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Discover a variety of refreshing, easy to make gin cocktails. Make your next gin cocktail at home today Make The Famous Cocktail & Taste The Lighthearted Spirit Of The Aperol Spritz® Plum Gin Cocktail This plum gin cocktail is a blend of fresh ingredients and aromas. Thanks to the addition of fresh plums and St. Germain there is no need to add any additional sugar. After a week in Sicily and a constant stream of very good wine, I am surprised by my desire to drink a cocktail Gather the ingredients. Rim a cocktail glass with lavender sugar: Wet the rim by either wiping the slice of plum around the rim or dunking it in a small dish of plum wine, then roll it in a dish of lavender sugar. In a mixing glass filled with ice, pour the gin, plum wine, and lavender soda

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fresh lime juice, simple syrup, plum, ice cubes, plum wine, white rum and 1 more Cocktails Bourbon and Honey ice, cherries, bitters, syrup, bourbon whiskey, honey, water and 1 more Champagne Cocktails Amanda's Cookin Fill 10 tall glasses with ice. Squeeze 1 lime wedge into each glass; add wedge to glass. Stir 1/4 cup of the plum syrup and 1 ounce gin into each glass. Add sparkling water to fill; stir. Garnish with plums. Serve Add the Beach Plum Gin, infused syrup, lemon juice and bitters to a cocktail shaker. Add ice and stir until chilled. Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. Top with Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic, and.. Orange Coconut Mimosa McCormick. moscato, McCormick Coconut Extract, orange juice. Mulled Wine El invitado de invierno. agave syrup, cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger syrup, allspice berries and 2 more Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add St-Germain and gin and shake vigorously. Strain into a glass, add plum slices, and serve

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Cook sugar and 1 1/2 cups water in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar has dissolved. Bring to a boil. Stir in plums; remove from heat. Refrigerate syrup until cold Choose from 2 drink recipes containing Gekkeikan Plum Wine. Learn more about Gekkeikan Plum Wine in the drink dictionary! Five Magics - Megadeth (Cocktail) Gekkeikan Plum Wine, Jagermeister, Orange Juice, Plymouth Gin Sparkling Sugarplum (Cocktail) Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, Gekkeikan Plum Wine, Passion Fruit Nectar, Zipang Sparkling Sak Umeshu Tonic is a popular Japanese cocktail made with umeshu (plum liqueur) mixed with tonic water. Although umeshu is often referred to as plum wine, it is not actually wine but a type of cordial because the ume fruit is steeped in spirits. The astringent tonic water provides an aromatic contrast to the heavy sweetness of the umeshu. 5 Gin is a staple on bar carts everywhere—it's a liquor that's usually infused with juniper berries, as well as other herbal botanicals such as mugwort, wild thyme, meadowsweet, chamomile, and birch. You may also find it infused with cucumber and rose petals. You can use the spirit to make classic gin cocktails such as a lime-based gimlet or a gin and tonic, or more creative concoctions like. The Roasted Root pomegranate, black grapes, pomegranate, pure maple syrup, plums and 13 more Indian Gin Cocktails with Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin London Unattached water, granulated sugar, green apple, gin, lime juice, apple juice and 3 mor

Bring the water to boil and pour over the plums to kill off any bacteria that might be on the skins (you can do this in batches with a kettle). Put a lid on the pot and leave for 24 hours. Add the.. Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the plum wine, lemon juice, sloe gin, and salt. Stir until salt is dissolved. Top with club soda and stir gently until mixed Slow Gin Cocktails Made in the traditional style of the English 'Sloe' gin, Brookie's Slow Gin showcases a unique rainforest fruit native to the subtropical region of Byron Bay, the Davidson Plum. Expect exhilarating flavours of rose, watermelon, and bright plum Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosas (Thanksgiving Cocktails, Christmas Cocktails) 40 Aprons. cinnamon whiskey, apple cider, sparkling wine. Plum-tini Food Network. ice, plum wine, vodka, frozen raspberries. Sake Mojito Food Network Instructions In a cocktail shaker, muddle the diced plum and basil leaves. Fill the shaker with ice; add the gin & simple syrup. Place on the shaker lid and shake for 1 minute

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Wet the rim of a cocktail glass with lavender sugar by wiping it with a slice of plum or immersing it in a small dish of plum wine, then rolling it in lavender sugar. Pour the gin, plum wine, and lavender soda into a mixing glass packed with ice. Stir everything together thoroughly. Strain into the glass that has been prepared The Story Behind The Plum Sour. In this delicious variation on the classic Gin Sour, I've replaced traditional simple syrup with a quick and easy homemade plum syrup. It adds a lot more depth of. Glass Cocktail Glass. UMEBOSHI sour. Yasuhiro Yamashita / The Bar Sazerac [Saitama] KINOBI Dry Gin 30ml. UMEBOSHI (Japanese salt plums) 1. Honey Syrup 10ml. Grapefruit Juice 20ml. Fresh Lemon Juice 10ml. Egg White 15ml Gin and wine has been coming together in a big way in recent times and what better way to toast to a special occasion than by popping open this perfect duo? Let's drink to that! Best Gin and Champagne Cocktails Plum Gin Fizz with Gordon Castle Gordon Castle. There's nothing quite like a gin liqueur to transform your fizz into something.

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  1. This cocktail reveals full-bloom cherry blossom as well as the new chapter. The concept of this cocktail is spring in. full bloom and joy of spring. Spring tail ~from SAKURAO~. 【Ingredients】. SAKURAO GIN LIMITED/30ml. Shakujo no Ume Plum Wine/10ml. Cherry Blossom Liqueur/10ml. Lemon Juice/10ml
  2. 1. Fill the glass half of a cocktail shaker with ice. 2. Add the Rock Rose gin, grapefruit juice and sugar syrup
  3. t leaves into a highball glass, fill with ice and leave to one side. In a Boston shaker muddle together the fresh strawberries, cucumber, Salcombe Gin Start Point and elderflower liqueur. Fill with ice and shake vigorously. Double strain the mixture over the ice into the old highball glass
  4. Drinks Sleepless Night. bourbon, thai coffee. infused tequila, ancho reyes, agave. Phuket Daiquiri. malibu rum, coconut juice. The odd couple. cazadores reposado, choya plum wine, pink grapefruit. Green Tea Gin and Tonic. botanist gin, matcha. yaowarat bangkok / thai-chinese dish / celery infused gin, gourd juice. supparot kuan (smoky.
  5. Cocktails. PLUM WINE NEGRONI. Barrel aged Gin, Campari Takara Plum Wine. GIN XUAN TONIC. Jin Xuan tea infused gin, tonic top. LYCHEE DAIQUIRI. White rum, lychee liqour, lime. Prices from £7. Opening Hours. TUESDAY - THURSDAY 17:00-21:45 FRIDAY 17:00-22:4
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Plum wine mixed with sake, pear vodka & assorted fruits. Island Koko. You keep the glass! A frozen Island treat with gin, coconut juice & cream served in a ceramic coconut shell. Pina Colada. Everyone's favorite drink with Rum, pineapple & coconut juice. Karate Punch. Packs a punch with Rum, Gin, pineapple & orange juice. Mai Ta A cocktail is a mixed drink typically made with a distilled liquor (such as arrack, brandy, cachaça, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, or whiskey) as its base ingredient that is then mixed with other ingredients or garnishments.Sweetened liqueurs, wine, or beer may also serve as the base or be added.If beer is one of the ingredients, the drink is called a beer cocktail Umeshu Cocktails Umeshu is also a popular cocktail ingredient, such as blended with Calpis yogurt soft drink, ginger ale, iced tea, or even wine or beer. Frozen It can even be used for a frozen adult treat, served mizorezake style (similar to a frozen margarita) or poured over ice cream. Types of Umesh Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail. Rating: 5 stars. 2. Sloe gin--a blackthorn plum-flavored spirit--gets a dose of fizzy club soda, sugar, and lemon juice in this tart and refreshing cocktail. By Allrecipes. Advertisement The three-litre boxed cocktail contains 20 servings of a cocktail crafted by the bars, including a Plum Negroni, created by Hawksmoor. It is made with Campari, plum spirit, vodka, vermouth, sour.

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Two-Hit Fig Punch. Spiced rum, meet whiskey. Those enterprising spirits join forces to create a heavy-hitting punch bowl stocked with muddled fresh figs, orange and lemon juices and simple syrup. Garnish with lime wheels and grated nutmeg to take this spiced punch over the top. Get the recipe wine by the bottle. 25 corkage fee per 750ml bottle, limit 2, corkage waived 1:1 with bottle purchase. Wine for off-premises sale at 2 / 3 list price. We have growing list of old world wines and some special bottles from local producers, as well as a large selection of sparkling and champagne The Gin and Tonic is one of the World's most iconic cocktails. Not all Gin and Tonics are created equal, however, and we are delighted to present the Greenhook Ginsmiths Gin and Tonic in a can. Made with our Vacuum Distilled American Dry Gin and our own proprietary tonic water, the Greenhook Ginsmiths Gin and Tonic is a celebration of all of. Grenadine, Sake, Sprite, Umeshu (Japanese Sour Plum Wine) Seabreeze #2 (Cocktail) Cranberry Juice, Sprite, Vodka Second Chance (Cocktail) Malibu Rum, Spiced Rum, Sprite Secret Ceremony (Cocktail) Gin, Italian Vermouth, Sprite, Strega Sex With (server's name) (Cocktail) Crown Royal, Grenadine, Peach Schnapps, Sprite, Sweet and Sour Mix Sex With. The gin fizz is one of the better-known variations of a broader cocktail category, the fizz. The term largely indicates a sour drink, or one that incorporates lemon or lime juice for citric acid.

1 orange slice. In the pint glass of a Boston shaker, muddle limes, lemons, and sugar until pulpy. Add liqueur and ice and cover with the metal part of the shaker. Shake the ingredients until the outside of the shaker's metal cup is frosty. Strain the ingredients into an ice-filled highball glass and top with club soda to fill the glass Easy drinking as can be. Instructions: In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine an ounce of gin, an ounce of Grand Marnier, half an ounce of fresh lemon juice, and half an ounce of fresh orange. A classic St Germain cocktail: a French gimlet! The French gimlet is a gin gimlet that adds a bit of this elderflower liqueur. The gimlet is a classic cocktail made of 2 parts gin and 1 part lime juice, often balanced with a little simple syrup. Add a bit of elderflower liqueur to make it French, and ditch the simple syrup

Find the Perfect Cocktail by Alcohol Type Do you have an alcohol preference? Browse our cocktail collections, listed in alphabetical order by liquor type here. Apple Cider Cocktails Bailey's Irish Cream Cocktails Bourbon Cocktails Fireball Cocktails Gin Cocktails Ginger Beer Cocktails Jagermeister Cocktails Jello Shot Recipes Kahlua Cocktails Rum Cocktails Sangria, Sparkling Wine & Wine. We chose to use Bulldog Gin for the Asian Plum Spritzer because it's bright citrus and tropical fruit notes pair well with the slightly sweet flavors of the plum wine and prosecco. The yellow chartreuse and thyme add an unexpected herbaceous layer to this spring cocktail Mar 12, 2020 - Fresh plums make delicious cocktails, homemade liqueurs, and syrups for cocktails and mocktails. Muddled in a glass or sliced and soaked in an infusion, plums make some yummy drinks! Plums make delicious homemade wine too! We've collected some tasty drinks recipes using plums for you to enjoy. See more ideas about yummy drinks, mocktail recipe, delicious cocktails Add Beach Plum Gin, gin, Dolin Blanc, Bonal, and bitters to mixing glass. Add ice. Stir. Strain into coup or cocktail glass. Garnish with burnt orange peel. CEREBUS. 1½ oz Greenhook Beach Plum Gin. ½ oz Sambuca agli Agrumi. 1 oz grapefruit juice. vanilla kosher salt and sugar mixture . Recipe: Rim coup or cocktail glass with vanilla sugar. rich, dry, and enticing. flavors of lush blueberry, plums, and blackberry cobbler. The finish is smooth, long, and juicy. Full bodied, rich, elegant flavors of blackberries, ripe plums, and robust spices. Full bodied, loaded with ripe fruits of black cherry, and boysenberry. With notes of black tea, mint, and spice

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  1. Our cocktail, a pisco sour variation with rose tea syrup garnished with dehydrated lime and poured with 151 rum is then lit and sprinkled with cinnamon. HAPPY STREET. This cocktail is inspired by Macau's old red light district, a beetroot and gin infused cocktail with passion fruit and coconut water. OLD TAIPA VILLAGE
  2. Recommended Gin: Nolet's Silver Dry Gin. This is not going to be the cheapest gin, but it is one of the best for creating premium cocktails with a lighter profile. Nolet's has more fruit and floral notes that piney juniper flavors. It is one of those great modern gins that will appeal to vodka drinkers. 04 of 05
  3. Frosé, Piña Colada, Margarita, and more recipes for delicious frozen cocktails in a slush machine or blender using Kelvin organic frozen cocktail mixes
  4. Sugar Plum Fairy Cocktail Recipe. Pour your coating sugar onto a plate. Rub the rim of your cocktail glasses with lemon juice or water (anything to help the sugar stick!) and press the rim into the sugar to line your glass. Mix the gin, simple syrup and egg white into a cocktail shaker and shake well to mix. Add in a few ice cubes to the shaker.
  5. Muddled strawberries are the base of a perfect summer cocktail, together with lemon, a little honey, and, of course, a big pour of sparkling wine. Vodka stiffens it all up. (You could use gin or.
  6. In a highball glass, pour the gin, grapefruit and sugar, stir until the sugar dissolves. Add ice, soda, gently stir and add garnish and a pinch of salt Sake Bloody Mar
  7. Martinez Cocktail. In the 1880s, Old Tom gin, a style with quite a bit more sweetness than London dry, was just beginning to gain popularity in America. This is the drink that put it over the top

6 Oclock Gin 750ml. 750ml. SKU: 5060093990393 Gin | Non-Flavored Gin | Spirits Tag: 6 oclock. United Kingdom. Strikingly smooth to taste and beautiful to behold in its iconic Bristol-blue glass bottle, our original, multi-award-winning 6 O'clock Gin was born in 2010, perfected from an... Read More. $ 34.99 Purchase your Market Gin Cocktail Kit to participate in this exclusive virtual event. Purchase online now. Purchase a Market Gin Cocktail Kit to receive access to our exclusive Market Gin Virtual Tasting on Friday, June 26 th, at 7pm. Cocktails. Gin & Tonic - Refreshing take on the classic with a citrusy, floral and herbal bouquet. Oh, Snap

by Charley Zimmerman. Lots of customers ask how we come up with new cocktails. And while there is a fair amount of informed experimentation (aka: trial and error), there's much more at play: current global trends, nods to cocktail history, seasonality of local ingredients, Old Vines' sustainability goals, and the realities of operating a seasonal business in a busy resort town Plum Vodka & Plum Gin. I've been looking out for sloes all season with the anticipation of turning out a batch of Sloe Gin, but just haven't discovered any. What I do have in bucket loads are plums (- when we moved into the house we must have taken down 2 dozen self-set plum trees and left the 2 most mature), and every season we spend a huge amount of effort raking up the fallen plums. Sloe Gin: Plum Flavoured Gin is experiencing a new Renaissance. A classic English tradition, Sloe Gin was offered by families as a welcome liquor. Sloe Gin is obtained from plum berry infusion in Gin London Dry; it lends to be drank alone or to compose cocktails Sake is made from rice depending on the quality of the sake is the result from milling or well it was polished. Plum wine is wine made from plums. The sweet and sour flavors with fruity aroma is very appealing and you can make many kinds of drinks with it Rum. Rye Whisky. Scotch. Tequila. Vermouth. Vodka. Wine. Whiskey. Search by category All Spirits Beer Bourbon Canadian Whisky Champagne / Sparkling Wine Cognac Cordials Gin Irish Whiskey Mezcal Rum Rye Whisky Scotch Tequila Vermouth Vodka Wine Whiskey Search by category

A nifty little twist on the classic plum sour, featuring subtle plum notes from the umeshu sake, a hint of festive spices from the infused gin and a rich, umami undertone from the white miso syrup STEP 1. Rinse and pick over the damsons to remove any leaves and stalks, then pat dry, tip into a freezer bag and freeze overnight. The next day, bash the bag of damsons a couple of times with a rolling pin and then tip the lot into a 2-litre Kilner jar, or divide between 2 smaller jars. STEP 2. Pour in the sugar and gin, and put the lid on Corpse Reviver #13. Chamomile/Green Tea infused Gin - Elderflower Liqueur - Tangerine/Jasmine Syrup - Green Chartreuse - Lime. Something, Sweet. With Vodka. Vodka - Aperol - Lemon - Verbena Honey - Sparkling Wine COCKTAILS Aperol Spritz 22 Espresso Martini 23 Koyomi Blush 23 Champagne Cocktail 26 Hendrick's Gin Martini 28 Japanese Slipper 20 Caipiroska 21 Strawberry Caipiroska 21 Long Island Iced Tea 23 JAPANESE PLUM WINE Choya Yume 14 60 Grape wine with plum . JAPANESE BEER Yebisu Premium 500ml 21. Lidl's Spirits expert, Tristan Stephenson, recommends the Winter Orchard Warmer (the below recipe makes two litres): 250ml Hortus Plum and Cinnamon Gin Liqueur. 700ml cloudy apple juice. 2 cloves1.

Subtly sweet, full plum nectar with just a hint of apple and pear tartness. Rich and full-bodied with a long, smooth finish. Truly delightful! Plum Gekkeikan is made with the choicest plums from the world-renowned orchard in Wakayama in central Japan. Tender and succulent, the plums are carefully hand-picked at the moment of perfect ripeness Alcohol Delivery. PikFly delivers your favorite beer, wine or liquor to your door in about an hour. We also delivery food, mixers and snacks! Delivering to Phoenix Metro, Las Vegas metro areas & Minneapolis & St. Paul. More cities coming soon Plus, wine cocktails are season-less because every holiday and occasion has a wine cocktail that can dress up (or down) for the event. So go ahead, grab a bottle (or Bev can) and let's get to mixing the best and easiest wine cocktails out there! Simple Wine Cocktails New York Sour A traditional sour is composed of spirit, citrus, and sugar

Stock Up Today On Your Favorite Wine. Buy Online & Pickup In-Store Re:Find Plum Sour. 1 oz. Re:Find Gin ½ oz. Lemon ½ oz. Simple Syrup 2 dashes Plum Bitters Float of Villicana Red Wine. Combine the first four ingredients and then strain. Pour into double old fashion glass with ice and float the wine. Garnish with lemon peel. Re:Find Roquette. 2 oz. Re:Find Gin ¾ oz. Agave Syrup (1:1 water to agave) ¾ oz.

Steps. Add all of the ingredients to a blender, and blend until smooth. Garnish with a cucumber wheel. *Plum syrup: Chop 12 plums, removing seeds. Add 12 cups of water and 12 cups of sugar to a pot. Once the sugar dissolves, add the plums and bring to a boil - 1/2 oz Plum Wine - 1 1/2 oz Aloe Juice - 1/4 oz Fresh Lemon Garnish: Half lemon wheel Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with half lemon wheel. Vanish Ingredients: (left) - 1 oz Gin - 1 oz Red Sake (Asamurasaki by Kiuchi Brewery) - 1 oz Yuzu Wine (Also from Kiuchi. 'K's Summer Plum Smash' 2 shots gin 2 shots plum liqueur* 2 cubes cane sugar 4 small plums (remove pits & quarter) 4 small sprigs of fresh thyme ice Add the sugar cubes, plums, and thyme sprigs to a shaker. Muddle the ingredients until everything is crushed and sugar is mostly dissolved. Add the gin, plum liqueur, and ice. Shake for 15. When mixed with a punch of vodka, rum, gin, or wine, tea can create a cocktail with healthful benefits. So move over glass of wine, get in line vodka and tonic — there's a new cocktail in town! Try These Five Favorite Tea Cocktails (The cocktail names are fictitious; any resemblance to another cocktail real or otherwise is purely coincidental. Our plum trees went crazy this year and produced more than they normally do. We made plum jam, liqueurs, and then finally this recipe for plum wine. We just racked the wine and tasted part of it. I do not drink wine often but it smells/tastes like wine and has a nice fruity after taste

plum, blackberry, spice. 7 deadly zins zinfandel (california) pepper, berry and ripe plum. 6th sense syrah (california) violets, spice, dark fruit, vanilla, mint. belmondo pinot noir (italy) sweet red berries, plum, earth and wood. cline mourvedre rose (california) watermelon, cherry, red plum. belleruche rose cotes du rhone (france That's how in 2010 brothers Steven and Philip DeAngelo came to embark on a mission to bring purity, flavor and creativity to the American Gin market. Two years later a new distillery in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, New York, released their flagship American Dry Gin to an enthusiastic audience. Welcome to Greenhook Ginsmiths, America. Wine & Cocktail List . Signature Cocktails Vini Bianchi Vini Rossi. Signature Cocktails $ 10 Strega Italian liqueur, Beefeater dry gin, lemon juice, honey syrup 10. Spritz Veneziano. Aperol Italian liqueur, prosecco, and a splash of soda water 8 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $. Ingredients 1 small celery rib, chopped.75 oz simple syrup 2 oz. London dry gin.75 oz lime juice . Instructions Add celery and simple syrup to base of cocktail shaker and muddle, about 30 seconds Gin can be distilled from almost anything, including grain, fruit, potatoes, or grapes. But what defines this ever-popular spirit is the predominant use of juniper, which must be included in the mix of botanicals that flavor this important cocktail component. Gin, a descendant of the Dutch spirit genever, has been around for centuries

The Gin Fizz is a classic cocktail that traditionally calls for just four ingredients: gin, lemon juice, sweetener, and soda water. It's light, refreshing, and—you guessed it—incredibly fizzy and foamy. For presentation, tall glasses like the highball glass and Collins glass are usually best to accommodate the gin cocktail's frothy head, but many bartenders will use rocks glasses as well Home Food Drinks Events Gallery CONTACT Gift Card Back Starters Sandwiches Hendrick's Gin, Strawberries, Cucumber, simple syrup, club soda. $ 12 Sauza silver tequila, Fu-Ki Plum wine, triple sec, plum preserves, sour. $ 1 Instructions. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and bitters. Shake until chilled, about 30 seconds. Pour into a champagne flute and top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a lemon twist and serve Plum wine can have a tendency to be a tad thin bodied and mild flavoured so harvesting your plums at the point where they are most fully flavoured is key to your wines success. Plum trees are pretty common in the UK and more often than not, if you have a plum tree in your garden, you will have a glut around the end of August or September. Plum.

SPECIALTY COCKTAILS Tokyo Cosmopolitan citrus vodka, plum wine, cranbery, lime juice, shaken and garnished with a lime wheel Rising Sun sweet and refreshing mix of Aoki sake and plum wine with orange, pineapple, lemon and cranberry juice, rimmed by li hing powder Sake Sangria Aoki sake with blend of fruit juices kissed with wine Lychee Martin TRABANCO SIDRA NATURAL, POMA AUREA BRUT NATURE, ASTURIAS, SPAIN 2016. (750ML, 4.5% ABV) We are happy to service special bottles from your own collection. for you to enjoy with our cuisine. Our Corkage Policy is $25 for each 750ml bottle. We waive one Corkage Fee for each 750ml bottle purchased from our list — maximum of three bottles Bluecoat Gin, Campari, Carpano Antica. Island Negroni Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum, Campari, Sweet Vermouth . European Negroni Hayman's Old Tom Gin, 1920 Select Aperitivo, Fino Sherry . Don't Forget the Wine! ~ BY THE GLASS. SPARKLING. Prosecco 15 / 56 Clara C' da Fabio Trabocchi, Valdobbiadene . Sangiovese Rose 14 / 52 Tenuta Casali.

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Gravity Gin Sling Tap Cocktail | 9 Earl Grey infused gin, Lillet, passion fruit puree, lemon juice, lemon-lime soda, blueberry syrup float WINE LIST Pinot Noir, Mark West, CA Black cherry, strawberry, plum Merlot, Josh, CA Sweet plum, cherry, vanilla | 10 / 39 Pinot Noir, Averaen, Willamette Valley, OR Berry flavors, clove, mocha, blood. A deep red color and pronounced cherry, ripe chocolate and wild plum flavors. Frei Brother's Merlot, CA 36 bottle A medium-bodied wine rich with classic flavors of cherry, berry and cocoa balanced by subtle notes of vanilla and toasty oak. Zinfandel. Gnarley Head Zinfandel, CA 7.50 / 24 Concentrated nose of spice, cherry and plum Menu for Plum Cocktail Bar: Reviews and photos of Happy Hour Happy Meal, Falafel Burger, Turkey Meatball Sweet Pea Gin Elderflower Spritz, this week's cocktail of the week, comes to us directly from the talented mixologists at the Coal Bunker bar at Powerhouse Hotel Tamworth by Rydges Five Star Hotel.. The gorgeous hotel recently had a $12million upgrade and along with that came an extensive and innovative cocktail list that you'd be hard pressed to get through, even if you stayed a month or.

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Please visit Responsibility.org for information and resources on how to fight drunk driving and stop underage drinking. PLEASE ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. ©2021 Everclear®, 95% Alc./Vol. (190 proof).Bottled by Luxco, Inc., St. Louis, M Tonic works well or Soda Water. I did try to dilute a batch once, with more Gin - it wasn't ideal. I did use less sugar in other Gin infusions, they didn't turn out as well as the plum Gin - it's almost liqueur like, but more boozy. The only thing that really works to make a less sweeter drink, are good mixers Winebook has been serving the community with fine wines and spirits since 2015. The area has since changed dramatically. I have seen the community grow into a vibrant area with n Gin; Rum; Scotch; Tequila; Vodka; View All Spirits; COCKTAILS. Bar Accessories; Cocktail of the Month; Cocktail Recipes; Liqueurs; Mixers; Ready to Drink Cocktails; spirits; Key Club; Cart $ 0.00; Search. 0. Plum Wine Home » Shop » Plum Wine. Showing all 10 results for Downtown - Smith Street Benihana Plum White Blend. 750ML $ 7.36. Add. Pirozzi Selection Merlot Angeline Paso Robles 2018 $13/$46. PLUM ELDERBERRY HINT OF CLOVE. Bianchi Zinfandel Paso Robles 2018 $13/$46. RED PLUM RASPBERRY CEDAR. Lewis Cellars Red Wine Blend Napa 2017 $20/$80. BLUEBERRY BLACKBERRY GRAPHITE SPICE. Carlisle Winery Montafi Ranch Zinfandel Russian River 2018 $84

Make Plum-Infused Rum. To make plum-infused rum fill a mason jar with equal parts chopped, fresh plums and white rum. Seal the jar and give it a good shake. Store it in a dark, cool place for 3 to 4 days, shaking it once a day. Once the infusion is complete, filter the plums from the alcohol by way of a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth 135° East Gin Hyōgo Dry Japanese Artisan Gin 750 ML. $69.99 $54.99. 4%. off. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist FEATURED COCKTAIL. SINGAPORE SLING Choice of Suntory Roku Japanese Gin or Casa Noble Crystal Tequila | Chambord, Cointreau, bitters, pineapple, lime. COCKTAILS. RISING DRAGON Casa Noble Crystal Tequila, pomegranate, lime, agave, black lava salt, rosemary aromatics. JAPANESE OLD FASHIONED Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky, bitters, smoky aromatics. ASIAN PEAR MOJITO Bacardi Limón Rum, apple liqueur.

Kazimierz Wine & Whiskey Bar is the original speakeasy in Scottsdale, Arizona. With live music 7 nights a week and serving over 400 wines and whiskeys daily this spot is sure to impress on your visit Plum Wine $3.95. Wine by the Glass $3.95. Wine, Half Liter $7.95. Wine, One Liter $12.95. Gin or Vodka & Tonic $5.25. Margarita on the Rocks $5.95. Blended Margarita $5.95. Black or White Russian $5.95 Combine 50ml Beefeater Dry, one bar spoon orange marmalade, 25ml lime juice and 20ml agave syrup in a cocktail shaker. Strain after shaking, and garnish with a lime wheel. 6 Gin cocktails - Fresh. Very pale rose color. Aromas of bright fresh grapefruit zest, rich rhubarb, citrus, and anise. On the palate, the gin is rich, with fresh citrus, and grapefruit; and a long juniper finish Daily Specials Signature Cocktail Sake / Beer / Wine Hot Appetizer Cold Appetizer Nigiri or Sashimi Hot Entrée Sushi Entrée Signature Roll Dessert Merchandise Shop. Gin ~ St. Germain ~ Grapefruit ~ Pineapple ~ Bitters. Baller Whiskey ~ Campari ~ Plum Wine ~ Velvet Falernum. 14

Hendrix cucumber gin, orange blossom water, honey shrub, fresh watermelon juice, elderflower tonic, garnished with a pickled watermelon rind THE DIVINE FEMININE | 11.95 Jasmine & butterfly pea infused Bacardi rum, rose wine, lemon juice, egg white, blood orange oleo saccharu Salmiakki Koshenkorva - 11. Skål! The Popular 'Cocktail' Enjoyed Throughout Scandinavia. Made with Grain Vodka Infused with Tyrkisk Peber, a Spicy Salty Licorice. Served Up and Neat Bacardi Zombie Cocktail Party Drinks 25 750 ML - Wine Online Delivery. 20%

COCKTAIL $15 SAKURA MARTINI Sake, Gin, Maraschino & Cherry Blossom PLUM SAZERAC Bourbon, Slivovitz & Absinthe IMPROVED SHOCHU COCKTAIL Barley Shochu, Aged Gin & Hop Liqueur TOPAZ GLOW Kirschwasser, Plum Wine & Campari UMAMI MARY Vodka, Miso, Shiitake, Lemon, Tomato & Clamato YUZU - CALPICO FIZZ Gin, Yuzu Preserve, Calpico, Lemon & Sod Sunahama Sandy Beach — 14. Plymouth Gin, DV8 Rice Vodka, Dimmi Liquor, Guava Nectar, Ginger Root Cordial, Cayenne Pepper, Seltzer & Fresh Lime. Serrano Splash — 15. Serrano Infused Wheatley Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Basil, Fresh Lemon & Lime. Rose Garden — 15 GS Signature Cocktails. THE ORIGINAL NO.2 MARTINI - GS Gin or Vodka, Dolin Vermouth, Green Olives $10. CUCUMBER MINT LIMEADE MARTINI - GS Small Batch Gin, Cucumber, Lime, Organic Cane Sugar, Mint $9. CHERRY BLACK TEA - GS Rosé Vodka, Cold-Brewed Organic Black Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Cherry, Lemon $9.5. GRAPEFRUIT BASIL LIMEADE - GS Blood Orange Gin, Grapefruit, Lime, Organic Cane. michelada. beer, lime juice, rocoto chili puree, clamato, maggi, salt, on the rocks. 9. negra modelo or tecate w/ beer back 1.5. two grilled wild shrimp 3 or crispy pork belly 2

40 Winter Party Cocktails for the Festive Season - The LuxPadAround the world in 80 drinks: From English gin to Iceland
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