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The mosaics highlight a Cydonia landform popularly known as the D&M Pyramid. It is located near 40.7°N, 9.6°W. Although it is not really shaped like a pyramid, the Cydonia landform is one of thousands of massifs, buttes, mesas, knobs, and blocks that mark the transition from the far northwestern Arabia Terra cratered highlands down to the. Here's what's at Cydonia Mensa. There's the face on Mars; there's the D & M pyramid Here it is in a second shot, this was taken July 25th, this was taken 30 days later, and the government was apparently doing a follow-up investigation. These two pictures tell you everything you need to know about what's at Cydonia Mensa

the d&m pyramid on mars INTRODUCTION : There is some kind of formation in the Cydonia region of Mars which has been called the D & M Pyramid. Richard Hoagland named it after V. DiPietro and G. Molenaar and also proposed the hypothesis that this formation may have been a bilaterally-symmetric, five-sided pyramid at one time in the past CYDONIA MARS PYRAMID COMPLEX Valles Marineris 19.47˚MARTIAN MISSIONS FROM EARTH 19.47˚ 45˚ 33˚ 120˚ Cydonia 18˚ (6-6-6) NAME LAUNCH PURPOSE Mariner 4 28 NOV 1964 Flyby Mariner 6 24 FEB 1969 Flyby Mariner 7 27 MAR 1969 Flyby Mariner 9 30 MAY 1971 Orbiter Mars 5 25 JUL 1973 Orbiter Mars 6 05 AUG 1973 Lande A review of the Mars City of Cydonia. The Cydonia Plateau is home to the famous and controversial Face on Mars. This mile long, half mile wide and quarter mile high trick of light and shadow (NASA) is surrounded by dozens of obviously artificial and mostly pyramid-like structures, all are aligned with the Martian cardinal points and arranged on a proportional grid of one by the. face, a huge five sided pyramid, a complex of over 12 smaller pyramids resembling a city,and a strange mile wide, 500 foot high seemingly artificially mound ortholus, complete with a peripheral ditch and central spiral groove. Mars Mound Cydonia region*** Silbury Hill Wiltshire Englan Cydonia (/ s ɪ ˈ d oʊ n i ə /, / s aɪ ˈ d oʊ n i ə /) is a region on the planet Mars that has attracted both scientific and popular interest. The name originally referred to the albedo feature (distinctively coloured area) that was visible from earthbound telescopes.The area borders the plains of Acidalia Planitia and the Arabia Terra highlands. The area includes the regions: Cydonia.

These two pictures (pictures above to your left) tell you everything you need to know about what's at Cydonia Mensa (region of Mars). If you see on a planet that used to be Earth-like, a carved human face and a pyramid within 5 km of each other . . . it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this all means, you can connect the. What makes the CIA document remarkable is that the coordinates provided to the unknown remote viewer were of the Cydonia region as depicted in a series of Viking Orbiter images of Mars in 1976. Cydonia became famous after a succession of researchers claimed that the region contained a face, ruins of a city, and pyramids

With the discovery of flowing water on Mars, the answer seems like it might be yes. 1. The Face on Mars. The most commonly known and probably the most distinct of the unexplained features can be seen in images of the face on Mars in its Cydonia region. This face was originally found by two NASA contractors named, Vincent DiPietro and Gregory. Nevertheless, on April 8, 2001 — a cloudless summer day in Cydonia — Mars Global Surveyor drew close enough for a second look. We had to roll the spacecraft 25 degrees to center the Face in the field of view, said Garvin. Malin's team captured an extraordinary photo using the camera's absolute maximum resolution.

A trick of light and shadows - that's what NASA has called what are potentially the most significant ancient ruins ever discovered. What appeared to be a.. Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission, former NASA consultant, championed the similarities between the Mars Cydonia pyramids and the Giza Egyptian pyramids. After the Viking Explorer photos of the Cydonia region of Mars were released in the late 1970's, my father was convinced that who built the pyramids on Earth, also built the pyramids.

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  1. Cydonia region context map. After multiple attempts to image the Cydonia region from April 2004 until July 2006 were frustrated by altitude and atmospheric dust and haze, the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board Mars Express finally obtained, on 22 July, a series of images that show the famous 'face' on Mars in unprecedented detail
  2. Cydonia on Mars. Hoagland's Cydonia II in England. Crater and Tholus Angle with cliff. Cydonia, the Crater and tetrahedron • The D&M Pyramid, the largest of all the pyramids in the Cydonia I complex, would have been toppled and destroyed by the movement of a massive ice sheet, although much of its bas
  3. During the Hoagland U. N. presentation in 1992 . . . robust mathematical and geometric linkage was presented, specifically connecting for the first time the siting of Cydonia on Mars . . . with the Egyptian location of the Pyramids and Sphinx on Earth; the arctangent (.865) of the D&M Pyramid geodetic Martian latitude (40.87 N.) is the same.
  4. NASA's latest photographic evidence, while challenging the concept of a Face on Mars, did not, however, provide any reference or rebuttal to theories concerning several pyramid like structures, unusual craters and ridges, and other large scale objects in the Cydonia region, and which have been shown to illustrate profound.
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  6. [/caption]The Pyramids on Mars are hills or mountains on the surface of Mars that, from a low resolution image, have near-perfect symmetry resembling that of the Egyptian pyramids. These.

Categories Mars Tags cydonia, face on mars, Mars, pseudoscience 4 Replies to Detailed Deconstruction of the Face and Pyramids on Mars Claims Jeffrey Boerst says Here is a recent image from the ESA's most recent 2009 Mars reconaissance (Mars Express) pointing out how pyramidal shapes can be caused by wind. Check out the ESA page. Compare. * None of the images on this page come from the famous area of pyramid structures on Mars: Cydonia. * Welcome to Mars Ruin It is a comparison image of the Cydonia anomalies on Mars with the Pleiades that appear to be ruins of a lost pyramid civilisation of our star ancestor human race. It was probably lost after the cataclysmic comet or asteroid event that ended the planet over 17000 years ago The European Space Agency's Mars Express has obtained images of the Cydonia region, site of the famous Face on Mars. The High Resolution Stereo Camera photos include some of the most spectacular.

Nevertheless, on April 8, 2001 -- a cloudless summer day in Cydonia -- Mars Global Surveyor drew close enough for a second look. We had to roll the spacecraft 25 degrees to center the Face in the field of view, said Garvin. Malin's team captured an extraordinary photo using the camera's absolute maximum resolution The Cydonia region also contained what appeared to be several pyramid-like objects, which some researchers claim are not formed by natural occurrence. The strange loss of the Mars Observer as it made its way to the red planet in 1993 temporarily dealt a blow to any hopes of obtaining new, closer photos of this puzzling region of the planet The coordinates are for the Cydonia region, and immediately the remote viewer describes some kind of pyramid sitting in a valley. This is remarkable corroboration for the multiple researchers who have identified pyramids in the Viking images of this exact region of Mars I have to admit after surviving millions of years of mars dust storms the cydonia pyramids are not so triangular as they used to be, But they do resemble a pyramid. fleabit. posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 02:41 AM link . The top 'pyramid' doesn't look like one at all. And while the Earth pyramids actually do mimic Orions Belt, the Mars ones do not

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Cairo means 'Mars' and thus the 3 pyramids that have already been proven since Robert Bauval's research correspond to Orion's Belt stars. What this study further elaborates is that the Cydonia 3 pyramid alignment of the D&M Pyramid and the Face of Mars along with a middle pyramid are also aligned to the same Orion Bel The primary modification comes in the form of four large Pyramids. Each Pyramid has a different internal structure: a 4-way tunnel, a control room, a two-storeyed layout, and the green lift that will take your troops underground. The other new feature on Cydonia are the craters, which, although they look quite small, do provide cover for Aliens Key words: Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt; D&M Pyramid of Cydonia, Mars; Mathematical constants: Φ, π, e, and their ratios; Great Pyramid ratio γ, tetrahedral constant t. 1. Introduction Since the discovery of this formation in 1976 the D&M Pyramid (named after DiPietro and Molenaa

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  1. Cydonia, the Face on Mars? What exactly do we see when looking at the images of Mars? Mountains? Ancient ruins like the Sphinx or Pyramids? It seems that everyone has an opinion. What started this obsession with the face on Mars? In 1976, the Mars Rover Viking 1, took a series of photos of the mountain region of Cydonia
  2. Subsequently, using geodetic data from The 1982 Control Network of Mars (Davies and Katayama, 1983), up-dated by Davies for Cydonia (1988), Hoagland discovered (op cit) that the critical object Torun had decoded -- the Pyramid-- lies precisely astride the key geodetic Martian latitude expressive of the ArcTangent equivalent of e/pi: 40.87.
  3. In 1991 Carlotto published a book about his work The Martian Enigmas, where he called for Mars Observer, NASA's most recent Mars probe, to re-image Cydonia. In 1988 Erol Torun, a geomorphologist and cartographer with the US Defense Mapping Agency in Washington DC, published a cartographic and geometrical analysis of the D&M pyramid
  4. Additional Information - Ancient Terraforms Found in The Reull Vallis of Mars - CIA Mars Exploration - May 22, 1984 - Joe McMoneagle - Remote Views Mars - Mound Configurations on The Martian Cydonia Plain - by Horace W. Crater and Stanley V. McDaniel.
  5. These have continued to be interests for him. Dr. Carl Sagan's early speculations about the possible artificiality of the Elysium Pyramids on Mars have had a long term impact on his thinking. In June 2000 Bob began the Cydonia Quest website as a personal exploration of the evidence for very ancient ET ruins in our Solar System

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  1. Photo snapped by NASA's Curiosity rover on May 7, 2015 purports to show a car-sized pyramid on Mars. Curiosity was launched into space on Nov. 26, 2011 and landed on Mars on Aug. 6, 2012. It is a rock, Dr. Jim Bell, deputy principal investigator of the Mastcam investigation program and a professor of astronomy at Arizona State.
  2. 01/15/99 Eagles Disobey Book on Cydonia. 06/03/98 Mars Researchers Find Likely Ice in Mars Craters 05/29/98 Cydonia Mars is Artificial ? 05/29/98 SURVEYOR DATA REVEAL MORE EVIDENCE OF ABUNDANT WATER, THERMAL ACTIVITY IN MARS' PAST 05/04/98 Last Call on Cydonia ? 04/15/98 Interesting Reveiws of Cydonia Images
  3. Tetrahedral pyramid on the Avebury rampart and Cydonia crater. I had already noted a small mark on the Ordnance map of Avebury rampart (figure 9a above) exactly where the tetrahedral pyramid occurs on the crater rim in Cydonia. This mark was located above a gap in the Avebury rampart, just as the Mars pyramid is above a gap in the Cydonia rim
  4. I promised many an answer to two questions as a result of my father's work in Operation Paper Clip
  5. Everybody will be familiar with the so-called Face on Mars and Pyramids of Mars, features of an area of known as Cydonia that some argue can only be artificial. They were discovered in photographs taken by the Viking mission in 1976. Their most enthusiastic exponent is science writer Richard C. Hoagland
  6. The City of pyramids, photographed 1976 by VIKING 1 and new in 2006 by MARS EXPRESS. The Ruin or Fortress, photographed by VIKING 1 (left) and by the MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR (right). See also the New Cydonia images of THEMIS by 2001 MARS ODYSSEY orbiter. The Cydonia area near the Face with the D&M-Pyramid (below) seen from VIKING 1 in 1976

[ MARS] : Cydonia Mensae: The Discovery: In 1976 the Viking I & II orbiters and landers reached Mars. This was a huge five sided pyramid several miles to the South-West of the face. This pyramid is now known as the D & M Pyramid. In 1983, Richard Hoagland, a former science adviser to Walter Cronkite, read a paper written by DiPietro and. In 1989, Robert Bauval proposed that the pyramids in Giza were arranged to mirror the pattern of stars in Orion's Belt, and later with Graham Hancock went on to argue that the layout of these and nearby pyramids along the Nile was a terrestrial representation of the constellation Orion and the Milky Way. Cydonia, Mars. In 1976 a Viking.

Hoagland saw the original image, immediately concluded that an artificial carving was the only reasonable explanation, and wrote the book Monuments of Mars claiming that the Cydonia face is only one of many artificial structures on Mars, including pyramids and whole cities. He claims that NASA has exhaustive photographic evidence of all such. In addition to 1.5 m per pixel (about 5 foot resolution) resolution images of the Cydonia feature, NASA released a stereo 'anaglyph' of the feature that allows a viewer with colored ''3D glasses to view the feature in 3D. This is the first release of a 3D image of any features on Mars acquired in this resolution Detailed deconstruction of the face and pyramids on Mars claims. by Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today. The 'face' on Mars, a popular landform in Cydonia Region on Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL.

Pyramids of Mars is the third serial of the 13th season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts on BBC1 from 25 October to 15 November 1975.. The serial is set in England and Egypt and on Mars in 1911. In the serial, the burial chamber of the alien Osiran Sutekh (Gabriel Woolf), the inspiration for the Egyptian god Set, is. Face on Mars. Part of the Cydonia region, taken by the Viking 1 orbiter and released by NASA/JPL on July 25, 1976 (north is to the upper right). The famous 'Face on Mars' is near the center at the top Coast to Coast AM, Atlantis, Richard C Hoagland, Tom VanFlandern, Ron Nicks, Face on Mars, Cydonia, Mars, DM Pyramid, Pyramids, Egypt, Giza, NASA Here is the ultimate mega collection of Coast to Coast AM shows discussing the region of Mars known as Cydonia, famous for the location of the Face on Mars and a possible 'city' However, more detailed photos of Cydonia by NASA's 1998 Mars Global Surveyor expedition poured cold water on the ET claims about the 'Face'. They revealed that the 'face' and 'pyramids' were no more than naturally eroded landforms (see figure 2). With the light at a certain angle the illusion of a face seemed to be present

22 Comments / Cosmic War / By Joseph P. Farrell. This week I acquired three books on the Mars-Cydonia anomalies, an older but nonetheless still important work by Graham Hancock called The Mars Mystery and a newer release (2008) by Dr. Mark Carlotto, The Cydonia Controvery, and Dr. John Brandenburg's Life and Death on Mars: the New Mars Synthesis Mars: Cydonia Landing Briefing. Your Avenger craft has landed in the region of Cydonia on the surface of Mars. Our information indicates that one of the pyramid constructions contains a green access lift to an underground complex. Once you have assembled all your soldiers in the lift area, continue to the next stage Descriptio - Mars Pyramids - Structures - Buildings? Cydonia's Star Pyramid? Martian Four-Sided Pyramid Mars' Tholus Mound: Sand Blown Pyramid? Two 'Diamond' Pyramids The Pyramids of Giza have inspired awe, speculation, and more than their fair share of alternative history theories. Some point to the Pyramids of Giza mirroring apparently artificial, pyramidal structures in the Cydonia region of Mars, where the infamous Mars face resides, as reported by Universe Today.Yet other postulations, of the type you might see on late night History Channel programs. UFO Diaries: Cydonia, the Pyramids of Mars, 19.5 degrees, & more; a GLP worthy classic documentary series from the mid-late 90's. Artemis Rand: This was a somewhat low-budget syndicated series that aired in the mid-late 90's. Episodes are a bit hard to find now but these are some of the better ones that I was able to locate

The resemblance to Cydonia doesn't end here. Less than a football field away, lies a five sided pyramid called the Dadan Rock. This pyramid is identical to the D&M pyramid on Mars. The Dadan Rock on Earth, Iran, 1937 D&M Pyramid on Mars Mars. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) HiRISE. 2880x1800x3. PIA20046: Small Channels and a Rocky Patch in the Cydonia Region. Full Resolution: TIFF (15.56 MB) JPEG (1.167 MB) 2007-04-11. Mars Further revealing how the layout of Cydonia corresponds with the passages and chambers inside The Great Pyramid. This essential update to The Terrestrial Connection video features enhanced NASA images of the Cydonia region of Mars and demonstrates the stunning accuracy of its match to the survey maps of Avebury, southern England There is much debate about the so-called Face on Mars, a feature of a face that is present on the surface of Mars, in the region of Cydonia. It showed up in a couple of pictures taken by the Viking spacecraft orbiting that planet. The face appears to be cut from a mesa that is about 2 km (1.2 miles) long

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R. Kayne. On 20 July 1976 the NASA Orbiter spacecraft descended to a mere 1,000 feet (300 meters) above the nearly airless Martian desert to take unprecedented pictures of the planet, snapping images of an area called Cydonia.. Supporters of the claim that Mars once had a civilization claim that pyramids like those found in Egypt exist on the red planet Huge pyramid on Mars. For those of you who doubt this then check out who is giving the talk. He works directly for the army and military intelligence. These course were compulsory for some military intelligence officers. You will also note that there is a paper that recorded this CIA project which is available on the CIA website The photo above is a group of NASA scientists wondering why the Mars Rover failed to operate properly. The problem is obvious to me. This photo of the Mars Rover scientists appeared with the story in a major news magazine a few years ago. Cydonia Region: The Pyramid and the Hexagon - Cydonia - M22-00378 ; Faces of Mars: M22-00378 - 'The.

Posts about Mars written by Korinna. This is my oil painting of the ancient Mars, a planet like our Earth, a planet with an ocean in the northern hemisphere and a continent covered with vegetation in the southern hemisphere. By that time there was life on Mars and maybe a Martian civilization and they've built the pyramids in the Cydonia region and some pyramids on Earth The Pyramids, The Face On Mars (Cydonia), The Sphinx, and Stonehenge - Lady of Light - January 11, 2012 Welcome to the Unhypnotize Truth Community! A great place to discuss conspiracies, UFOs, NWO, truth, reality and enlightenment Friday, May 2, 2008 THE PYRAMIDS OF MARS On 21 August 1993, NASA launched an artificial satellite Observe Mars ( Mars Observer ) whose cost reached an astronomical sum of one billion $, whose purpose was to film some of the red planet conflict zones where they had previously filmed other probes to study the planet Mars Cydonia certain areas and Elisha Plain , which previously had been filmed. An aerial view of a pyramid found in Mars by an earlier spacecraft, Viking I, in 1976. images sent back to earth from Viking I of Mars's Cydonia region showed rock formations that.

Cydonia Mensae je názov jednej z pomenovaných oblastí na planéte Mars.Leží na sever od rovníka v prechodnej zóne medzi južnými vysočinami (pologuli s vyššou topografiou, silne posiatou krátermi) a severnými nížinami (relatívne plochou oblasťou nížin na severe) v oblasti Acidalia Planitia.Cydonia je pokrytá početnými vrcholmi a v dávnej minulosti mohla touto oblasťou. Cydonia & The Face on Mars Date Friday - June 23 1995 Host Art Bell In one of Art Bell's earliest interviews with Richard C. Hoagland, they talk for five hours on such topics as the Face on Mars & the Cydonia region (pictured above), his speech to NASA, and his interaction with NASA employees on the issue of possible ancient civilizations on. cydonia mars pyramids of mars ancient aliens. Other Info. Product ID: 228353272177737633Created on: 3/11/2019, 4:41 PM. Rating: G. Mars, Rennes-le-Chateau, and the Hall of Records 2005 10 03 By Beau Berger | Forums.AtlantisRising.com Ed Comment: The pictures were added to this article afterwards. The massive Secret Society that is at the heart of the Rennes-le-Chateau story (perhaps conspiracy would be a better word)is known as the Priory of Sion

It represents a quarter of a century of the author's research into ancient terrestrial earthworks, from Avebury to the Giza Complex, to the Teotihuacan pyramids of Mexico, and other remote sites, making comparisons to sites on the surface of Mars, particularly the Cydonia region, along with clues from crop circles and crop glyphs studied here. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear In fact, the Pyramid investigated by researchers from the Cydonia Institute caught the attention of world-renowned astronomer Carl Sagan more than 40 years ago. Sagan, intrigued by the shape of the pyramidal structure on Mars, decided to present the image at the Royal Institution in London during his Christmas Lecture in 1977 While the Viking 1 probe circled around Mars, this probe was the one that first recorded this astonishing face that was seen. The area where the face was located, was later given the name Cydonia The Face on Mars And Cydonia Unknown November 17, 2005. @41 degrees latitude there is a FACE On MARS and an area of geometrical pyramids exactly the same as in Egypt. These pictures are actual pictures of mars from NASA's Viking 1. The face on mars is in no doubt proof of extraterrestrial life. Perhaps in 1976 when these photographs.

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What this study suggests is that the entire Martian motif corresponds to entire Giza pyramid complex with the 3 main structures of Cydonia in Mars. The Martian motif is made up of 3 main structures to include the Face of Mars, or that of Ala-lu, the 7 main structures of the Pleiadian Pyramid City and the Pentagon Pyramid It wasn't until September 12, 1997, that a new spacecraft arrived at Mars: Mars Global Surveyor. It eventually imaged both Elysium and Cydonia, and the results were disappointing for anyone hoping. Photo of the Cydonia area of Mars containing the Face on Mars and pyramid structures. Another Scientist Speaks Up At the 191st national meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Dr. Tom Van Flandern presented his conclusions that the face on Mars is not an optical illusion nor is it a naturally occurring feature. Dr

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The Cydonian hypothesis 3 Fig. 1 I bc pyramids of Elysium inlaged by Manner 9 In 197 1 arc indicated arrows at sunset on DAS 07794853 From C'nzr\zrtrl llar~lull S1crflzc.c F(;(rttrri~c Edrrion /bT(L',ifkYF4), p. 46, (DiP~etro, Molenaar, & Brandenburg, 1988). Copyrrght 1988 by Molenaar, Tnc. Re- prrnted 'b The size of the pyramids on Mars for one! however, the overhead images of the Cydonia pyramids as seen by Viking and aerial photos of the Egyptian pyramids are strikingly similar. Could the structures on both planets have been constructed by the same ancient civilization? Proponents of the theory claimed that the Face on Mars was similar in.

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The CIA publishes declassified documents about pyramids and a lost civilization on Mars. Recently published declassified documents by the CIA reveal interesting details about Mars. The document, which dates back to May 22, 1984, mentioned Massive 'megalithic' walls, Pyramids and extremely tall 'beings' on Mars. By ancient-code These signs of of Alien life on Mars is only half research n info explored on this Web page. There are many more evidences of Ancient Alien life on Mars for example Pyramids of Cydonia, Pyramid in another region found by Mars Rover but hidden by the rover for the public channel

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Tonnies' words brings us to the matter of what has become known as the D&M Pyramid. As its name suggests, it's a somewhat pyramid-shaped feature on the Martian landscape, specifically in an area of Mars called Cydonia. And it's huge: approximately 1 by 1.6 miles To reiterate, this ancient pyramid structure complex found on Cydonia, Mars is laid-out in a sacred-geometric triangulation pattern. The evidence is that as on Mars, this triangulation which this study deems the 'Martian Motif', is found to be replicated in Earth's ancient sacred sites A graphical analysis of the Cydonia . To the left of the Face lies an area with lots of pyramid-like structures, called the city. From the smoothness of the terrain around the Face one can conclude that it has once been the bottom of a sea or a large lake. The approximate coastline can be easily figured out and the islands also. The Cydonia area on Mars, where, e.g., the Face on Mars can be found, seems to turn out to be the first place in outer space where such proof indeed may be found! Since the 1970s, several satellites and probes have been launched, and these revealed the existence of pyramids, of a face, of cities in different locations, of tunnels and canals. The Cydonia region of Mars seems to be chock full of weird anomalous structures. Southwest of the infamous face is a group of features that have been called pyramids (above right). With their relatively smooth, triangular sides, they bear a striking resemblance from the air to the pyramids at Giza, Egypt (above left)

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  1. Cydonia -- the face on Mars. A perspective view showing the so-called Face on Mars located in the Cydonia region. The image shows a remnant massif thought to have formed via landslides and an.
  2. Cydonia became famous after a succession of researchers claimed that the region contained a face, ruins of a city, and pyramids. The first reference to artificial structures found in Cydonia date to an October 25, 1977, National Enquirer article titled Did NASA Photograph Ruins of an Ancient City on Mars
  3. The D&M Pyramid Isn't even on Earth , its on Mars Cydonia and there is not one but two On Mars Cydonia , you did know right ? What are the odds 2 5 sided Pyramid on Mars and 1 on Earth In iran and with 5 points like a Pentastar. And even more Strange is the closest resemblance of the Dadan Rock or Mound is the D&M on Cydonia Mars & the Face.
  4. Mars Cydonia - Giza Pyramids . comparison map. by aliendave.com. The D & M Pyramid. l New Utah Telescope Takes Aim At Mars l What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars l NASA Is Hiding the True Colors of Mars Evidence that NASA is altering the true colors of the pictures of Mars
  5. Cydonia is located in the Arabia Terra region on Mars and belongs to the transition zone between the southern highlands and the northern plains of Mars. This transition is characterized by wide, debris-filled valleys and isolated remnant mounds of various shapes and sizes. 'Human face' first seen in 1976. One of these visible remnant massifs.
  6. Ever since the Voyager 1 satellite captured the Face on Mars, in the Cydonia region of the Red planet, a connection between intelligent life on the two planets has been hotly speculated. Unfortunately Curiosity is the wrong part of town, the pyramids captured by curiosity aren't the Cydonian Pyramids
  7. Five years later, the twin satellite probes of NASA's Viking Mars Mission sent back 50,000 photographic images of the planet's surface. Including Frame 35A72 of the Cydonia region which appeared to show an entire city of Pyramids similar to those found in Elysium. There was also what appeared to be a gigantic face 1.6 miles long by 1.2.
Space in Images - 2006 - 09 - 'Face on Mars' in CydoniaThe Vatic Project: "It Only Takes ONE White CrowMars, Remote Vision and Antarctica - Following the DotsFace It - It's a Face - More on Mar's Monuments

Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun. It owes its name to the Roman god of war thanks to the Romans, while the Greek named it after their god of war, Ares. Other civilizations, like the Egyptians and Chinese have named Mars in similar ways, always in connection to its red color, and it is only befitting because it has a deeply reddish color that. The whole Cydonia region has alot of interesting structures you got pyramids, building like structures, and of course the face which is very symmetrical and seems it looks alot like the sphinx. I believe the same aliens that built Cydonia on Mars came to earth and helped build the pyramids and ancient Egypt here Cydonia - Pyramids of Mars Poster. $24.65. 20% Off with code FOURTHJULY21.