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  1. Puttu and mutta chikki porichathu is my favorite..you blog is wonderful with all those yummy recipes and fantastic pictures.keep going!!! Like Like veeenajan on May 19, 2013 at 2:37 pm said
  2. Egg-3Grated Coconut -handfulGreen Chilly-3(chopped)Ginger-1tsp(chopped)Small onion(chuvannulli)-10 choppedCurry leaves-10(chopped)Salt-to tasteOil-2tspMethod..
  3. Thattukada Style Mutta-Peas Thoran Varutharacha Mutta Curry .Dry Egg Roast .Egg Roast .Mutta Chikki porichathu/Mutta Thoran .Egg-Potato Masala .Egg Curry Using Coconut Milk Easy Palappam and Egg Curry Neer Dosa with Egg Roast Eggbiriyan
  4. INGREDIENTS FOR BREAD FRY1. Bread2. Maida - ¾ cup3. Corn flour - 2 tbsp4. Rice powder - 1 tbsp (any type)5. Egg - 1 no6. Sesame seeds (optional)7. Turmeric p..
  5. Thattukada Style Mutta-Peas Thoran Varutharacha Mutta Curry .Dry Egg Roast .Egg Roast .Mutta Chikki porichathu/Mutta Thoran .Egg-Potato Masala .Egg Curry Applying Coconut Milk Effortless Palappam and Egg Curry Neer Dosa with Egg Roast Eggbiriyani. egg, panko bread crumbs, roast beef, thickener, canola oil, baking powder and 9 a lot more Roast.
  6. Nadan Mutta Chikki Porichathu/Mutta Thoran Posted by veeenajan on September 25, 2008 Posted in: Bachelors Recipes , egg , kerala ruchi , Mother`s Special , Taste of Kerala

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Ingredients: 1 duck (cut into cubes/bite size pieces) 2 onions (sliced lengthwise) 2 tomatoes (puree) 1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste 2 tbsp cumin seeds (powdered Grind the chilly powders,turmeric powder,green chilly,ginger ,salt and curry leaves (10no) to make a fine paste. Special Prawns Roast. Take a deep bottomed non stick pan and add prawns into that. Add the fine paste of masala to the prawns.Add 31/2 glass of water in to this and mix well. Method. Drizzle some oil from the curry paste jar into a wok or large frying pan, gently heat, then add the onion. Sizzle over a low heat for 4 mins until the onion softens, then stir in the paste and cook for a few mins longer This is a recipe blog which includes recipes all around the World (Indian, British, Chinese, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish, Thai, Lebanese, Greek, Japanese , Malabari, Cettinad, Panjabi Drinks (Refreshments), Snakes etc ).And step by step instructions to make those cuisines.Like a cooking lessons....

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Coconut oil - 1 Tbsp. Method: Break eggs in a bowl. Beat it well with a spoon/fork/whisker . Add rest of the ingredients well. Heat a pan with coconut oil. Heat it on medium flame but NOT on high flame ( this will make the omelette fluffy). Then pour the whipped egg mixture . Lower the flame You can make this less spicy or not spicy at all just by avoiding the chilies in the recipe. This is also known as mutta omelette recipe or mutta porichathu recipe in malayalam language where it simply means fried egg recipe or egg fry recipe (South Indian Kerala style) or egg omelette Mutta Porichathu. Chop the onion and chilly. Break the egg and add the chopped onion, chilly, grated coconut, curry leaves, milk,garam masala and salt. Beat it well. Heat oil in a tava and pour the egg mixture and slowly spread it. When one side of it is cooked well, turn it upside down and cook the other side well

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  2. s on low medium heat till the onions is wilted. Now add in ginger garlic paste, curry leaves and green chillies and mix well. Add in tomatoes and mix well. Cook for 5
  3. Aubergines cooked in a paste of coriander seeds, roasted onions, chillies in a coconut creamy sauce. £8.99. Mutter Paneer. Cottage cheese cubes and green peas simmered in a creamy and lightly spiced tomato sauce
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അമ്മ സ്പെഷ്യൽ മുട്ട തോരൻ Easy Mutta Thoran Mutta Kothiporichathu Kerala Egg Burji Ep:442

Naden mutta chikki porichathu ( Spicy Scrambled egg )

Video: நாவில் எச்சில் ஊரும் முட்டை ரோஸ்ட் Egg Roast in tamil Egg Fry in tamil Egg Masala Muttai Fry