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  1. Jersey Supreme Asparagus Plants Crowns Roots Bare Root 25 Ea All Male by Grower's Solution. 4.3 out of 5 stars 18. $58.75$58.75. $8.00 shipping. Ages: 2 months and up
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  3. There are several different hybrid Jersey asparagus varieties, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Giant, Jersey Prince, may be more. What are the differences among them. Are they pretty much the same thing
  4. Most asparagus do best when only a few spears are picked the second year -- they produce their first full harvestable crop the third year. Not Jersey Supreme, however! Gain a full year on other varieties with this super-vigorous variety! You will find Jersey Supreme highly adaptable to stress as well

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Jersey asparagus varieties being discontinued - next steps. January 06, 2021. In summary: The producer of asparagus crowns for asparagus varieties Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, and Jersey Supreme has stopped propagating these varieties. This means that for the most part, crowns of the Jersey varieties are no longer available for growers to order Jersey Supreme Asparagus. Bundle of 10 Two year old crowns. Male asparagus produce very little to no seed so they are able to produce larger and more tasty spears. Plant in full sun to part sun with the roots down in a trench cover the crown (the part where the roots are connected) 2 below the surface

PAPCOOL Asparagus Crọwns - Jersey Knight Asparagus 1 Yẹar Ọld - 10 Rọots. $76.99. $76. . 99. FREE Shipping. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. Amazon's Choice. for asparagus crowns 3 year Asparagus is one of the earliest of spring-harvested crops. This perennial is easily grown from crowns or roots, and once established will produce tender spears every spring for many years. We offer seeds as well as hardy, one-year-old crowns of reliable, standard varieties with complete, easy-to-follow growing information 1. Amend your soil the fall before planting asparagus crowns to boost potassium and phosphorus. Apply 20 pounds of 10-20-10 fertilizer or mature compost per 1,000 square feet of soil Jersey Supreme Asparagus. Bundle of 20 Two year old crowns. Male asparagus produce very little to no seed so they are able to produce larger and more tasty spears. Plant in full sun to part sun with the roots down in a trench cover the crown (the part where the roots are connected) 2 below the surface Pruning: Cut before the spears exceed 5 inches. Mow the plant stalks down after the foliage has died. Foliage: Very fine, airy, ferny foliage. Botanical Name: Asparagus officinalis 'Jersey Giant' PP5551. Height: 4 - 5 feet. Spacing: Set crowns 12 - 18 inches apart. Depth: 6-8 inches. Spread: 1 - 2.5 feet

With vigorous hybrids like the Jersey series (Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme, and Jersey Giant), you only need 25 to 30 plants to feed a family of 4 unless you really love asparagus or plan to freeze or pickle them later, then the more the merrier.. Otherwise, the typical recommendation for growing an open-pollinated asparagus variety (like Martha Washington) is up to 10 plants per person. 10 Asparagus Roots Jersey Supreme - MALE DOMINATE - TASTY - No GMOs. Average Rating: (5.0) stars out of 5 stars 1 ratings, based on 1 reviews. Hirt's Gardens. $7.99 $ 7. 99 $7.99 $ 7. 99. spacing crowns (center) 15-18 apart in the row. Spread roots out as far as possible, and cover with 3-4 of fine soil. Fill trenches in as shoots grow. Male asparagus cultivars such as Jersey types ('Jersey Giant', 'Jersey Knight', and 'Jersey Supreme') are more productive and resist disease better than the female cultivars ('Washington' types). Also, female cultivars are less vigorous and produce many red, berrylike fruits that become volunteer weeds in the garden Asparagus Crowns. Crowns are the one-year-old roots of asparagus, typically sold in nurseries and garden centers. Although asparagus can be grown from seed, it is difficult, time-consuming and. These all-male asparagus varieties — including 'Jersey Giant, 'Jersey Supreme' and 'Jersey Knight' — produce up to three times more than older, open-pollinated male/female.

Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Gem, and Jersey King are all male varieties that yield more than Mary or Martha Washington. This yield increase can be 1 ½ - 2 times that of traditional cultivars. These all-male varieties are available from the Jersey Asparagus Company (www.jerseyasparagus.com) Choose a high-yield variety such as Jersey Knight or Jersey Supreme to ensure your small growing space will produce the most spears it possibly can. I chose Jersey Knight, Mary Washington and Purple Passion. Nurseries carry several types of asparagus crowns that are one to three years old. Things You Will Need. Plastic pots (20-inches deep and. Jersey Giant, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Gem, Jersey Knight and Jersey King are super male hybrids released from Rutgers University by the work of Drs. Howard Ellison and Stephen Garrison. They were the early pioneers in the discovery of male hybrid asparagus. Jersey Giant is a cross between NJ 56 (female) and NJ 22-8 (super male) Predominantly male hybrid strain, so little or no seed produced. PP6624. I'm gardening elsewhere. SKU: 79922. $16.99. For each offer ordered, get one (Pack of 3) Asparagus Starts. Grows in zones: 3-8. Availability: Out of Stock. This item is not available in AE AK GU HI PR This item ships in Fall Jersey Knight is disease resistant and doesn't have problems with rust, crown rot and fusarium like other asparagus can. Start a 'farm-to-table' movement in your own backyard. Enjoy Jersey Knight Asparagus in your garden this year by ordering now

Asparagus Jersey Supreme (10 Crowns) Christina Apr 11, 2021 5 out of 5 stars. The bulbs look healthy and happy and ready for a home! So happy with the way these look and ready to them to grow!!! Shipping was fast and packaging was great! Purchased item: Oxalis Triangularis (Purple Shamrock) (20 Bulbs). Botanical Name: Asparagus officinalis 'Jersey Supreme' Season: Spring Sun/Shade: Full Sun, Partial Shade Height: 4 - 5 feet. Spacing: 18 - 24 inches. Zone: 3-8 Spread: 1 - 2.5 feet. Foliage: Ferny green foliage. Depth: 6 - 10 inches. Days to Maturity: 365 - 1095 Days Yield: Heavy yields once established. Bears when roots are 3 years old, so if you purchase a 1 year plant, you can harvest in 2. Ordering asparagus crowns February 11, 2021 Several of the most popular asparagus varieties for Minnesota gardeners are being discontinued: Jersey Knight, Jersey Giant and Jersey Supreme. While you may be able to snag a few remaining crowns from an online retailer, it is time to look for different varieties Asparagus is a sign of spring How to grow asparagus from seed and crown in home gardens. Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme. The Jersey varieties are popular and very high yielding. These varieties can be damaged at -30° F if there is not enough snow cover Jersey Supreme Asparagus spears are some of the first veggies you can harvest from your garden. This all-male variety of giant asparagus is cold hardy and disease resistant, with high yields and superb spear quality

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Jersey-Supreme 10 Live Asparagus Bare Root Plants -2yr-Crowns from Hand Picked Nursery You will see growth within 10 days. The most importan part of planting these plants is to make sure you have at least 30% sand mixed into the soil crownsfromanursery,gardencenter,or seedcatalog. Aftertheasparagusbedsaretilled, markrows5feetapart.Digafurrow4 incheswideand4to12inchesdeep.Sepa - ratethecrownsbysize. The Jersey Hybrids are supposed to be all-male without any culling necessary. So you could plant a whole row of asparagus and have all male plants. I'm not sure, but I think all male means like 90%. So 1 or 2 out of 10 would be about right, that is, if my 90% statement is correct. For once, it's the male plant that produces more food

harvested, homegrown asparagus is superior to that of asparagus shipped to Kansas from other areas. Varieties Newer hybrids such as UC157, Jersey Giant, Ida Lea, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme, and others are highly productive and well worth the extra cost of the crowns. They are dark green, rust resistant, vigorous, and of high quality Plant crowns and transplants April 1 to May 20 when soil conditions are favorable. Early plantings produce more vegetative growth and more vigorous crowns than late plantings. Space 1-year-old crowns and transplants 12 inches apart in rows 4½-5 ft apart. Make furrows 6-8 inches deep, plant crowns 5-7 inches deep. Cover crowns with 1-2 inches. Asparagus crowns are planted in a trench that is 6-12 inches deep and spaced 12-18 inches apart. We recommend mixing Gurney's Asparagus Food into the soil prior to planting. Before planting, soak the asparagus crowns in water for 20-30 minutes. Place the crown in the trench and spread out its roots. Cover with a few inches of soil and water

Male asparagus plants live longer and are more productive than female plants. Excellent all-male asparagus varieties (cultivars) for the home garden include 'Jersey Giant,' 'Jersey Knight,' 'Jersey King,' and 'Jersey Supreme.' 'Mary Washington' and 'Martha Washington' are good standard asparagus cultivars Territorial Seed Company: 'Jersey Knight' and 'Jersey Supreme,' $36.95 for 25 crowns, shipped beginning in mid-April depending upon your location, territorialseed.com, (800) 626-0866 View. Asparagus can be stored up to 10 days if held between 32-36° F at 90-98% relative humidity. Maintain temperature at 35-40° F with high humidity during transit and display prior to sale. Diseases and Controls. The most serious disease of asparagus is Fusarium root and crown rot, a soil-borne disease Plant Selection: Asparagus is planted from crowns, which are one-year old dormant root systems. Choose a male cultivar, such as 'Jersey Supreme', 'Jersey Giant' or 'UC 157', for the highest yield. Choose a male cultivar, such as 'Jersey Supreme', 'Jersey Giant' or 'UC 157', for the highest yield

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Asparagus crowns should be planted in shallow trenches or furrows. The planting depth depends on the soil type. Asparagus crowns should be planted 6 to 8 inches deep in light, sandy soils, but only 4 to 6 inches deep in heavier soils. A small amount of well-rotted manure can be worked into the soil at the bottom of the trench before planting Asparagus spears thriving at Schmidt Farm in Preston, MN in May, 2020. Photo: Annie Klodd We recently confirmed that Walker Brothers, the producer of Jersey asparagus crowns, has stopped propagating the Jersey Knight, Jersey Giant, and Jersey Supreme varieties Jersey Giant Asparagus Crowns; Purple Passion Asparagus Crowns; How To Plant Asparagus Crowns. Planting asparagus is best done using what is known as the trench method. To plant, begin by digging a trench 6″ deep and 8″ wide in the soil. Next, place crowns at the bottom of the trench, water in, and cover with about 2″ of topsoil If possible, avoid planting new asparagus crowns in an area that was previously infected. The variety Jersey Giant is less susceptible to P. asparagi than Jersey Supreme or Millenium. Fusarium root and crown rot Fusarium crown and root rot is caused by a variety of soil.

Asparagus crowns should be planted 8 to 10 inches deep in light, sandy soils, but only 6 to 8 inches deep in heavier soils. A small amount of well-rotted barnyard manure can be worked into the soil at the bottom of the trench before planting. Space crowns 12 to 18 inches apart in rows that are 4 to 5 feet apart 81953. (Pack of 3) Asparagus Starts. Fall. Out of Stock. The best of the open-pollinated varieties. Produces higher yields with tighter tips than the original Mary Washington; same outstanding flavor. Not high-heat tolerant, so be sure to cut spears on the short side. At temperatures over 70°F, taller spears may become tough and woody These Hybrid Asparagus are a one-year-old asparagus root, which meets the Nursery standards for two-year-old crowns. This allows for more rapid growth and sooner harvest. These new Hybrids resist fusarium crown rot and other diseases that weaken asparagus plants. We offer the 3 best varieties Asparagus Jersey Supre The asparagus crown is the underground structure, including the rhizome (an underground stem); fleshy roots (a storage organ that lives two to four years), and a fibrous root system (the more active root system, which absorbs nutrients and water and lives for a year to two). Hybrid 'Jersey Supreme' crowns were spaced 15 inches apart.

Although asparagus can be established by direct seeding or transplanting of greenhouse-grown seedlings, current plantings are established with field-grown 1-year-old crowns. October through March is the best time for planting transplants or crowns. Crowns are normally placed in the bottom of a furrow and soil is mounded over the plants as the Old-fashioned asparagus varieties include male and female plants. The females produce berries, which takes energy from the roots and effectively reduce future harvests. Newer introductions tend to be all male. Many came out of Rutgers University's research programs, so you'll see names like 'Jersey Supreme' or 'Jersey Knight'' The cultivar Jersey Knight is a vigorous cultivar that's a good choice for humid areas, because it's resistant to fungal disorders. It also does well in heavy, clay soils and grows in USDA zones.

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Growers considering adding asparagus to their farm should develop a plan a year ahead of time and prepare the field. Waiting to prepare until the planting year may work in certain cases, but only if the grower already knows that the field is well suited for asparagus, and if nurseries still have crowns of the desired varieties available How to Plant Asparagus Crowns. If the idea of growing asparagus crowns appeals to you, this is how to do it. Plant crowns 18 inches apart in trenches. 'Jersey Supreme' is adapted to sandy soils. 'Purple Passion' does indeed sport eye-catching purple color and is fun to grow. Know that when it is cooked, the purple changes to green

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Gurney's Jersey Supreme Medium Asparagus Live Bareroot Vegetable Plants (10-Pack) (15) Model# 71526. VAN ZYVERDEN GMO Free Asparagus Jersey Giant Roots (12-Pack) (7) Model# 11465. Gurney's Asparagus Purple Passion Bareroot Plant (10-Pack) (12) Model# 09244 A single row of asparagus plants set 15 inches apart will fill in to form a 24- inch-wide bed, or you can grow a double row in a 36-inch-wide bed. Locate asparagus along the back or side of your. One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform Asparagus is perennial, so you can enjoy delicious spears year after year. Gurney's is America's most complete seed & nursery company — Browse our extensive catalog

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50 Asparagus Roots Jersey Supreme - MALE DOMINATE - TASTY - No GMOs. Average Rating: (0.0) stars out of 5 stars Write a review. Hirt's Gardens. $27.99 $ 27. 99 $27.99 $ 27. 99. Set roots in bottom of trench, spacing crowns (center) 15-18 apart in the row. Spread roots out as far as possible, and cover with 3-4 of fine soil. Fill trenches. Several of the most popular asparagus varieties for Minnesota gardeners are being discontinued: Jersey Knight, Jersey Giant and Jersey Supreme. While you may be able to snag a few remaining crowns from an online retailer, it is time to look for different varieties Michigan grows mostly hybrid asparagus, chiefly Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme and Jersey Gem out of the Rutgers University breeding program in New Jersey. Increasingly growers are planting more Canadian hybrids, especially one called Teissen, which our early tests show is more productive Jersey Supreme Asparagus. SKU. 37807. Out of Stock. $15.00. Spring Planting: we begin shipping in late April through May beginning with the warmest hardiness zones, so you receive your products at the proper time for planting. Asparagus officinalis . A top rated, early variety which features delicious green spears

Jersey Supreme, Grande, and Atlas were the top performers for the first harvest year. Purple Passion yielded the least amount of marketable spears, nevertheless its unique coloration may allow for increased marketability. Overall, yields for all varieties were lower than expected, but crown productivity should increase over the nex Asparagus is a challenging vegetable to grow, but with proper care and attention, your backyard asparagus farm can bring you fresh spears for 15 seasons or more. Each plant produces about 1/2. We have had asparagus for 13 years--11 at our first Texas garden, and 2 here on the farm. We planted 30 crowns of Jersey Supreme the first year here, and then added 30 more the second year. They were two-year crowns, and we harvested lightly this fall for the first time in this garden Growing Crowns and Transplants Crowns can be purchased or grown from seed. Sow seed 1½ inches deep at a rate of 6-8 lb/A (10-12 seeds per ft) in rows 24-30 inches apart in mid-April in warmer, southern areas to mid-May in cooler areas. Crowns must be grown in an area where asparagus has never been grown Asparagus planted from crowns sometimes can be harvested lightly University has bred a line with cultivars including Jersey Gem, Jersey Knight, Jersey King, Jersey Giant and Jersey Supreme. Purple Passion is another hybrid line that has tender, sweet purple spears that tur

Ten crowns will fit in a 4-by-8-foot bed and are generally enough to supply a family of four. Try to time your purchase so the asparagus crowns can go in the ground without delay. If you have to store the crowns for more than a day or two, place them in a bucket of moist sand in a basement or other cool environment until you are ready to plant Jersey Giant, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Gem, Jersey Knight . and. Jersey King. are super male hybrids released from Rutgers University by the work of Drs. Howard Ellison and Stephen Garrison. They were early pioneers in the discovery of male hybrid asparagus. Jersey Giant. is a cross between NJ 56 (female) and NJ 22-8 (super male). Jersey Supreme Dormant asparagus crowns are planted in a trench 12 to 15 inches wide and 6 to 8 inches deep in March to early April. Plant at the shallower depth if the soil is heavy. Jersey Supreme, Jersey. When choosing which variety to plant, you might also want to consider your latitude and your microclimate. Almost every year, I've lost my first wave of asparagus spears to frost damage. 'Jersey Supreme' is supposed to thrive in my zone, but my farm lies low in a steep valley—the short straw when it comes to spring frosts deep was established and spacing between beds was 40 inches center-to-center. Asparagus cultivars Jersey Night (direct seed, crowns, speedlings) and Jersey Supreme (crowns) were selected for this experiment based on grower input and seed and crown availability. On April 20, 2010, 150 lbs N/acre 45-0-0 (Simplot, Prosser, WA) was broadcast applie

to plant one-year-old crowns. Asparagus crowns can be purchased at garden centers and mail-order nurseries. Early spring is the best time to plant asparagus in Iowa. Planting depth varies with soil type. A planting depth of 8 to 10 inches (measured from the top of the crown to the soil surface) is suggested in light, sandy soils. A 6-inch plantin Asparagus may be started from seed. However, if you need only a few plants for the home garden, purchasing the crowns from a seed company or nursery usually is best. Varieties. Martha Washington, Jersey Giant, Jersey Supreme, Purple Passion, Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, Knight, Prince, Mary Washington, Viking and Viking KB3 are good options The cost of establishing a new asparagus field may be as high as $3,074/acre, including one year of soil buildup. The major costs are crowns and fertilizer. Once established, asparagus is one of the least expensive vegetable crops to maintain. Cultivars Asparagus plants are dioecious; that is, they have separate male and female plants There are male and female asparagus plants. Since male plants can be three to five times more productive than female plants, choose a male plant whenever possible. Popular male hybrids include 'Jersey Giant', 'Jersey Supreme', 'Jersey Knight', and 'Jersey King' The asparagus seedlings will germinate from the potting soil after about 2-3 weeks. When you start seeds, the asparagus plant will spend one year growing strong roots and crown in the potting soil. Planting crowns. The other option you have is to buy asparagus crowns or get them from your friends and family if they are growing some

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  1. Nice deep, raised beds are perfect for asparagus. Third, you should purchase good quality asparagus crowns such as Jersey Knight hybrid, Jersey Supreme Hybrid, or other allmale asparagus varieties
  2. For asparagus planting, use one-year-old crowns that are commonly sold in many garden centers and should ideally be planted in early to mid-spring. Dig a shallow trench of 6 inches deep, 12 to 18.
  3. antly male asparagus cultivars include 'Jersey Giant,' 'Jersey Knight,' 'Jersey King,' and 'Jersey Supreme.' 'Mary Washington' and 'Martha Washington' are good standard asparagus cultivars
  4. Asparagus can be propagated from seed but is more often started from one-year-old crowns. These crowns are planted deeply; six to eight inches deep either in a hole for each crown or in a trench with shallower planting recommended for soils with more clay. Space plants 18 to 24 inches apart. Fill in the trench gradually over the growing season.
  5. 'Jersey Knight' is a hardy, vigorous asparagus that produces large but tender spears. It is disease resistant and performs well in many soil types. Gardeners were once told to dig trenches up to 18 deep to plant asparagus, but new varieties like 'Jersey Supreme', 'Purple Passion', 'Jersey Giant' and 'Jersey Knight' can be.
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  7. Overall, the yields of hybrids derived from AM7A-1-23 are 20 to 30% higher than hybrids from any of our other supermales. For example, on average, hybrids of AM7A-1-23 out performed the hybrids derived from 22-8, which is the parent of Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, and Jersey Supreme in yield, spear size, and vigor

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Purchase your asparagus crowns (roots). There are many good varieties available. Some of the older ones are Mary Washington, Jersey Knight and UC157. Some of the newer ones are Jersey Giant, Jersey Gem and Purple Passion. Jersey Supreme is a pretty new one that is supposed to be ready to harvest a week or two earlier than some of the others Best results come from planting one-year old crowns. Dig a hole about six inches deep, place crowns in the bottom of the hole, and spread roots out evenly. Cover with two inches of soil. As the ferns grow, add two to three inches at a time until the hole is filled. Asparagus doesn't like crowds, so keep the plants about 18 inches apart 'Jersey Supreme' Keep in mind that if you are starting from seed, it will take approximately 3-4 years to harvest your first crop. If you start with asparagus crowns, which Dr. Fontenot recommends, you will have a crop in one year When growing asparagus from a crown, soak them in a compost tea for about 20 minutes prior to planting. Dig a trench that's around 6 inches deep and 12-inches wide in your prepared raised garden bed and place the crowns about two feet apart. Then cover them with at least two inches of soil I use raised boxed beds throughout the garden and the bed available for asparagus is 4' X 4'. The customary spacing of 12-18 between plants is, as you know, also supposed to be the spacing between the rows in an intensively planted garden. I will be planting Jersey Knight asparagus, which I've read has medium-larger sized spears

A s a perennial, asparagus requires more up-front investment than any other vege­table. But the long-term payoff is that, once established, an asparagus bed can, with minimal maintenance, produce for 15 years or more. Its harvesting window is short, but asparagus freezes so well that the ancient Romans deployed runners to bring spears from the Tiber Valley up to the Alps, to hold them in. the delay in maturity versus starting with one-year crowns. A grower can also be guaranteed healthy plants by growing from seeds. The one-year crowns vary in size and condition with all of the sources available. • Asparagus is a crop that is long-term so the planting site needs to be prepared for severa Anna-Marie Ortiz, of Lawrence, picks asparagus Monday, April 13, 2015, at Pendleton's Kaw Valley Country Market, 1446 E. 1850 Road. Plant asparagus in early spring or early fall while the crowns. asparagus as well. In this way, clean crowns or seedlings would be planted into relatively disease-free soil. Data on this year's nursery comparison lines with respect to yield are given in Table 3. This past spring, an asparagus crown nursery was planted with Bob Whitaker on a Dinuba fine loamy sand soil south of Manteca, California Tolerant of fusarium crown rot, rust in colder climates. Hybrid. Sweet, purple spears turn green when cooked. High Yields. Resistant to some types of asparagus rust. Hybrid. Productive, long-lasting, large green spears with purple bracts. Jersey series plants are all male. High tolerance of fusarium and rust diseases

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The most popular and productive varieties are all male hybrids developed at Rutgers University. 'Jersey Giant,' 'Jersey Knight' and 'Jersey Supreme' outperform the standard heirloom, 'Mary Washington.' If planted in the spring, even 3-year-old crowns should probably be left alone until the next spring Early spring, when bare-root plants are available, is the time to plant asparagus. The crowns are often sold in bundles of 25, considered about right to keep an average family supplied with fresh. Asparagus Seeds. Slender and upright, asparagus appears from the soil surface in early spring and with it, our hopes and aspirations for the season of rebirth. Often thought of as a luxury vegetable, asparagus is prized for its succulent taste and tender texture. Unlike most vegetables, asparagus plants are perennial

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