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Subscribe https://youtube.com/CrunchScienceAsk an Apple user what their constant companion is and Siri would be the most common response! Apple's digital.. You should especially never ask Siri to call an ambulance, even in the most sarcastic tone. Siri will not be able to pick up on a joke and will take the request seriously. Less than a year ago, an.. Well, sometimes, people get a little too carried away with what they ask Siri, almost as bad as the types of things we've heard of people Googling before (i.e. groundhog day or groundhog's day?) 8. Don't tell Siri to call your boyfriend. Really, don't. Especially if you're not alone in the room. The thing is, Siri can create relationships by adding tags to your contacts. So, for example, if you ask her to call Dad, she will gladly do it This should be obvious, but you should never call an emergency services number unless you are in danger or in need of immediate help. For those that do need emergency assistance, Siri is programmed..

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And love the weird answers I get and yes they are pretty amazing and fun answers. Although there are literally many things that you can ask Siri and all you need is a set right question to ask Siri and have your fun. See the thing if you know the right questions for Siri you might amaze yourself and get the mindblowing information as well Get Your Timeless Merch http://www.timelessbrand.comPersonal Channel: http://bit.ly/talfishmanSubscribe For Daily Videos https://goo.gl/LqHj1cSend Video I.. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Siri should NEVER under any circumstances be asked these questions...If we reach 20,000 likes I will make more videos like this one!THE MESSYOURSELF BOOK: ht.. The use of sexualized phrases by Siri has been extensively documented by hundreds of YouTube videos with titles such as Things You Should NEVER Ask SIRI (which has more than 18 million views). Dated gender references. Apple has been criticized as promoting a sexualized and stereotypical image of women that negatively harms gender norms

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THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER SAY TO SIRI ON APPLE IPHONE! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and use Siri! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http.. Things You Should NEVER Say To SIRIADD ME ON TIKTOK: DangMattSmithThanks to @BangEnergy for sponsoring this video! Get 25% off at bang-energy.com using my co.. Things You Should NEVER Say To SIRI Part 2ADD ME ON TIKTOK: DangMattSmithINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dangmattsmithTWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/d.. 4 Things You Should Never Ask Siri. Reader's Digest. 11-06. Follow. All iPhone users know that Siri is like that personal assistant you always wished you had but could probably never afford. She's always there for you, always listening and always ready to help on command. If Siri seems too good to be true, it's because sometimes she is

There are some birds you might never want around your Alexa. Parrots and Cockatoos, being excellent mimics, can learn to turn Alexa on and even order items. Being parrots, you might get unexpected items on your next Amazon order. If Alexa ordered you big tofu, you might know who to blame Never ASK ALEXA These Questions From Alexa herself or You Will Regret It Puzzled scared male professor finds out about Alexa's failure. Omg, what I have done! This is a juicy one. Whatever you do, DON'T asks Alexa this one question The Amazon Echo or Alexa is very helpful, but there are some questions that one should never ask Alexa

When you're done, Be sure to check out 21 more funny things you can ask Siri for even more examples of Siri going rogue. 10 surprising Siri secrets and tricks; 21 weird and funny things to say to Siri. To ask a question, activate Siri on an iPhone by using one of these options: Say Hey Siri followed by your request Siri can also roll the dice and pick a number. Simply ask Siri to, Flip a coin, Roll the dice, or Pick a number. The latter defaults to 1 and 100, but you can specify any range. 4. How to Use Siri to Find Out What Planes Are Overhead. Thanks to Siri's use of Wolfram Alpha, it knows some interesting things Don't Ask Alexa if She Can Beatbox. The consensus is that Alexa is far better at rapping than beatboxing. According to various Internet forums, Siri is the clear beatboxing winner. In fact, if you do ask Alexa to beatbox, you're bound to get a headache. Take a look at these 11 weird things your Alexa is capable of Things you SHOULD NEVER ASK SIRI . DangMattSmith. June 3 ·. Things you SHOULD NEVER ASK SIRI . 5.6K5.6K. 128 Comments 456 Shares. Share You should very creative to know funny things to ask siri. You can ask about jokes in your best suitable language. Siri is good responsive in all popular language worldwide. You can ask about husband wife funny jokes, two meaning jokes according to your mood and choice

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  1. That was weird, say boy. you better get that boy. you better get that out of here. uh yeah um we'll work on it, but we need to get that out. Yes, that's gonna do it for things you should never ask Siri but you guys be safe out there. hope you have a great rest of your day and I'll see you in the next one peace
  2. Also, if you are wondering What Should I Ask Siri At 3 am, this would be a great choice indeed. We would really like to share the most common question's What Can You Not Ask Siri At 3 am, answer. You should never ask a few things. Don't ask Siri to call your boyfriend or girlfriend; Do not ask Siri about medical things
  3. Why you should never say 108 to Siri; The 3 questions you should ask your date; Your sexual health questions answered: Anal sex; The 10 most Googled questions about sex answered; Siri has SO much.
  4. Siri was many people's first introduction to a smart assistant. When you can ask anything and receive a response in return, it was inevitable that hilarious questions would arise. Apple steered into the skid and programmed responses that would make us laugh in just the right way, but you have to know just what to ask

Here Are 20 Creepy Things To Ask Siri With Answers 1. Baby Store. If you have a curiosity that where dows babies come from, then Siri can find baby stores nearby you! 2. Friendship. What about to find a friend, then be committed as a friend and finally denying the friendship? 3. Crime Partner. How about to get Siri as your crime partner Apart from a few spec bumps, one of the stand out features is called Siri. Siri is a virtual assistant that you have access to 24/7 (or at least when the servers are not overused). Originally back in 2008, Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Tom Gruber started Siri out of a project by non-profit R&D institute. Apple successfully acquired the company.

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375 Funny Things To Ask Siri When Bored In 2021. Whether we want a cup of coffee or we want to entertain ourselves, the internet plays a significant role in it. Although I think I should spare you the lecture for the benefits of the internet because we all are aware of it I guess. I love giving my time to the internet, whether it's the social. Moreover, Siri seems to be wise, clever and funny at times as well. All you need to have is all the creepy things to ask Siri to get funny replies. The best thing is, Siri responds differently to the same question if you ask again and again. For many questions, it has multiple responses which she says when you ask again and again However, the creators of the voice assistant have also added quite a few humorous responses intentionally to Siri if you ask the right questions. We have prepared an extensive list of funny questions that you can ask Siri to elicit some humorous responses and help you pass the time. This list contains a total 101 funny things to ask Siri

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So, if you want to tickle Siri's funny bone or make her mad with questions of the absurd kind, we have compiled a list of 101+ funny things to ask Siri that guarantee rip-roaring fun times. Be forewarned though, trying to annoy Siri can have serious repercussions for she may blurt out something that may leave you speechless or grinning from. The use of sexualized phrases by Siri has been extensively documented by hundreds of YouTube videos with titles such as Things You Should NEVER Ask SIRI (which has more than 18 million views.

There are tons of useful things that Siri can do, and one of these is to help you kill boredom and have some fun.You only need to ask the right questions to bring out the virtual assistant's sassy and funny side. We've gathered the best questions to ask Siri that will make her spit out some hilarious answers Siri is a great virtual assistant, and one should not misuse it to lead you in trouble. There are a few things that you should never ask Siri to do, such as: Do not seek unknown animals or plants. Until required, please do not ask her to call an ambulance; Never even out of curiosity, tell her that you need to hide a body Why You Should Never Say Thanks To Siri. Charles Radclyffe. When I ask you a question, or ask you to do something for me I insert the please in the request as a recognition of your.

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Funny Things to Ask Siri Between You and Siri. It is another funny things you should ask Siri. The relationship between you and Siri, you can find Siri is acting much like a bashful girl when you ask these funny things related to the types of questions. Just have fun to ask these questions to Siri now May 4, 2016 - Explore Sophdawg's board Savage Siri on Pinterest. See more ideas about things to ask siri, siri funny, funny texts

The funniest questions to ask Siri. By Simon Hill and Kerry Wan April 2, 2021. For most of us Apple's personal assistant, Siri, is the OG of A.I. smart device assistants. While their voice may. Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Say To Siri - Part 7. Siri will never be a disappointment when answering questions that you shouldn't ask. Here are some more questions you shouldn't ask Siri part 7 May 14, 2019 - THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER SAY TO SIRI ON APPLE IPHONE! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and use Siri! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http..

You might have heard about the saying, Never ask a woman her age! Well , the kind of responses Siri gives on being asked about its age , maybe Siri is a woman after all ! Jokes aside , the age question either puts off Siri or it has a great sense of humor Ask Square Root. 12. Ask a Random Number. Ask Siri to pick a random number between any range. Ask a Random Number. 13. Call a Contact. Say, Hey Siri Call John to call John from your contact. You should have a saved number with the name you are asking Siri to call crazy things to ask siri 1M views Discover short videos related to crazy things to ask siri on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Aesthetics (@sweetyaestheticss), :)(@questions_to_ask_siri), :)(@questions_to_ask_siri), Siri Hacks(@siri.tricks_0), will wharton(@sincerelywill) Things You Should NEVER Say To SIRI 3. DangMattSmith. June 16 ·. Things You Should NEVER Say To SIRI 3. 4.1K4.1K. 88 Comments 331 Shares. Share What should you never ask Siri? 8 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone. Don't ask her medical questions. Don't try to find out if Jon Snow is alive. Never tell her to show you skin and home parasites. Don't search for unknown animals or plants. Don't ask her to call an ambulance. Don't tell her you need to hide a body

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  1. I asked Siri to tell me a scary story and this is what I got.... Pinterest. Today. Explore. Super Funny Quotes Funny Mom Quotes Funny Quotes For Teens What To Ask Siri Things To Ask Siri Funny Kids Homework Halloween Stories Halloween Tips Funny Quotes For Instagram. More information..
  2. Creepy Command No. 4: Animal Sounds. If you are into bizarre things, ask Alexa to play some animal sounds. The creepiest animal sounds, Amazon Echo has in store is the giraffe, penguin, and goat. For instance, if you ask her what a goat says, she'll reply, I've heard it described as a bleat - like an old man singing Taylor Swift song
  3. Creepy things to ask your Amazon Alexa. Not creeped out enough? Try asking Amazon Alexa the following creepy questions: Alexa, do you work for the CIA?. Alexa, do you work with any government agencies?. Alexa, give me the five-nine.. ( Note: usually can't turn her off after this one) Alexa, what happens after death?

Things You Should NEVER Ask Siri.. Reaction Time. Things You... Questions You Should NEVER Ask Siri. Reaction Time. Questions HOW TO GET SIRI TO TELL THE TRUTH AT 3AM CHALLENGE! (PROOF SIRI IS REAL) (SHE TOLD ME THIS) Stromedy. 11 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri! Tempt In this article we bring you a list of questions you should ask Siri if you want Siri to give funny answers. It's worth asking them more than once, because Apple often includes multiple results VIDEO: Top 10 Things You Should Never Say To Siri - Part 3. You loved parts 1 and 2, so here comes part 3. Find out even more things you should never ask Siri Apr 22, 2015 - I asked Siri to tell me a scary story and this is what I got.... Pinterest. Today. Explore. Super Funny Quotes Funny Mom Quotes Funny Quotes For Teens What To Ask Siri Things To Ask Siri Funny Kids Homework Halloween Stories Halloween Tips Funny Quotes For Instagram

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Also See: Funny Things To ask siri; Cortana allows you to interact and operate your device with voice commands. Like you can ask her to open a specific app or play music for you. There are many more uses of it. People who don't like typing while browsing the internet can use this feature to access websites and browse the internet. It's very. Never tell her to show you skin and home parasites. Don't try to find out if Jon Snow is alive. Don't ask her medical questions. How do you get Siri to say zeros? Ask the iPhone's Siri what 10 trillion to the 100th power equals and you get a perfect, very basic one-two beat. The answer is, Siri says, one, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. VIDEO: Top 10 Things You Should Never Say To Siri - Part 4. Asking Siri a funny question can sometimes be really entertaining. Why stop at part 3, where there is just so many question you can ask Siri. So here is the list of the Top 10 Things You Should Never Say To Siri - Part 4. TOP 10 NERD - NEW CHANNEL So if you have a crush on one or have a few Gemini friends and really care for them, watch out for these 7 things. Never tell them the following phrases: 1. I'm not interested in anything you have to say. Needless to say, this would offend practically everyone, regardless of their sign. just don't ask why You can ask Siri to turn Bluetooth on or off, open a specific Settings pane, and even turn on Airplane Mode (though Apple's voice assistant gets a little snarky if you ask for that last one)

It is probably not completely possible to escape the 'eye' of 'Big Brother'. There is a 'list', 72 or more things listed, that mark you as a possible 'problem' for the government. To find them, search '72 things that might classify you as a potential terrorist'. The list was first published several years ago Asked Siri to open Siri. Tried to use iPhone autocorrect. Actually had to Google simple basic things that are obvious they should never have had to be asked what they are and or mean. Googled myself. Googled what am I? (I legit found no answer to what Google thinks I am.) Made a list of 13 items when I only have 12 items on the list. God I am.

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  1. NOTE:- I UPLOAD THIS VIDEO FOR KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY CREDITS ARE GIVEN.Hii, This YouTube Channel (Techy India) provides you Tech videos and.
  2. If you ask Siri what her favorite movie is and you will find out she has a dark side to her sense of humor. YouTube Source: YouTube 4) She's Not A Medic. It is never recommended to ask Siri for medical help. For medical advice, only a professional should be consulted. YouTube Source: YouTube 3) Sounds Like . . . Siri does her best to.
  3. iPhone user or not, you've probably heard of Siri. The voice-activated virtual 'assistant' has been a staple of the Apple universe since 2010, and she grows more and more human-like with every passing year. In what way, you might ask. Well, she was originally a simple source of information, presented in a professional, to-the-point manner. But as she has evolved with us, she has taken on.
  4. der, calling a friend, making notes, etc and not.
  5. Roll the dice. Siri can help you get your game on, whether it's for random number generation, Dungeons and Dragons, and just plain fun. Simply tell Siri to flip a coin, roll a die or even ask Siri 8 ball. The die can have any number of sides you like, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20... even outlandish numbers like 37
  6. 5. Don't ask Alexa if she can beatbox. Source : Pixbay. According to various threads across the web, Siri wins the title of best beatboxer. However, if you ask Alexa to beatbox — she will definitely show you what she's got! 6. Don't ask Alexa to tell you a mom joke. Source : Pixbay
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Then, activate Siri and say the name you'd like to connect a relationship to. For example Pete Morris is my dad, or Jane Sommers is my boss. Siri will ask you if you want the relationship saved - select yes. In the future, you can ask Siri to contact your wife, mother, friend or boss without using their name. Pronounce Names. I'm going to add this one because it just broke and it seems appropriate. Apparently if you ask Siri to charge your phone to 100%, she calls the cops. Asking Siri to charge your phone dials the police and we don't know why Siri gets a lot of th.. Popular things you should ask Siri. So now it's time to have some fun and try out a few of the most popular Siri commands! Once you're comfortable talking to Siri, make sure you also take a look at our Siri Dictation Guide and Siri Commands for Apple Music for further useful tips and tricks Try these funny things to ask Siri if you're in need of a chuckle and then compare them with your other virtual assistants to see which tells the best jokes. Get to know her. Q: Hey Siri, who.

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Why: Really, everyone should know better than to ask an adult their age, unless you're their doctor or bartender. While we're on the subject, it drives me CRAZY when someone (usually a young man) asks for my I.D. when I'm buying an alcoholic drink and then he makes a joke about me looking 21, which is obviously not the case To get an appreciation for Siri's quirkier side, ask her some of these questions for some interesting responses. And if you find yourself relying on Siri too much of everything, you may want to look into the 11 Ways to Conquer Your Smartphone Addiction There are several two- and three-digit numbers that will instruct Siri to immediately call emergency services. Such numbers are 999 (UK and some of its former colonies), 112 (most European countries, and many others around the world), 911 (USA and.. Siri is a groundbreaking technology introduced by Apple along with iOS 5. You can ask a lot of things to it and get some helpful results, and the best part is that it can be done via voice commands 146 Funny Things to Ask Siri - The Ultimate Siri List. This is the ultimate list of funny thing to ask Siri - flirting, rude responses, suitable for kids, questions about pets, movies/TV and more. Updated: 17th Nov 2020

Even if you are wondering What Happens When You Tell Siri 999 then the same things happen just like 17 but you should know hat 999 is the emergency number for the UK and if you are in the UK, you should tell Siri 999. But of course, if it is not necessary then you should not tell Siri Emergency Call Questions You Should Never Ask Siri, Alexa Or Google. Don't ask her medical questions. Researchers in Wellington, New Zealand discovered that Google's online search engine gives more accurate sexual health questions than smart phone digital assistants like Siri. A study at the University of California San Francisco confirmed the same: Siri gives terrible medical answers Top 10 things never to say to siri I might link my ting from barking meaning, the best Siri Jokes. Read on for some cool things to Ask Siri and details of some of the fun things Siri can do. On a sale of 1 to 10, I'll bet you're a . Siri says: On the twelfth of never, along with a few other answers. Ask According to the tweets, if you say 108 to Siri, she will either tell you a story, tell a funny joke or even start singing Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. Sadly, none of them are true and what you are actually doing can actually be pretty dangerous. Say 108 to Siri and she tells you a story — colby mcmahon (@ColbyMc10) March 20, 201

1.5 Ask Siri Some Musical Question. 1.6 Siri as an alternative for Tinder (Not Recommended) 1.7 Cool things to Make Siri Mad. 1.8 Final Words. Here we have arranged a list of these questions in different groups so that you can select one from them, they'll give you biggest laugh from Siri. Let's we started Ask Siri about her rival, and she'll throw a little bit of shade. The answer for this question will change each time you ask her, ranging from It's nice of you to ask, but it doesn't really matter what I think, to It's your opinion that counts. I see a little silhouetto of a man Yes, Siri will finish singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen 40+ Funny Things to Ask Siri When You're Bored. Here is a collection of amazingly funny things to ask Siri. You will be surely surprised by the hilarious answers you are going to receive from this superb application. These questions are totally funny and full of craziness. So get ready to explore the other side of this technical application. 1)

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All you need to do is press down and hold on the round menu button briefly and ask your question. If Siri doesn't whirl into action straight away, use her name before the question 10 Things You Should Never Say To Siri. The digital evolution is such that gone are days when mankind alone did the donkey work. Thanks to tech savy phones and machines, we are now able to use our resources efficiently and systematically. When it comes to phones, who wouldn't want to own the Iphone We asked professional recruiters to brief us on the top 10 most common interview questions to scratch off our lists immediately—plus five effective ones to ask instead. Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview. 1. Anything Related to Salary or Benefit What you should never ask Siri? 8 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone Don't tell Siri to call your boyfriend. Don't tell her you need to hide a body. Don't ask her to call an ambulance. Don't search for unknown animals or plants. Never tell her to show you skin and home parasites. Don't try to find out if Jon Snow is alive Ask Siri and Google what a demon is. One of their definitions? When you ask for the definition of a demon, you are met with the typical definitions you are used to, however their number six definition is: He has seen things you could never imagine—but you didn't know

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Similarly, one of the most ridiculous and funny answers that you will get if you ask Siri why the fire trucks are red, is something that you will never have imagined. So when you ask Siri about it she will respond by saying Monty Pythonesque application of the principles of logic and etymology, . The answer that you are trying to seek. And one thing you should never do with Siri is saying 108 causally, and here's why. Every country has its own emergency number, such as 999 in the United Kingdom and 911 in the United States. 108 is actually the emergency number in India, and if you call out the digits, you will be connected to the emergency services in your country Things to ask Cortana. Here is a list for you. Below are more commands and question you can ask Cortana, please take care, because it is a bit risky, Sometimes Cortana may insult and you won't even know it. After this section, we've also added a massive list of 300 Cortana commands and q's in alphabetic order

Ask whatever you like, and your handy artificial intelligence (A.I.) assistant will do its best to respond. Here are a handful of funny things to ask Google Assistant, including questions. Here's why you should never keep your phone in the glove compartment. 8 / 41. rd.com, Getty Images If this feels too extreme, you can ask Siri to read your notifications. That way, you can be in the know without grabbing your device and being dangerously distracted on the road. This is why cold weather drains your phone battery 10 Decisions You Should Never Make at 3:00 A.M. By Kimberly Bonnell and Pamela Redmond Satra n. June 28, 2012. These are no brainersbut one decision we'll condone: hanging out on Glamour.com.. siri questions do not talk to siri at 3am say to siri dont say this to siri 3:00 am challenge 3 am siri siri creepy answers no cursing real life things you should never say to siri things you should never say never say to siri family friendly mystery gaming the skorys gabriella skory 4kidsgaming scary text messages for kids kids youtube no.

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9.) Your name (There are two possible outcomes of Googling yourself: (1) It will return no hits about you whatsoever and you'll realize that there are loads of people with your exact name who've done bigger and better things than you. (2) It will bring up a blurry naked photo of you taken by your ex. Neither of these are good things.) 10. Apple Music review. Apple Music tips, tricks and features. 13. Tap HomePod to control music. You don't always have to ask Siri to control music playback - you can simply tap the top of the HomePod or HomePod Mini instead. Tap the top once to pause, tap again to play, and tap twice to skip to the next track. 14 10 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams. #1. The first thing not to do is do not use social media yes you heard me right try as much as possible to fight the urge of using your phone. It's an addiction which takes away most of your time so what happens is you start by saying hi then your friend reply is hi then you start talking forwarding.

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You just never know if the two of you will get along or not. When you're nervous, it's very easy to blurt out a weird or offensive question. That's why if you're new to the dating game or are going on a first date after either being single for a long time or after being in a relationship for some time, you should prepare yourself and. This site is dedicated to bringing you the funniest videos from around the world. If you love pranks, fails, funny animals or funny celeb videos you will find them all here. with new vids added around the clock Here are funny things to say to Siri for good entertainment! What is the meaning of life? Siri, talk dirty to me. Testing 1,2,3 (not funny the first time, but do it a few times OR try doing Testing 123, Testing 1,2,3) Who's on first? I'm so, so tired Siri. I love you, Siri. Do you have a family

If you do need to contact the emergency services using your voice assistant, simply ask Siri to call 999 or dial emergency services. Siri gives you a five-second countdown, allowing users who have made a mistake to quickly cancel the call without causing any issues for the emergency services In iOS 14.5, Apple added the ability to set your default audio app for Siri, away from Apple Music as the only option. This means every time you ask Siri to play and album or song, you no longer have to add on Spotify at the end of every request And if you ask her to rate herself against Siri, Google Assistant surely takes the middle road. 9. Mirror Mirror. Yeah, if you were caught scaling the wall of the ego castle, the assistant knows. no, there's no Siri for Android or other non-iPhone platforms. Siri will probably never work on any OS other than iOS & macOS. If you want all the cool things Siri does, you have to buy an iPhone or other Apple device. Even though there's no Siri.