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Hinata is cast out of the Hyuga clan. As she thinks back on the last few years of her life, Naruto appears and offer's her a place of sanctuary! Story continued in Precious Bonds, now readable on fan-fic. Naruto, K+, English, Romance, words: 5k+, favs: 204, follows: 66, Nov 12, 2008, Naruto U., Hinata H Uzumaki Naruto's role in single-handedly defeating a fully-realized Bijū has made him a celebrity. The former pariah is now the Leaf's biggest hero. It is a perfect opportunity to create a puppet Hokage. The plan is nearly foolproof, except for one critical flaw: they underestimated Uzumaki Naruto! 5th-Hokage!Naruto 474 Touch My Man Again » by Ciaossu-Chaossu Principal Danzo makes the mistake of grabbing Naruto's arm hard enough to bruise, Sasuke makes sure the man won't make that mistake tective!Sasuke, fluff, hinted yaoi. Cover done by the lovely Juuria66 NaruHina fluff lover is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. FanFiction | unleash your After the battle, Naruto is exhausted but must still attend his Hokage duties. Hinata was shaken by the attack and by Naruto being taken. Even though he came back this morning, the worry wouldn't leave her

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  1. NaruHina. Fluff, angst, drama, and a whole lot of sappy romance. Stir well. A story that spans 10 special events in Naruto and Hinata's lives. Written for the Thirty Kisses community on Live Journal. theme #10 #10 Rated for mild cursing and implied se
  2. Too bad for him.. (oneshot) 21 Empty Bed by eepps96 It can get kind of lonely when Hinata is gone on missions. 17 Nightmares by eepps96 Lately Naruto has been getting a lot of nightmares, and Hinata doesn't know how to fix it. 13 Father's Day by eepps96 It's father's day in Konoha, and everybody knows it
  3. There is some light fluff.* This is a Naruto Time-Travel Fanfiction. I've been working on it for a while. I will warn you ahead of time that it is rather lengthy. If you don't like lengthy reads, I do apologize. I'm just a very detailed writer and like to give my audience plenty to read (especially those who are avid readers like myself)
  4. ant one in the relationship, or rather passive?. I could never see naruto being fully do
  5. Read Rework of First Chapter from the story Naruto-sensei [Kakashi x Naruto Fluff] by Newsnakeyes with 6,155 reads. narukaka, kakashi, kakanaru. Now this is a..
  6. Dai-nana-han | Team 7 (Naruto) Feels. Humor. Canon Compliant. Summary. Team 7 celebrates the anniversary of their formation. Kakashi thinks he's getting too old to old to challenge his students when they give him a run for his money. Maybe he should stop forgetting that they're the three most powerful shinobi alive

34 Stories. The Sixth and Seventh Hokages are saving the future with style. FEMALE Naruto x Kakashi I don't own Naruto. #10 kakanaru Let's go! This is a AU where Naruto is actually 26 but was ordered by the 3rd Hokage to go undercover in the academy for three years to protect the clan heads Team 7 platonic (Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto) romantic (Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke) soft fluff. Especially when it's Sasuke with Naruto and/or Kakashi or Naruto and Kakashi. Just small moments of cuteness. Alternatively, that absolutely gut wrenching angsty fluff where one character is suffering and the others are just doing their best to help naruhina. ressurected. +19 more. # 6. Summer Love [NARUHINA AU] by Bored Pumpkin. 36.9K 1K 16. Hinata got pregnant with Naruto's child at 16, after their summer romance. She's been raising their son Boruto on her own for the past 2 and a half years, because Naruto.. Naruto-sensei [Kakashi x Naruto Fluff] 40.7K Reads 1K Votes 3 Part Story. By Newsnakeyes Completed. Read. New Reading List. An AU where Naruto is sensei instead of Kakashi. Slight Kakashi x Naruto Fluff. fluff

fanfiction naruto fluff sasuke naruto fanfiction. Story Transcript naruto x reader | fluff you and naruto sat in your seats quietly, watching tons of girls swarm around sasuke. Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! was all you could hear throughout the classroom. what does Sasuke have that I don't? naruto said, sighing in defeat. well, for starters. The Naruto world is the setting and we are using the characters after all. But the stories we are trying to convey are not canon but stories from our imaginations that came from it. Out of the 435k fanfictions on FFN, less than half of them are completed. (I say less than half because many fanfic writers mark their abandoned fics as complete Naruto past x sasuke kakashi x itachi ino x sakura shikamaru x neji and gaara x lee. Until gaara was almost dragging him. Possessive Much Sasunaru Naruto Shippuden Anime Anime Naruto. Possessive love a naruto fanfic fanfiction gaara i don t think i can last long in this relationship she confessed after a long time of silence Just a crazy piece of fluff from the world of my Star Wars fic, Querencia. I knew it wouldn't really fit into the main story of the fic, but it was too cute and fun an idea not to write it. Jaiphoe Bai get de-age to a toddler, and now Obi-Wan, Cody, and the 212th has to deal with a kid in their.

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Fluff and Smut. Oral Sex (implied) Consensual Kink. Summary. Gaara wasn't looking forward to spending the rest of the day sorting through paperwork in her office. However, Naruto has a way of helping the Kazekage relax while having a little bit of fun underneath her desk. Naruto x Fem Gaara. Language: English Canon-Typical Violence. Summary. Uchiha Sasuke, the neglected second son of the massacred Uchiha clan. Uzumaki Naruto, the outcast orphan living on the streets. Destiny and prophecy twisted until only ashes remain. a dark sasunaru canon divergence au where everything is awful and the shinobi world is tinder ready to be burned Pushed into attending college, and running a merged company, still he finds a way to be a normal teen, and continues to hang out with his friends. But what happens when the Uchiha company -his best friend's parents- want to meet with the CEO of the top company. The CEO who isn't named or even have a face

Read Meet Naruto-sensei from the story Naruto-sensei [Kakashi x Naruto Fluff] by Newsnakeyes with 21,584 reads. naruto, kakanaru, narutoxkakashi. Hi guys! I mi.. Nefelibata - A Naruto Fanfic - Various! Naruto X Skilled! Reader. Ayaka. FLUFF AND CURSING. ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST STORY SO NOOB WORDS ARE IN THIS STUFF. Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Naruto Ninja Uchiha Sakura Sasuke Shikamaru Kakashi Kiba Uzumaki Ino Sai Jiraiya Choji (Y/N) (L/N). Naruto Genma Shiranui Away on a Mission (1k words; Warnings: Angst, Fluff) You eagerly await Genma's return from a long mission Inuzuka Kiba Sense of Smell (1.1k words; Warnings: Fluff) It all.. Kakashi Akatsuki Madara Naruto X Reader Konoha. You were a stoic, monotone yet kind college student majoring psychology. You didn't have the best childhood growing up but it certainly wasn't the worst. You were watching Naruto when you were suddenly pulled into a void, ending up in the Narutoverse

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949 Naruto and Hinata Forever:) This community is dedicated to the greatest and one true pairing Naruto and Hinata and only for pure Naruto and Hinata fic's, No Harems allowed. The story must have either Naruto or Hinata listed as a main character and the pairing ends in NaruHina,stories that imply Naruto and Hinata ending are ok to A naruhina fanfic, Naruto is attending a new high school in the Uk (London). Naruto's parents work in different parts of the world where Minato Minakaze was raising Naruto in Tokyo Japan, Kushina Uzumaki has made Naruto accept her offer to finish high school living with her. Not wanting to switc.. Uzumaki Shippuden Various Oc Kakashi X Reader Slowburn Fluff. (Various Naruto x male Oc) I've been told that I'm a demon, they say despair clings to me, and I honestly believe it. It's all true. There's nothing i can do to change that fact. I may be physically strong but mentally is a different thing entirely

Naruto's Best Fanfiction The Prince of Olympus - Chapter 3 Naruto followed his best friend's eyes and saw the moon shone brightly on the sky. Today was a full moon and for some reason, he got a feeling that Artemis was directly her beautiful silver eyes at him There's fluff, but also an underlying tone of bitterness because it's unclear if and how long this will last - a Major Character Death warning is already in place. Burdens of Familiarity by Archer the Undreamed - Naruto/Avatar: Last Airbender crossover. The Dragon of the West takes on a new apprentice Cat and Mouse by InTheMist032000. SUMMARY: Hinata finds herself caught in a game of cat and mouse with Naruto. Only it's not clear who's the cat, and who's the mouse. Commence stalker being stalked. Two-shot, NaruHina, Rated T, Fluff. MY THOUGHTS: Another fluffy fanfic! I actually love fanfics that show a reversal of roles between Naruto. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum [Naruto FanFic] - If you want peace, prepare for war - Death claims all of us, but some are granted a second chance. An innocent girl gets reincarnated into the world of Naruto, armed with ambition, megalomania, and pride alone. [Naruto FanFic] [Female OC] -.. On the night of the Nine Tail's attack two twin children were born, Naruto and Ayaka Uzumaki. The two twins were separated quickly after birth with one being all alone and the other was raised by the criminal organization, The Akatsuki. The twins will cross paths throughout their lives as they g... Add to library 1.1k Discussion 221

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Fem Sasuke x Naruto. The Council wary that Suki Uchiha might betray the Leaf again, issued an ultimatum. She could marry Naruto, the only person capable of restraining her if she snapped, or endure a trial that would likely result in her execution. So now Suki and Naruto were stuck playing house Naruto and kurama are dating secretly but naruto also wants sasuke will kurama fall for sasuke to or will he just want. Fluff tiny lemon maybe i m so sad if my grandma knew i write this she would be so disappointed. Why would the king cough. This is my first fanfiction and i hope i can get some feedback on writing to make me better Tags angst cheating fluff chansoo mpreg baekhyun chanyeol hunhan kaisoo chanbaek sebaek ohmybaby . Characters Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun, Oh Sehun, Xi Luhan, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Minseok, Kim Jongdae. With 35 chapters, 25 votes, 590 subscribers, 7850 views, 237 comments, 115780 words. Status [M],. Naruto One Piece Crossover fics. I'm looking for some good Naruto, OP xovers. I've checked a few out but most aren't really to my liking. One that I like is By your side is where I belong a fic where both the OP and Naruto worlds are one. I also like where it's just Naruto has somehow wound up in OP. You say could like an isekai but it's Naruto

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Naruto Family Returns To Konoha Fanfiction. Oleh torunaro 29 Jun, 2020. He is the host of the kyuubi the son of the fourth hokage and as far as everyone else knows an idiot and dead last of the konoha academy by day but by night he is the greatest assassin the hidden leaf has ever seen Naruto X Yandere Fem Sasuke Fanfiction - Hello friends Naruto Fandom, In the article you are reading this time with the title Naruto X Yandere Fem Sasuke Fanfiction, we have prepared this article well so that you can read and retrieve the information in it.Hopefully the content of the post Article naruto x yandere fem sasuke fanfiction, what we write can make you understand Naruto is owned by Aniplex, Viz Media, Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo, Animax and Masashi Kishimoto. Mortal Combat is owned by Midway Games, Williams Electronics Games, Inc, Acclaim, Nintendo, and Sega, No copyright infringement is intended by the author. Site: ©Jeconais 2005-202 Aug 16, 2020 - Read Competition (Part 2) from the story Kakashi x reader one shots by Yoloyolo6676767y (Hippocorn) with 3,382 reads. narutolemons, kakashioneshots, naruto..

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With 4 chapters, 1060 views, 1 comments, 6199 words. A story on Itsuki Uchiha, brother of Sarada Uchiha, Son of Sasuke and Sakura. Itsuki Uchiha's dream is to create another village as great as the other hidden villages. He strives to become stronger than any shinobi that ever lived Kakashi lemons, fluff, angst etc!!! No art is created by me, all given compliments are given to the rightful owner. Article by Grace Nguyen. 8.1k. Anime Naruto Naruto Uzumaki Shippuden Naruto Comic Wallpaper Naruto Shippuden Naruto Cute Naruto Kakashi Boruto Really Funny Memes Stupid Funny Memes. More information.. Sasusaku fanfic (Lemon) Title: A Wet Dream. Pairing: Sasusaku. Summary: When Team 7 is on vacation, Sasuke accidentally walks in on her naked. And when those pesky male hormones haunt him in the middle of the night, Sasuke gets way more than he bargained for and just a little more than he expects. Sasusaku

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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Naruto For Want of a Nail fics, A story in which one small change has a ripple effect, resulting in massive changes. All of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want Status: Apparently dormant or dead; last updated August 2015; Synopsis: Middle Ages AU!In a world that favors beauty, sex, murder and money, these young teens must find their place in the court of King Hiuzen [sic] Sarutobi. But when the king falls ill and dies, the succession of the throne becomes jumbled when an idiot prince is ill-prepared to rule, a missing princess returns, and a duke. Naruto And Sasuke Go To Hogwarts Fanfiction. Oleh torunaro 04 Nov, 2020. Naruto was going to ask something to hagrid in curiosity when sakura bonked his head and sasuke shut naruto s mouth. I am rubeus hagrid keeper of keys and grounds in hogwarts first years follow me and the new second year students i was informed of must follow me too said. Hi! Sorry for the late response. There are a couple that I really liked. The Multiverse of BnHA by gloryasme. Dekuverse! by armyweeb0613. Izuku's Multiverse by Tequilakeela. and there's also a series that I like in which the BNHA characters react to fics called Watching the BNHA Universe! by Catlady5002 (Catlady5001 joeback is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Se réincarner dans le monde de Naruto n'est pas facile, c'est sûr. Tsunami Uchiha ne s'en est pas mal tirée durant ces vingt dernières années, mais elle n'est pas au bout de ses peines. C'est le début du canon, et entre Orochimaru, Itachi, l'Akatsuki.

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Problematic Soldier: The Demon!Naruto Fanfic. (And the award for the most inconsistent artist style goes to) Read it here! problematic soldier ao3 archive of our own fanficiton naruto naruto fanfiction naruto fanart Naruto Uzumaki narusasu sasunaru fanart anime anime fanart art digital art fluff angst naruto-ichigo-soul-kyobabe liked this wonwoo imagines wonwoo fanfic wonwoo fluff wonwoo scenarios jeon wonwoo imagines jeon wonwoo fanfic jeon wonwoo fluff jeon wonwoo scenarios wonwoo jeon wonwoo seventeen svt seventeen imagines seventeen scenarios seventeen fanfic svt imagines svt scenarios svt fanfic. 90 notes. Open in app said his father teasingly. Uhm it's good hehe, said Haru while his face turned red. Uncle, auntie I will be going first said Kakashi. Oh just stay for dinner, Kakashi said Rin. Yeah Kakashi stay for dinner said Haru. Okay then. Then they ate their fill and Kakashi went back to his house to rest. 4 Genre: humor, friendship fluff (het and yaoi side pairings -- naruhina, leesaku and sasuneji), but they don't matter until the second ficlet. Team Seven foreveeerrr!) Status: Okay, apparently it's now a series of ficlets, and not very gen anymore Her lips released a stream of fire. A giant fireball turned the room into a sea of wild flames and scorching heat. The very air burned in a blaze of glory. The fireball exploded and the arena trembled. Lee dodged her attack relatively unscathed, suffering only with a few scorch marks. He had escaped her wrath

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  1. Characters: Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Nara Shikamaru, Temari (Naruto), Yamato | Tenzou, Terumi Mei. Additional Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, KakaSaku Month 2021, Slow Burn, Fluff and Angst, Not Canon Compliant, Aged-Up Character(s), Recreational Drug Use. Originally posted by reallysaltyko
  2. While Naruto might not have been an anime with romance as its main focus, many characters still ended up developing crushes, deep connections, and romantic relationships with their fellow ninjas. Fan-favorite couples like Naruto & Hinata and Sasuke & Sakura were obvious and seen from a mile away. Other couples like Choji & Karui came as a shock. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Romances Fans Loved (& 5 They.
  3. Naruto. Shounen Ai Doujinshi Scans. Warnings are in place for yaoi (malexmale) content. UPDATE: 11/03/19. Naruto Artbook. This is an official Japanese artbook, placed here because Naruto being a shounen anime means almost all of. the pics are of bishonen. Lots of pairing and grouping pics, particularly Naruto/Sasuke and Team 7
  4. What if Naruto was not some dumb kid with extraordinary powers, but a genius with an IQ of over 200 and also has extraordinary powers? He is known as a
  5. tags → #fanfiction prompt #fanfic prompts #writing prompt #General Prompt #angst prompt #au prompt #kind of? #this is the idea I'm rolling with for my NaNoWriMo project #what better way is there to torture our characters than with glimpses of what could have been #amirite or amirit
  6. I want to write a fanfic for Naruto that is an AU set in the 1970's and it's about old-school First Edition Dungeons & Dragons, involving characters from both the Naruto and Boruto series. The year is 1979 and the place is the little village of Hidden Leaf, a small and rapidly fading semi-agrarian commune of hippies, bikers, pagans, and other.
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read it on ao3 at https://ift.tt/3gkxyr2. by YukinoHana_1104. Naruto Uzumaki là một chàng trai mạnh mẽ, chuẩn menly 100%. TUY NHIÊN vì một vài chuyện xảy ra khiến cho cuộc sống của chàng trai rẽ sang một hướng khác Fan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic, fic or ff) is fictional writing written in an amateur capacity as fans, unauthorized by, but based on an existing work of fiction.The author uses copyrighted characters, settings, or other intellectual properties from the original creator(s) as a basis for their writing. Fan fiction ranges from a couple of sentences to an entire.

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The anime version of Naruto follows along closely with its manga counterpart for the majority of its early run. It can be broken out into 5 distinct canon story arcs, including: Prologue - Land of Waves Escort Mission (Episodes 1 to 19): In the opening arc, Naruto joins Team 7 to complete a mission to the Land of Waves The Original Naruto Fanfiction Archive (TONFA) Recommended by Smoodle-Fshoodle; It's a good site aside from fanfiction.net where you can find lots of Naruto fanfiction. It has an especially nice award category where the best of the best are chosen and cycled through on a regular basis Despite being a fanfic, it mostly focus on the mc and tries to disturb the original plot of the series as little as possible until the end. This is the story of Asami, not of Naruto. Reply · 3 Likes · 3 · TONFA :: The Original Naruto Fanfic Archive. Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance. Top Pairings [1176] Warned (Shonen-ai/Yaoi) [142] Darker focused fanfiction with high ratings (R and X-rated) with warned material graphically portrayed in the story. Angst (Shonen-ai/Yaoi) [110] Slightly darker with a more serious plot. Middle Ratings (PG-15, MA and M) and.

Genre: Fluff ;; romantic ;; slowburn. Pairing: Ethan Torchio x fem!reader. Warning: English is not my native language, I may have made grammatical errors. do not hesitate to correct me. N / A: The facts told are purely the fruit of my imagination, it is not my intention to do any wrong to any person mentioned, and above all the character of Ethan could (surely) not reflect the person in reality Fluff; Fluff and Angst; Fluff and Smut; Plot; Enemies to Lovers; Enemies to Friends to Lovers; football player Naruto; Romantic Fluff; Eventual Smut; Eventual Romance; Eventual Sex; Slow Burn; Slow Build; Slow Romance; Alternate Universe - Modern Setting; University; College; Tutoring; One Night Stands; Uzumaki Naruto is a Good Friend; and a. Summary: Kakashi takes in Team 7. Obviously he is attacked with tears and cuddles. Or, [That Team 7 Fluff that hurts in the best way.

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