if you. The new NIL law could change the Oxford advertising game for athletes. With Ole Miss athletes now able to profit from their name, image, and likeness, we consider a world where they star in local. Generally, child support orders, visitation schedules, child custody orders, and spousal maintenance payments may all be modified after a divorce decree has been issued. However, a court cannot typically modify the division of marital property in a final divorce decree, unless modification of property division is allowed in the decree Mississippi Homestead Exemption. Under the Mississippi homestead exemption statute, the spouse has an absolute right to use and occupy the marital home (homestead) as long as he or she remains unmarried. If the spouse renounces (or is deemed to renounce) the will, the spouse will take an undivided ownership interest in the homestead in the same.

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Children and Grandchildren. According to Mississippi inheritance law, children have the right to inherit a deceased parent's entire estate -- in equal shares -- if their parent was unmarried at the time of his death. For example, if an unmarried parent leaves four surviving children, each will inherit one-fourth of his estate First of all, there are two types of custody in Mississippi, physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is the period of time during which a child resides with or is under the care of one of the parents. Legal custody is the decision-making rights related to a child's health, education, and welfare. Joint physical custody means that. IN RE: THE NAME CHANGE OF _____, Petitioner. FINAL JUDGMENT OF CHANGE OF NAME (ADULT) This cause came before the Court on {date} , for a hearing on Petition for Change of Name (Adult) under section 68.07, Florida Statutes, and it appearing to the Court that: 1. Petitioner is a bona fide resident of . County, Florida; 2 There are three locations where a person may go to petition a court for a minor's name change. You must go to the district court of one of the following: 1. The parish of the minor's residence, 2. The parish of the minor's birth (if the minor was born in the state of Louisiana), or. 3 The Department of Public Safety is located at 1900 E. Woodrow Wilson, Jackson, Mississippi, 39216. Our main office number is 601-987-1212. For a driver's license office near you, check our websit