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The L014 Sunshine Goldie Pleco (Scobinancistrus aureatus) is an extremely colorful suckermouth catfish species that is native to the Rio Xingu in Brazil.It is among the most popular pleco species for the larger aquarium due to the striking coloration that is displays at all stages of its life and its ideal big but not TOO big adult size Price-+ Add to Cart . Details. The Sunshine Pleco (Scobiancistrus aureatus, L014) is an olive to brown fish with yellow spots that cover the dark colored areas. Its fins are solid yellow to orange. Sunshine Plecos are omnivorous, and will eat most prepared and frozen foods, including worms, meaty pellets, as well as some plant matter and algae..

SKU 2080-3937-2 Categories Freshwater Algae Eaters, Plecos Plecostomus Algae Eaters Tags Goldie Pleco, L014 Pleco, Scobinancistrus aureatus, Sunshine Goldie Pleco. $ 129.00. Description. Additional information L014 Goldie Pleco (Sunshine Pleco) - Scobinancistrus aureatus. L14 Goldy Pleco - Scobinancistrus aureatus Also known as the Sunshine Pleco. Size is about 3 inches roughly. This is a rare fish that is perfect for the true pleco enthusiast! L014 Goldie Pleco For Sale Premium Aquarium Fish for Sale Online. 1-858-270-1182. Categories. Featured Today 03-18-2021. New Arrivals. Buy 6 and Save. Molly Fish. Beginner's Fish. Nano Fish Pleco - Black Bushynose Pleco Algae Fish L-144. List: $ 19.99 - $ 28.99. $ 16.99 - $ 26.99 Select options. Sale For sale Type of fish/goods: L014 Sunshine plecos Size: atleast 17 cm Sex(if known): 3f 2m (best guess) Qty available:5 Price:each @$1,200 ono. Will only sell as a colony

Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) L046. Sunshine Golden Pleco (Scobinancistrus Aureatus) L014. Redtail Sternella Pleco (Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus) L-114. Alenquer Tiger Pleco (Panaqolus sp.) L397. The World's Most Expensive Guppies. Things to consider Sunshine Pleco L014 - Info. Sunshine Pleco. The Sunshine Pleco originates from the Rio Xingu in Brazil. It is also known as the Goldie Pleco. The scientific of name Scobinancistrus aureatus refers to its golden color. Sunshine Plecos require clear water. They prefer water flow and substrate with round gravel. Sunshine Plecos like hiding places. - CotM 2001 May - Shane's World Reproduction Making Sunshine in Indonesia - Shane's World Species L014: The Sunshine Pleco from the Rio Xingu: Species Information; Size: 250mm or 9.8 SL.Find near, nearer or same sized spp. : Identification: Striking sub-adult colouration which diminishes in adults which are still quite distinctive

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  1. L014 Goldie Pleco (Sunshine Pleco) - Scobinancistrus aureatus . L14 Goldy Pleco - Scobinancistrus aureatus Also known as the Sunshine Pleco. Size is about 3 inches roughly. This is a rare fish that is perfect for the true pleco enthusiast
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  3. Make Offer. - SUPER RED Bristlenose Pleco 3/4 - 1 inch+ Ancistrus sp. Bushynose Plecostomus. Pleco Redfin Sternella L114 - 2 inch live fish. $65.00. +$12.00 shipping. Make Offer. - Pleco Redfin Sternella L114 - 2 inch live fish. 4 Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus sp.) Bushynose Pleco. $15.00
  4. Hypancistrus sp. (L004) Common Names. L004, Angelicus Pleco. L005, L028, L073, Portel Angelicus Pleco. Pronunciation. hype an siss truss. Etymology. A contraction of the Greek hypo (meaning less than) and ancistrus, an allusion to the reduced number of teeth (particularly in the lower jaw) found in this genus. Articles
  5. Regular price$99.99. We have 2 left in stock. Shipping calculated at checkout. We will send an email, Facebook Messenger or Webpush when product available. Your email address will not be shared with anyone else. Sinking pellets and frozen bloodworm are ideal although all prepared foods that reach the bottom are accepted
  6. The Gold Nugget Plecostomus is a suckermouth catfish. The Gold Nugget Pleco is a bottom dwelling fish that appreciates plenty of driftwood. Feeding the Gold Nugget Pleco is not a finicky eater and will accept most food types. Feeding off the bottom of the tank eating left over food & algae is how it will live the happiest
  7. LONGFIN SUPER RED Bristlenose Pleco 1-1/2 inch (Total Length) Plecostomus LIVE! $30.00. $17.50 shipping. SPONSORED. 1 L471 Pleco - ( Size4 )Fancy Mini Snowball Pleco- High Quality Pleco USA. $65.00. $15.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Only 3 left

I have 2 L014 Goldie Sunshine Pleco for sale. The are 6 to 7 inches in size. $ 175.00 each but if you buy 2 then it's $ 300.00 for both. Pick up only Text or call for pix & info 949-232-7250 Thank you, Le L014 sunshine pleco. 36 days; 307 views; North County, Dublin; €230. Price Price €320 €250. Fish tank.

Exotic Plecos, L200, L066, L30, peppermint pleco, queen arabesque, sunshine pleco, sternella, king tiger, snowball, lemon-spotted, royal, chocolate, white seam, lot. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for L014 LARGE SPOT Sunshine pleco tropical fish extremely RARE 2 available 4 inches at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products Synodontis Scribbled Tank Breed catfish. Aquarium bred and raised. Free Overnight Shipping on Orders of $150 or More. Price: $15.99. Sale: $13.59. Available: 10. Add to Cart. Bioaquatix Store Price Filter. View more. 7 Item(s) Show. per page . View as: Grid L014 Sunshine Pleco. L014 Sunshine Pleco Size 7cm £110.00. Add to Cart Quick shop Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. L95 pleco. L95 pleco Size 7-8 inch £190.00 PLECOS Otocinclus macrospilus Dwarf Oto cat lg $3.50 Brazil Scobiancistrus aurantiacus L014 Goldie Pleco 3 $75. Brazil Scobiancistrus sp L48 Ruby Spotted Magnum 2.5 $63. Brazil Panaque nigrolineatus L190 Royal Pleco 2.5-3 $27 Colombia Panaque nigrolineatus L191 Broken line Royal Pleco 2.5-3 $27 Colombi

Price: $60 Shipping area: USA/CANADA/EUROPE. Sizing guide. In stock. Pleco L144 & L159 quantity. Add to cart. or. Buy now. Add to wishlist. Compare. Category: Pleco. Pleco L014. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 95.00 $ 65.00. Sale 29%. Quick View Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Pleco L191. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 85.00 $ 60.00. Sale 38%. Quick View Add to. L014 Goldie Pleco from Dans Fish. These are currently at about 1 - 1.25 in size, give or take a bit. Current Price: 49.50 Stock Level: 1 Price 70 Region Northern California State California Location 94928 Pickup or shipping Pickup only Selling two bottom feeders: 4.5-5 L014 Pleco - $70 OBO 5.5 24k Tocantins Irwini Catfish - $100 OBO . Expand signature. 550g: 4x Cichla Mirianae, Tocantins Irwini, Siberian Sturgeon Hybrid 150g: 10x Cichla MIrianae, Sunshine Pleco, Adonis Pleco. Buy any 10 fish, and all fish sell at their own x10 price! Buy any 20 fish, and all fish sell at their own lowest price! For Example: 5 Neons, 7 Ember, 5 Ruby & 3 Galaxy Rasbora is 20 fish. All fish will sell for L014 Sunshine Pleco 2 ** Plecostomus: 75.00: L200 Green Phantom Pleco 5-6 Plecostomus: 60.00: L075 Para Pleco 3.5 Plecostomus.

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Golden Nugget Pleco - (Baryancistrus xanthellus L085 / L177) $ 59.00. Select options Select options Details Would consider swapping for rare plants, buce or colony of plecos. $400Negotiable. Maribyrnong, VIC. 20/03/2021. Wanted: Wanted L024 / L025 / L114/ L600 / Panaque / Possibly other rare Plecos. Looking to get a group of 4-5 (depending on price) high priority for L024 / L025/ L114/ L600/ Panaque (Royal) / rare species only

Plecostomus Fish: L014 Sunshine Pleco (Goldie Pleco

As a cousin to the L25 Red Scarlet Pleco, they are just as beautiful but are usually just half the price in comparison to its counterpart. As with most rare plecos, pH and water conditions need to be kept up very well. pH of between 6.0-7.4 is required for the Redfin Pleco and good filtration as they are sensitive to ammonia and nitrite Rare and even more so at this size considering they retail at 150 at 3-4 This is a 13 + super chunky super vibrant bar of gold sunshine pleco L014 for sale. No dreamers or tine wasters serious fish keepers only with serious collections eats well on most sea food and pellets Since 2004 fishing and exporting of zebra pleco (and other numbered catfishes) from Brazil was completely prohibited by the government and the fish was added to the list of endangered species. At attempt of smuggling the breaker is penalized and it can be even imprisoned. All these measures contribute to the high price of this species Common name: Snowball Plecostomus, L102,L142, L033 Scientific name: Hypancistrus Inspector Average Adult Fish Size: 6 inches / 16 cm Place of Origin: Rio Negro, Venezuela, South America. Typical Tank setup: S. American biotope with rocks, bogwood/driftwood, and live plants. A current is appreciated, but is not mandatory. Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 30 gallon / 120 litr Pleco L014. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 95.00 $ 65.00. Sale 20%. Quick View Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Pleco L046. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 75.00 $ 60.00. Sale 25%. Quick View Add to cart. Filter by price. Reset — Sort by rating. Rated 5 out of 5 (39) Rated 4 out of 5 (4) Filter by size. 4 - 6 inches; 6 - 8 inches; 8 - 10 inches; 10 - 12 inches.

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L014 Goldie Pleco (Scobinancistrus aureatus) - Aqua Imports $69.99 to $249.99 - ‎Out of stockEasily one of the most vibrantly colored of all large growing plecos, the L014 Goldie or Sunshine Pleco originates in the clear, warm waters of Brazil's Rio Xingu L014 - Goldie/Sunshine Pleco - Scobinancistrus aureatus -12 Imagine a gold nugget on colour enhancers and steroids and you might get a vague picture of what these guys look like in the flesh. Big, carnivorous and beautiful, the Sunshine pleco is a must have for anyone who wants a nice showy fish Please contact if interested or for details Located in South River. Favourite. $100.00. Albino bristle nose plecos. Windsor Region 28/06/2021. 3 breading pair plecos 2 tanks 20 gallon and 30 gallon and all babys 150 for all. Favourite. $600.00. 125 gallon tank and oak stand and fish Jan 15, 2014 - Explore Aquarium Guy's board Freshwater: Plecos, followed by 407 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about plecostomus, freshwater fish, aquarium fish

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  1. t Pleco More info. Wild L048 Golden Cloud Pleco More info. Wild L076 Orange Seam Pleco More info. Wild L200 Baryancistrus Demantoides S More info. Wild L235 Flyer Cat Pleco More info. L047 Magnum Pleco More info
  2. L014 Sunshine Goldie Pleco fish (Scobinancistrus aureatus) $135 (Richmond) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $120. favorite this post Jun 12 Aquaponicals * 2 available (price listed is for each unit) $120 (Vancouver) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $20. favorite this post Jun 12 55 gallon Blue plastic drums.
  3. price. make and model L014 Sunshine Goldie Pleco fish (Scobinancistrus aureatus) $135 (Richmond) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $300. favorite this post Jun 12 Aquarium Fish Tank whole Set Up $300 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $35. favorite this post May 2
  4. Common name: Scarlet Plecostomus, L025 Scientific name: Pseudacanthicus Species Average Adult Fish Size: 18 inches / 45 cm! Place of Origin: Brazil, South America Typical Tank setup: Large aquarium with plenty of rocky hiding places along with large pieces of heavy driftwood or bogwood. Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 200 gallon / 800 litre.
  5. Golden Pleco L014 Reg : Scobiancistrus aureatus 'l014' King Pleco L047 Reg : Baryancistrus chrysolomus 'l047' King Tiger Pleco L066 Lrg : Hypancistrus sp. 'l066' Lamprologus Speciosus Cichlid Reg.
  6. L025 Scarlet Pleco - Wild-Caught from Brazil These Vampire Plecos are some of the most gorgeous plecos you can find in the tropical fish hobby!! Thank you for your understanding. The Sunshine Pleco originates from the Rio Xingu in Brazil. PetZoneSD.com. Size is about 4-5 inches roughly. L046 Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) from $199.99. Quick.

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» Just Arrived Fish Price Lists » Catfish & Plecos. Plecos and Puffers. Moderators: Sam, Admin : Page 1 of 1 [ 7 posts Put me down for 1 L177 and a L014 can you hold them for me till the 26th? I can't make it down there till then Would also like to take some meeki's. Also my daughter is looking for some dwarf puffers do you have any in. Sunshine Pleco L014 Scobinancistrus aureatus Sunshine Pleco L014 - Info. Sunshine Pleco. The Sunshine Pleco originates from the Rio Xingu in Brazil. It is also known as the Goldie Pleco. The scientific of name Scobinancistrus aureatus refers to its golden color. Sunshine Plecos require clear water. They prefer water flow and substrate with

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  1. t Pleco, L134- Imperial Tiger, Yellow-edged bearded pleco, Yellow-edged bearded.
  2. A lot of new aquarists think that Plecostomus species are weird and ugly. There large orange spine makes these plecos stand out a bit in the aquarium. Color Form: Black, Brown, Yellow Best form of Hi Guys, bought a royal pkleco from c328, but it hasn't been feeding for 4 days now. I dropped the food at night, before lights off. The Leopard Cactus Plecos L-600 is one of the sharp, spiked.
  3. Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Angelfish School Poster. Angelfish School Poster. Regular price from $27.00. Sale price from $27.00. Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Previous page; Page 1 of 13 Next page; Quick links. Search Complete Product Lis
  4. Redtail Leopard Plecostomus make good additions to any community aquarium. Planted aquariums with hearty, fast-growing plants, high aeration, and water movement make for a healthy environment. Rocks and driftwood help to accent a natural habitat and provide hiding spaces to cut down on stress for the Redtail Leopard Plecostomus
  5. Expert facts, care advice, feeding tips and breeding information about the Goldie Plec L014 (Scobinancistrus aureatus) for freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. Goldie Plec-L014-Scobinancistrus aureatus JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser
  6. Golden Pleco L014 Tank Raised M/S : Scobiancistrus aureatus 'l014' Gold Spot Pleco L004 M/S : Hypancistrus sp. 'l004' King Arabesque Pleco L453 Lrg : Panaqolus sp. 'L453' Golden Pleco L014 Tank Raised Reg.
  7. That's flattering but hardly true. I do love plecos though and I have quite a few. I answered his pm. The single most expensive fish are my sunshine plecos. I have 2 L253 and a L014. They were $100 ea. I bought a 6pk of L134's for about $350 shipped and 5 L128's for $180

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  1. Scobinancistrus aureatus L014, Peckoltia compta L134, Parancistrus nudiventris L031, Peckoltia sneathlageae L141, Scobinancistrus pariolispos L048, L133, L253, Leporacanthicus joselimai L264 Teleocichla prionogenys. Most freshwater fish are exported from the cities Manaus, Belem, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo..
  2. Sultan Pleco L Number L264 - (Leporacanthicus joselimai) Read more. Sunshine Pleco L Number L014 - (Scobiancistrus aureatus) Read more. Watermelon Pleco L Number L330 - (Panaque cf nigrolineatus) Read more. 1 2. Follow Us! Fantastic place was directed there by a marine fan..
  3. L Number Plecos. COVID-19 Status - We are currently running as normal with deliveries on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thank you. Plecos are a great tropical fish for both the beginner and experienced fish keeper. They are hardy, can be colourful and most find them easy to breed
  4. **, Albino Bushy Nose Pleco / Albino Bristle Nose Pleco Quick View. FaceBook Posts By Michael Park October 28, 2020 Leave a comment. Call to confirm availability and price. Panaqolus tankei. Howdy Friends! Bristlenose plecos for sale abou 3 - 5 cm approx. Golden Pleco L014 Sao Felix is an active pleco with gorgeous yellow colors on it
  5. Prices vary but you dont want to know what i paid for them (the L014 like simon was £12 ) I bought most when they wes really small and have had them for a while now. I can get more of most of them (I have a friend that runs a store) and i know what he has kept for his display tanks (eg not officialy for sale) he has some very nice L333s at the.
  6. Ph ranges are 5.5 to 7.5 which is quite the common range for most all plecos. Sizes range from the smallest being the zebra pleco L046 8-9cm to the L066 and L333 growing to 14-15cm (much like the ancistrus bristle nose). Leporacanthicus is a small genus of four plecos. Two of which can be found in Australia

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Taza Travel Tips - Asia, Africa & Europe. Discover Mind-Blowing Destinations! Taza Ticket Online Travel Agency, Book Online Your Next Flight & Hote Check out the colors on this bad boy! Double red L-025 Scarlet Cactus Pleco. This is the hand selected quality that you can receive when you order with predatory fins. Check us out you won't be disappointed! #mfk #predatoryfins #predators #pleco #exoticfish #rodisnothere . Check out the colors on this bad boy! Double red L-025 Scarlet Cactus. kickazzkatie. Re: Leopard Pleco & BP pics that pleco is gorgeous! and ur bps r sooo cute! great hiding spots too. there r alot of reasons bps get pale, water temp is definitly 1. being a dominate male is another, and just certain lights can be another, but im glad u found urs and was able to fix it also i forgot how big ur tank is,but if u have space adding like 3 tetras might bring ur.

Pure Red Albino Guppies / Gold Tuxedo / Assorted Guppy fish. Leith, Edinburgh. Pure strain Albino Guppies Juvenile females available 2 for £10 £2 fry Gold tuxedo Pure strain guppies Fry 5 for £10 Assorted guppy (mixed breeds) £2 each £1 fry Also have an assortment of plants available Get in touch for the price Collec The Gold Nugget Pleco (Baryancistrus sp.) has a few different varieties available. These plecos still often go by L numbers even though they were scientifically classified in 2011. The L stands for Loricariidae and the number is the fish. There are three different Gold Nugget Plecos - L018 (and L085), L081 and L177 OVERVIEW This website is operated by Killick Coast Aquarium. Throughout the site, the terms we, us and our refer to Killick Coast Aquarium. Killick Coast Aquarium offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here PLECOS AND L NUMBERS: Goldy Pleco L014 (6-8cm) £29.99 Candy Striped Plec L015 (6-8cm) £19.99 Gold Nugget Plec L018 (6-8cm) £19.99 Scarlet Plec L025 (8-10cm) £99.9

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Plecos Giant Whiptail catfish Sturisoma aureum (breeding groups) Goldspot pleco L001 Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus. Goldy pleco, L014 Scobinancistrus aureatus. Sailfin pleco Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps. Snowball plecos, LDA33 Baryancistrus LDA-33. Characins. Bleeding Heart tetra Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma. Buenos Aires tetra Hemigrammus. Price Range $$ Opens at 10:00 AM. Closed Now. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. L014 sunshine pleco L600 pleco

Leopard Frog Pleco - Peckoltia Compta,L134 King Tiger Pleco - Hypancistrus Species,L066 Scarlet Pleco - Pseudacanthicus Species,L025 Sunshine Pleco - Scobinancistrus Aureatus,L014. Titanicus Pleco - Pseudacanthicus Species,L273 Magnum Pleco - Baryancistrus Specie,L047 Blue Phantom Pleco - Hemiancistrus Specie,L128 Jun 9, 2016 - Explore Valerie Bowman's board Plecostomus on Pinterest. See more ideas about plecostomus, tropical fish, beautiful fish Now, this fish has put on weight, it's colors are amazing, and I would own a whole tank of these if it wasn't for the price and their eventual size! But then again, at a decent size, I'd be looking at a whole tank of $300 fish! lol L014 Sunshine Pleco Irish people sippin' on some Jack Daniel's whiskey! MERCH MADNESS: https://TRY.media/Merch Subscribe: https://TRY.media/Subscribe | Instagram: https://TRY.me.. Aquarium Plants, L014 Goldie Pleco (Scobinancistrus aureatus), Inirida Spotted Pike Cichlid (Crenicichla cf. It is the smallest member of the six African freshwater pufferfish. Temp: 75-80F This puffer is a good tank mate in, This Congo Puffer(Tetradon Miruis is a very rare fish and is difficult for us to keep in stock

Request Price. Send Request. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 7 fishes. It may take up to 10 working days (except holidays and weekends) before this order is shipped. In case if for whatever reason we can't get the fishes in the 10 working days your payment will be refunded. If there are any questions you have then please get in touch. Like many plecos, the Xingu King Tiger Pleco has generally been a wild-caught species, but we are proud to be among the first stores to offer tank-raised juveniles at a much lower cost than wild-caught specimens! L75 PARA PLECO (Peckoltia sabaji L75) Regular price $59.99 — Sold Out. ), Temperature range: 78.8-86° F (26- 30° C). Log In Similar items in your price range; 120 litre Fish Tank with storage unit . 7 days; Kilkenny; Price €200. Fish tank. 57 days; Carlow; Price €250 €200. L014 sunshine pleco. 32 days; Dublin Marion Marketing Global. Navigation. Home; Creative. Talent Search; What We Do; Are We For You; Home; Creative. Talent Search; What We Do; Are We For Yo

Pets and Animals in Ontario at CanadianListed.com. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale.Find thousands of cute pets and animals looking for good homes, all across Canada. Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. Advertise, Buy or sell puppies for sale, kittens for sale and other pets for sale. Description. Offering Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias L007 (Galaxy Pleco) - approximately 5 6 cm in size. The image used above is for illustration purposes only. Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species. We combine the shipping cost if you order more fish or other goods Predatory Fins, Boca Raton, Florida. 18,359 likes · 872 talking about this · 407 were here. Online Company located in Boca Raton FL, specializing in rare, exotic and monster freshwater fish Jun 15, 2015 - Explore Aquahome Aquatics Centre's board Pleco Fish, followed by 158 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about pleco fish, fish, freshwater aquarium fish L128 Ancistrinae gen. sp. (Chaestostoma sp.?) Small-spotted Cat. L129 Ancistrinae sp. (Peckoltia sp.?) Stripes-Peckoltia. L131 Hypostomus emarginatus cf. (Isorinelo.spinosissima?) Longtail-Pleco. L134 Peckoltia sp. Pimental (sp. vittata?) Regular-banded Peckoltia