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A nice little off-road vehicle for weekend camping trips, the BRDM-2 (Russian language acronym for Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle) is the perfect family vehicle. It has been most Eastern European armies' scout vehicle for more than 50 years, and unlike a lot of vehicles on this list, it comes without weaponry, although the military. For sale one each extremely rare and original WW2 US Sherman Tank,undamaged ,comes with Chevron steel tracks in perfect condition, 75mm deactivated Sherman gun and M34 gun mount assembly. price on request.Viewing by appointment only, no pictures sent. Sale only outside EU. Serious buyers only please. 0033 665 234647 Jean Petit Large Imag Vehicles & Parts Shipping Worldwide. This website has been created not only to help as a way to source military vehicles & parts for sale worldwide, but we also have many years experience of importing & exporting all vehicles & auto parts to and from all parts of USA, Europe, Canada & Australia. If you have bought, or are planning to buy a military vehicle or parts, we can help you with. sale of military machinery for private collectors it is necessary to verify if cz disarmament is accepted by the end user´s country of residence weapons systems can be disarmed in accordance with current legislation of the czech republic different versions are in stock. varying technical condition

177. 63. Location. USSR. When buying BRDM 2 check out the engine, the wheels and axles - is his sick place))) As a rule BRDM 2 (after a long storage or conservation at the military warehouse) requires major improvements. Note on fuel consumption - 40-50 liters per hundred kilometers BTR-60 for sale on the move in excellent external and technical condition. APC after complete restoration of the exterior and interior. The technical part is also fully serviced. Perfect for agricultural work, or for hunting and fishing. Will be a good example for a patriotic society, or in tourism. The APC is not a weapon, only for civilian use The original BRDM (BTR-40P) first appeared in 1959. The BRDM-2 also is known as BTR-40P-2 or BTR-40PB (hence also BTR-40P-2rkh or BTR-40PB-rkh, etc.). It was first seen in 1966 and by the mid-1980s was rapidly replacing the BRDM I in the Soviet and Warsaw Pact armies. The BRDM-2 series, with maximum armor of 14 mm (Chrome Vanadium), can be.

Secondly I would want to confirm the equipment and parts included in the sale. Otherwise it is important to confirm everyting you want out of the deal in a contract. Consider if you want to have the vehicle serviced and registered on the roads or want to have the vehicle repainted. As it is I love my BRDM and think its simply an awesome vehicl The BRDM-1 (originally as the BRDM before there was a BRDM-2) was an initial scout car design that first appeared in the Soviet Army inventory in 1957 (design beginning in 1954). Of note was her 4x4 off-road capability and her amphibious quality, the former aided by a pair of powered belly wheels and the latter coming in the form of a rear. Armored Vehicles for Sale. Armormax Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of both light armored and fully armored vehicles. Armormax specializes in bullet-resistant passenger vehicles for any individual who perceives a threat, from government officials to everyday citizens

UAZ 2206 uAZ Buchanka 2,7 Hochdach 4x4 Euro 6 Deutsche Zul. Manual Petrol 2020 2,500 KM. 25,999 €. I like this car. UAZ 2206 uAZ Buchanka 4x4 Allrad Offroad 2,7 Euro6 LPG Gasa. Manual Petrol 2019 2,500 KM. 24,999 €. I like this car. UAZ 2206 uAZ Buchanka 2,7 4x4 Offroad Euro6 LPG Deutsche Zu BTR-80 KShM for sale with documents on the move, demilitarized . This copy of the BTR-80 KShM is valuable in that it was produced at the first GAZ plant (until 1985), and the car was also overhauled by employees of the Arzamas plant. All parts, from the engine to first aid kits and headsets, are completely original

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  1. The BRDM-1 developed into several successful anti-aircraft variants mounting a variety of missile systems and was completely amphibious with its built-in waterjet at rear. The BRDM series of scout cars would be the definitive scout car for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War and be exported en mass to several Soviet-friendly nations
  2. Selection for sale some as low as 18 hours new war reserve vehicles wonderful to drive, child's play servo assisted everything very fast fully amphibious, massive bucket very useful machines Cost to build today probably 30 million. Call Nick on 07860 455636 - Prices from £10,000 plus VAT Make Enquir
  3. BTR-80 Tanks with great features. In Stock. BTR-80 is Russian made armored vehicle. It was designed as the 8×8 armored vehicles. BTR-80 was particularly designed to carry the huge number of the infantry soldier as the personnel carrier. It can also provide close fire support and has many advanced features for the battlefield
  4. The BRDM-2 is fully amphibious, being propelled through the water by a single waterjet. The BRDM-2 is similar to the Hungarian FUG (OT-65) and FUG-70 amphibious scout cars which also have rear engines. The distinguishing difference is the twin water jets of the Hungarian vehicles as compared to the single triangular water jet of the Soviet.
  5. The BRDM-2 scout car was developed as a replacement for the previous BRDM-1. It was officially adopted by the Soviet army in 1962 with production commencing in 1963. Production ceased in 1989. Around 10 000 units including variants were built. Currently this amphibious scout car it is in service with Russian army and over 50 countries worldwide
  6. BRDM-2 is a Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle. It weighs 7 tonnes, has a 5.5 liter engine and 140 horsepowers. It consumes 40 liters of 92 octane gasoline every 100 kilometers. It's an amphibious vehicle, which has a winch and a water cannon. Goes through any terrain, absolutely any

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  1. BRDM2 Russian Tank imported by tanksforsale.co.ukRussian Military Vehicle SpecialistsTanks Jeeps Trucks for sale for hir
  2. g with the Polish defence contractor Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa SA (PGZ) through its subsidiary Obrum sp. z o.o. to develop a new wheeled vehicle designed to replace hundreds of Russian made BRDM-2 armored vehicles currently in service with the Polish military. - Defense Update
  3. 1. 3. Location. United States Louisiana. I'm looking for a site to buy a running BRDM 2 at a affordable price. I'm looking to get one for about 10k or under, I'm expecting the shipping to cost upwards of 6,000 - 7,500 $ USD to get it imported into the United States. So far I only know of mortar investment, but I'm barely seeing any reviews or.
  4. Ballistic Hummers and tactical vehicles designed to survive even the most extreme blasts. available 10 cars. 1) DOBERMAN. Condition New. Vehicle Type Armored Military Vehicle. View Details. 2) TERRIER LT-79. Condition New. Vehicle Type Armored Law Enforcement, Armored Military Vehicle, Armored Personnel Carrier

Here aT Panzerfabrik, we are crazy about tanks! Panzerfabrik began creating and handling armored vehicles in 1999, and since then we have had the privilege to be involved in a broad range of events and productions involving our vehicles. We've experienced many, many living history events, public shows/displays, theatrical battles, feature. World War II U.S. M8 Greyhound Armored CarManufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1943 to 1945, the M8 Greyhound light armored car was originally designed to be the U.S. Army's standard anti-tank, all terrain fast vehicle at the outbreak of WWII. As the war dragged on, the M8 proved out matched by German armor piercing rounds and thicker armor plating, therefore denying it as an effective. Description. For sale is our street legal 1960 Ferret Armored Scout Car (FV701) MK 2/3. . This Ferret has all of the hard to find parts and tools that most other Ferrets are missing, including the grenade launchers, Sand Channel, and specialized tools for maintenance. Also included is the full kit for a two man crew including mess tins.

According to the 11th Cavalry, aka OPFOR or Opposing Forces at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, CA, this is: The purpose of the OPFOR is to represent the United States' most likely current enemy, at any given time. During the Cold War.. Both used and new semi-subs are available for sale. We have as small as 3-pax semi-submarine and as large as 50-pax semi-submarines. Both used and new semi-subs are available for sale. Our wet submarines are ideal for water fun at resorts, malls, lakes, etc. shallow water bodies Military 6x6 M923 A2 Truck for Sale Only 520 Hours Cummins Engine 1991. Located in pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Up for sale is a 1991 6x6 M923A2 5-ton military truck for sale. It only has 520 hours which is extremely low. It.. 1966 Other Makes NO RESERVE Additional Info: This Brdm 2 was imported from the UK with all the associated BATF paperwork. It has both KPV and KGKT weapon mountings intact including the optics matched to both guns. All the radios are there plus complete turret with gunner's seat.There are not many of these things stateside complete with all.

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The price is almost a steal, here is a non-moving BRDM-2 and check the price RUSSIAN BRDM-2 AMPHIBIOUS ARMORED SCOUT CAR. Any questions welcome. *This car is being relisted because the local buyer who promised the highest offer didn't come true on his promise. **This car is also available for sale locally and can accept local offers too The M113A2 is an armored, air-portable, amphibious tracked vehicle designed to provide ground forces, particularly the infantry, with increased mobility and protection not found when operating on foot. M113 Spec Sheet. Quantity. Description. 10. M113APC, Full Tracked, Amph, M113A1Cdn, ECC 114130, Stock No. 2350-21-858-3329. 4 #USA Americas 24.02.2017-4 views. 3.7 offered for sale by the Redfish Trading Company (Photo: Redfish Trading Company) 35 T-55 tanks (after repair), 20 BMP-1 infantry combat vehicles and 100 BRDM-2 armored personnel carriers. In November 2016, the Redfish Trading Company placed an ad on sell of four Mi-24V and two Mi-24D helicopters, 15.

Russian 8x8 wheeled military BTR-60 Communications Vehicle For Sale in the UK. Price: £14,000 plus VAT, vehicle is fully complete with radios and equipment. Office 01295 768 400 / Mobile 07860 455 636 info@tanks-alot.co.u BRDM-2 The BRDM-2 is an armored patrol car used by Russia and before that the Soviet Union. It was also known under the designations BTR-40PB, BTR-40P-2 and GAZ 41-08. This vehicle, like many other Soviet designs, has been exported extensively and is in use in at least 38 countries. It was intended to replace th For sale dodge wc 64 KD to restore working mechanics and complete body shop, ambulance set up complete with hooks benches drawers. double heating, never disassembled. I answer only by e-mail. 19.4.202 For sale: One HMS Illustrious, in good condition, 900,000 miles. By Kyle Mizokami. May 10, 2016 If you've been dying to get a bumper sticker that says My other car is an aircraft carrier, then. Military Vehicle Solutions has a number of CVR(T) Scorpion Tanks for sale. These can be purchased as refurbished (RESET) vehicles or as a restoration project for private vehicle owners. Parts and supplies can be bought through or sister company cvrtpro.co

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  1. new, certified or used Brdm 2 for sale | Vehicles-Classifieds.co
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  3. Corvette certainly is no match for the BRDM-2. JacobEdelman on Sept 19, 2014 One part of me was thinking who has the time and money to go and buy a tank but another part just kept thinking about how the US supposedly has a huge amount of tanks they are not using..
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  5. 22,501 miles. For sale is a beautiful unique 1959 Gaz 21 Volga. Extremely rare, this vintage Russian/USSR import has never been seen before in the USA. This is a former government official vehicle

The AURORA-3C personal submarine is a compact private submersible in size and light in weight, that holds 1 pilot and 2 passengers, and is a 1 Atmosphere, ABS or DNV-GL Classed, vessel with a depth rating of up to 457m (1500 ft). The configuration of this private submersible provides the occupants an exceptional view, unobstructed by top. FOR SALE: 2004 LTI TXII LONDON TAXI - LONDON EXECUTIVE SEDAN - LHD DRIVE CAR MADE FOR USA LTI, the manufacturer of the famous London Black Cab made 250 vehicles for the U.S. Market in 2003 and 2004. This is a stunning example of one of the left-hand-drive London Executive Sedans 1958 DAIMLER FERRET SCOUT CAR. Chassis no. 16791158. Engine no. 16184. 4,200cc Rolls-Royce 6-Cylinder Engine. Single Carburetor. Approximately 130bhp. 5-Speed Forward and Reserve Transmission. 4-Wheel Drive. *Fine example of the Ferret in running condition Zillow has 383 homes for sale in Northeast Dallas Dallas. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place

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Ex Military Vehicles And Army Trucks For Sale, Mod Sales. 4 days ago . 56 people watched. Ex Military vehicles and army trucks for sale, Mod Sales.Ex.Military vehicles from the UK. We are the worlds leading distributor and supplier of Ex.MOD/ NATO vehicles and equipment from military forces of UNITED KINGDOM Our company was founded in 1950 BY MR. LUTHER JACKSON (discover our story) LATEST NEW 1990 UAZ Model 469 for sale in Angola, Indiana 46703 on Classics on Autotrader

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MegaHobby.com has thousands of plastic military model kits and model kit accessories and conversion sets in every scale to take your model kit to the next level. We stock all the major manufacturers and smaller ones as well. We also stock all the decals, resin accessories and photo-etch parts from companies like Archer, AFV Club, Eduard, Aires, Tamiya, Trumpeter, Quickboost and more Page 2 | View 256 homes for sale in Citrus Heights, CA at a median listing price of $425,000. See pricing and listing details of Citrus Heights real estate for sale

Ex German Navyvessel 82 for sale. Used Commercial boat Ex German Navyvessel 82 for sale located in Near Bremen,Deutschland,Germany, founded in 1966 and disigned by Duitse Marine / German Navy / Deutsche Marine / Marine allemande. The manufacturer of boat - unknown. It`s overall length is 24.9 meters. Width of boat is 5.62 meters. Draft is 1.6 m Stránky jsou blokovány. Přístup na stránky brdm2 je zakázán administrátorem. Access denied by admin. Pokud jste autor (ka) stránek: Ovládací centrum je nadále funkční, můžete se přihlásit a požádat o odblokování. eStránky.cz British Ferret Armoured Car For Sale (Mk 1, Mk 2 and Mk 4 Big Wheel). Prices are £6,000 - £9,000 and £15,000 for the Mark 4 Browse 8 photos for 4004 Camelot Heights A Dr Unit Brdm2, El Paso, TX 79912 a 1 bed, 1 bath, 132 Sq. Ft. condo/townhome/row home/co-op renting for $700

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FOR SALE Soviet Era Motocycle - DNEPR, 1973, Model - MT9 , 650 CC ENGINE, - ~20K MILES ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! $6,450. Learn More. FOR SALE - GAZ 69m, 1954, iconic SOVIET TIMES VEHICLE, ~2K MILES only - $12,550. Learn More. FOR SALE - ZAZ 968A, 1980, one of the most unique Soviet times vehicles , Aircooled V-4! engine, 4-spd, ~20k miles - $9,75 For sale in Canada only. Representative photo, we have more than one in stock. More... $399.00. Add to Order. DX1657 Romanian Dragunov Sniper Rifle. This is the Romanian made PSL Sniper Rifle supplied by Cugir Arsenal and is a direct copy of the Russian SVD (Dragunov) sniper rifle. Other than having the serial number and the Cugir symbol on.

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Military M116 Huskies for sale. These units are not owned by Midwest Military. Please make your inquiries to the owner noted below!! Asking $75,000 for both plus all of the extra tracks and parts, including a complete extra set of side skirts. If interested email Mike Howard, mhowardems@gmail.com SN 56 Husky for Sale, camo unit Tiny House Listings is dedicated to providing the largest number of tiny houses for sale on the Internet. Our goal is to bring people together wanting to purchase tiny homes with people and tiny house companies wanting to sell them throughout the world as well as South Carolin BTR-40/ BRDM-1/2. The BTR-40 (Bronetransporter, literally armoured transporter.) is a Soviet non-amphibious, wheeled armoured personnel carrier and reconnaissance vehicle. It is often referred to as the Sorokovka in Soviet service. It is also the first mass-produced Soviet APC. It was eventually replaced in the APC role by the BTR-152 and in. Find thousands of classic cars for sale on Davidsclassiccars.com. Advertise your classic car for sale on best online classified ads website USA M2 Bradley USA M-80A Yugoslavia Heavy Armored Personnel Carriers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles VN11 China Lynx Germany Puma Germany Tarmour BRDM-3 Russia BRDM-2 Russia Palanca Negra Serbia Aligator Slovakia VEC Spain Dozor-B Ukraine Ajax United Kingdom FV107 Scimitar.

Though a Lamborghini for sale may seem expensive, the precision of engineering and advanced design allows for them. And that is exactly what Ferruccio wanted to happen. Born in 1916, Ferruccio was an entrepreneur with an eye for opportunity. After World War 2, he began his first business by reconfiguring surplus vehicles from the military. BRDM-2. The BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle) also known as a BTR-40PB, BTR-40P-2 and GAZ 41-08 is an amphibious armored scout car used by Russia and the former Soviet Union. It has been exported extensively and is in use in at least 38 countries. ISO Group provides spare parts and solutions for all the BRDM-2 variants: BRDM-2RKh. Insurgent BRDM-2. Turret and hull are separate pieces. 28mm scale and are packed pre-supported for shipping to prevent damage to the product. Note that products do not have bases, and are unpainted despite pictures shown. All items are print on demand and will be shipped within 3-5 business days upon ordering

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Auto - Brdm 2 bazar. Prodejte snadno a rychle na Bazoši. Přes půl milionů uživatelů za den. Najděte co potřebujete ve Vaší kategorii Classic Cars brdm 2 For Sale. Category... Classic Cars Motorcycles Camper Vans 4x4s American Cars Modern Cars 3 Wheelers Books / DVD's Commercial Electric Cars FIA Race Cars Memorabilia etc Military Number Plates Other Parts Projects Toy Cars etc Wedding Cars BRDM Floof Patch. Rated 5.0 out of 5. 4 Reviews Regular price $9.99 Sale price $9.99 Regular price. Sale Sold out. Unit price / per . Sold out Specs. Embroidered fabric patch; Hook & loop backing; 3.6 x 3 Write a Review. average rating 5.0 out of 5. Based on 4 reviews 5 Stars. 4. More information on apartments and condos for sale in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico Point2 gives you far more than a simple list of condos available on the market. Get instant access to loads of relevant information about Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico apartments for sale, including property descriptions, virtual tours, maps and photos

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Brady® Black/White Label Cartridge measuring 0.375 X 7' is made of B-342 PermaSleeve® heat shrink polyolefin material. Cartridge is compatible with BMP21, BMP21-PLUS, ID PAL as well as LABPAL printer and for panel identification and wire and cable marking. It offers wire-marking solution that combines speed, ease of use and stability to create long-lasting, high quality identification Surplus Military Vehicles, Tanks Army Trucks,Jeeps for sale and Hire.Warsaw Pact & NATO Tank APC and Truck specialist.Defence Industry vehicle procurement. Export worldwide. Vehicles for hire for business Promotion,parties and special events,& Themed Parties 3D brdm models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options

Marijuana Strains Overview: Brain Damage is Hybrid and may have a scary title, but your brain would actually tell you that it feels great with Brain Damage strain.A four -way marriage of Acapulco Gold, Hawaiian, Mango and KC 36 make up this high quality strain.Indoor growing or o outdoor growing at moderate temperatures (70-80 Degrees F) will produce the best yields The BRDM-2 is a new amphibious vehicle was added to the game with PUBG Update 30. It is a replacement for the Armored-UZI. Players need to use Flare Guns to call in the BRDM-2 instead of the. Artisan built brick and stone home on 5 acres in park like setting of Mortons Meadow. 1st Fl boasts Master brdm with his/hers ensuite baths/closets. Bright open floorplan with grand entrance, 2 1st fl study/offices. Custom woodwork and built-ins. HUGE open area including LR, Kitchen, Brkfst Nook, Pub Room w/ walkout to patios or 3 season room

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SALE GLUED MODELS. Specials News Rcommended. newsletter. Enter your email address to receive updates. PL EN. Payments supports. Product card . BRDM-2 . Code : GPM-0391 . Manufacturer : GPM MODELE - POLAND . 52 PLN. BRDM-2 » Armoured cars (Vehicles) Box contents. Resin (cast) Designed for Marketplace. None of our partner shops or mates has this currently for sale. In-box reviews . External reviews. We don't know about any in-box reviews for this Russian BRDM-2 (Early version) Weighted Road Wheels (#ER35-051) from E.T. Model

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It represents a BRDM-2 of the Ukraine Army in East Ukraine 2014. This model is built from a Leva resin kit to a high standard. It represents a BRDM-2 of the Ukraine Army in East Ukraine 2014. United States. Australia Post International Standard. Estimated between Wed. 21 Jul. and Fri. 3 Sep 5 bedroom beachfront estate for sale in The Bahamas located on in the historic and prestigious Eastern Road area of New Providence. 5 6. $609,840. Nevis, St Kitts & Nevis. 1 acre lots for sale in Nevis located in sought after Mill Side at Paradise Estates minutes from Paradise Beach and the Four Seasons. $304,920 On BRDM/BRDM-2 scout vehicles launch rails are mounted on the underside of the retractable armored cover, with eight additional missiles carried inside the vehicle. The BMP and BMD combat vehicles both have a single launch rail mounted above the 73-mm main gun and carry a total of four and three missiles respectively. The retractable launcher. Royalty free 3D model BRDM-2 Burnt for download as blend, fbx, and obj on TurboSquid: 3D models for games, architecture, videos. (1739303

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Vilas. home for sale:Well maintained 2 story duplex the desirable Greenbush neighborhood! Each unit offers 2 BRDM, 1 BA with long term tenants and strong rents. Fall in love in with the beautiful hardwood floors, natural trim, huge yard, and overall beautiful curb appeal The BRDM (Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina, literally Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle) is a Soviet amphibious light armored vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS. 1 Summary 2 Update history 3 Trivia 4 Media 4.1 Videos 4.2 Gallery 5 References 6 Navigation Like other vehicles in the game, the BRDM is weaponless, its main strengths being its significantly increased durability and the ability. Trumpeter Plastic Model Kits . At Wonderland Models our Trumpeter range of model kits consists of all kinds from all leading categories including aircraft, military vehicles, figures, ships and much more. The range consists of many great kits including the HMS Hood, HMS Roberts and King Tiger.We also stock a wide range of modelling tools, model paints, airbrushes, compressors and modelling. How to buy an Armoured Personnel Carrier. This is a little off topic, but we often discuss international arms deals on TFB and, like me, many of you readers are big fans of the movie Lord of War (2005) which has been also discussed on TFB a number of times. If you have ever wondered how international arms deals go down, wonder no more Downers Grove. home for sale:MAIN STREET USA !!! Super Convenient location to down town Downers Grove! Short walk to restaurants, shops, library, only 6 tenths of mile to train. Brick & cedar split level offers spacious rooms, hardwood floors, 3 large bedrooms 2 full baths nice size kitchen w/ oak cabinets, new refrigerator & dishwasher