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  1. Crystal was right. She had an AVM. An AVM is an inborn defect that affects the connection between arteries and veins and disrupts the flow of blood between them. Crystal's AVM was an abnormal, berry-like patch of blood vessels in her brain. Without treatment, it could rupture and cause brain damage
  2. Woman Undergoes Brain Surgery to Remove Deadly AVM, Caused by Rare Genetic Condition. Every time Lindsay Vos got a throbbing headache, or felt weakness on the left side of her body, she wondered how much longer she would survive. Since 2011, during her senior year at the University of Toledo, the former basketball star turned recreation.
  3. In February 1969, Valorie's arteriovenous malformation (AVM) bled for the first time. She felt extreme pain on the back of her neck, her body shook with spasms for about an hour and the right side of her body went numb. Valorie's parents thought she had thrown out a vertebra in her back. After several days with no improvement Valorie's.
  4. Posted on August 8, 2019 by Jack Bull | Patient Stories. Tags: arteriovenous malformation, brain malformation, cerebrovascular surgery and interventions center. Last spring, during my junior year of high school, I had a head collision during rugby practice. My coach recommended that I go to the emergency room for x-rays because I had a history.
  5. John Lynch - Arteriovenous Malformation The Challenge. More than 25 years after his surgery, John Lynch knows how lucky he was to be in the right place at the right time. John lived in North Braddock, a town near Pittsburgh, and was getting frequent migraine headaches

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A major surgery is not the end of your story as it was not the end of my story. The physical and mental condition immediately after brain surgery is not the end of the tale. In fact, two years out from major surgery is not the end; although many doctors will tell you it is! The brain and body God has given you is an amazing creation Hello and welcome to Flawed yet Functional! This space is both for encouragement and support in taking control of your autoimmune disease/symptoms and a bit of a diary of my health journey.One part of that journey is the removal of an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) from my right frontal lobe (aka brain surgery).The anniversary of my surgery is December 2 & 3 (it was a two-day procedure), and. Brad's Story - 16 Hour Brain Tumor Surgery. I was a patient here in 2006 for a 16-hour resection of a brain tumor, says Brad Lusk, a 68-year-old neurosurgery patient who was running 60 miles per week prior to finding out he had a growing meningioma tumor. I was fortunate to have Dr. Linda Liau perform my surgery Patient Stories . After AVM Brain Surgery: From Stroke Patient to SnowFest Queen San Francisco, the teen from Truckee, California learned she'd spent weeks in the hospital and had undergone brain surgery to remove the AVM. After months of intensive rehabilitation, she was able to return home, then to school, and then to the ski slopes.

Welcome to AVM Survivors Network. Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are defects of the circulatory system that are generally believed to arise during embryonic or fetal development or soon after birth. Although AVMs can develop in many different sites, those located in the brain or spinal cord can have especially widespread effects on the body Valorie's Story. In February 1969, Valorie's arteriovenous malformation (AVM) bled for the first time. She felt extreme pain on the back of her neck, her body shook with spasms for about an hour and the right side of her body went numb. Valorie's parents thought she had thrown out a vertebra in her back. After several days with no.

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  1. Debilitating headaches, seizures and memory issues led Nichole Trahan to Mayo Clinic where doctors found a brain arteriovenous malformation, a cerebrovascula..
  2. An arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, is an abnormal tangle of vessels in the brain or spinal cord in which one or more arteries are directly connected to one or more veins. Arteries carry blood from the heart to the tissues and veins take blood back from the tissues to the heart. In an AVM, the direct connection between one or more arteries.
  3. Hope's Story About Rehabilitation After Brain Arteriovenous Malformation Surgery. I went from not being able to do basic arithmetic and not recognizing letters of the alphabet to reading graphic novels on my own.. —Hope, Age 14. The headache started one morning in early January as 13-year-old Hope was getting ready for school
  4. When William learned his headaches were caused by a complex AVM (an abnormal tangle of vessels in the brain) and multiple associated brain aneurysms, he trav..
  5. Successful AVM Surgery. During surgery, Dr. Choudhri opened the membrane around the brain called the dura. After opening this he was able to find the two large blood vessels that where Brandie's AVM was. After several hours of surgery, Dr. Choudhri was able to remove the blood vessel that was causing Brandie's symptoms
  6. Personal Stories. The brain aneurysm community may seem small, but if you have been impacted in some way, whether you are a survivor, caregiver, friend, or have lost someone to an aneurysm, you start to realize how many people are impacted and that the community is unfortunately greater than you realized. At support group meetings, most often.

After AVM Brain Surgery: From Stroke Patient to SnowFest Queen A girl born with arteriovenous malformation (AVM) has a stroke, undergoes pediatric brain surgery at UCSF, and returns to school and snow skiing. See more My story. The Surgery Went Well, But.... Guideposts Magazine. True stories of Inspiration and Hope. Aneurysm/AVM Chat Room. A private chat program offered on this site to discuss related issues regarding AVM's and brain aneurysm's which includes links to other related sites. A formal chat session is set up for every Tuesday evenings at 8:00PM EST

Gamma Knife Patient Stories. Call for appointment: 410-328-6034. 410-328-6034. The University of Maryland Gamma Knife Center has treated more than 2,500 patients since the center opened in 1992. Meet some of our patients and read about their life-changing experiences An arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in the brain or spine. Some AVMs have no specific symptoms and little or no risk to one's life or health, while others cause severe and devastating effects when they bleed. Treatment options range from conservative watching to aggressive surgery, depending on the type. The University of Florida offers highly specialized treatment for AVM. Approximately 100 patients with AVM are seen each year at the University of Florida. Neurovascular Surgery Radiosurgery These Neurological Surgery physicians at UF are experts in the care and treatment of brain AVMs: William Friedman, Radiosurgery Brian Hoh, Endovascular and Open surgery Adam Polifka, Endovascula Patients with an unruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in the brain are four times more likely to have a stroke or die if they have a procedure to eradicate the AVM than if they receive medical management alone, according to the results of a clinical trial led by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and APHP-Hôpital Lariboisière in. Surgery involves performing a laminectomy (removal of bone over the spinal cord) over the area of the AVM and removing the lesion. Endovascular therapy involves placing a catheter into the AVM from the groin (the femoral artery) and injecting glue into the AVM to stop its blood flow

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  1. Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is a vascular disorder in which arteries and veins are connected directly rather than through capillaries. This direct connection produces enlarged, tangled masses creating a fast flow lesion within the blood vessels that is prone to rupture, bleeding, and stroke
  2. Endovascular embolization for arteriovenous malformations (AVM): Endovascular embolization is a more recent technique for the treatment of arteriovenous malformations (AVM). During this treatment, we pass a catheter through the groin up into the arteries in the brain that lead to the AVM and inject a material into these arteries
  3. Caleb underwent a successful craniotomy, open-skull brain surgery, to remove the AVM and hemorrhage, which controlled the bleeding. Even though the experience was terrifying, we feel lucky for so many reasons, said Claire
  4. The countdown to surgery was the most difficult time of our lives as we began taking it hour-by-hour. On 3/25 Surgery day came and our Neurosurgery Team was ready to proceed with removing the AVM, blood clots, and stopping any and all bleeding. Things went very well and an angiogram was scheduled to be sure there were no more bleeds
  5. These procedures would prepare her for the surgery to clip the AVM. These embolizations should reduce the blood flow and make the surgery safer. Embolization is a procedure done by a neuroradiologist, where a tiny catheter is inserted into the groin and fed through the arteries until they reach the area they want to work on in the brain

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Inspirational Volunteer Story - Lindsey DiCicco: Surviving an AVM Aneurysm and Brain Surgery Inspiration Updated July 29, 2018 Posted April 28, 2017 Clearwater Marine Aquarium has over 400 volunteers, logging more than 7,000 hours a month and helping in countless ways Gamma Knife radiosurgery (GKRS) of cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVM) is an accepted treatment option that has been performed for more than 40 years. The goal of AVM GKRS is nidus obliteration to eliminate the risk of intracranial hemorrhage while minimizing the risk of short- and long-term A Patient's Story: Pulsatile Tinnitus, Solved. The whooshing sound in her ears was maddening, but nobody could find a solution for it. Then Kate met Dr. Patsalides, who had the answer. Kate Metzler, a 32-year-old behavioral therapist from Kingston, New York, will never forget the frustrating year she spent seeing doctors, having medical tests. Drake White performs onstage at Exit In on March 26, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. The country singer revealed his arteriovenous malformation brain condition on August 21, 2019

A day later, Dr. Bain could at last treat Jennifer's AVM. He performed a minimally invasive embolization, inserting a small catheter into an artery in Jennifer's groin and then feeding it up through a series of arteries to her brain, getting as close to the AVM as possible Object: Several adverse effects such as brain edema, necrosis, arterial stenosis, hemorrhage after obliteration, and delayed cyst formation have been reported as early and late complications of Gamma Knife surgery (GKS) for arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). These adverse effects seem to be decreased in a lower-dose treatment regimen compared with the classic higher margin doses of 25 Gy. Surgical resection is a highly effective arteriovenous malformation treatment that removes the AVM completely. The abnormal blood vessels don't grow back, so surgery can eliminate the risk of future bleeding. Surgery is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia and requires a craniotomy, a procedure to open the skull so that surgeons.

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  1. Shalon's AVM Story. In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they are still beautiful. -Alice Walker. Perfection is relative. After over 50 hospital stays I feel like my version of perfection is being healthy, happy, and thriving despite what society would lable imperfect
  2. Super cool Surgery!! picture from the intended coil removal and surgery to take out a bunch of the AVM. Crazy for sure. Do NOT look if you are squeamish. It's grody :) Pictures of other AVM-ers! If you would like to add pictures of your AVM and your story, email me! I would love to share your info with people visiting this site. All AVM's act.
  3. After the treatment, it takes up to two to three years for the AVM to essentially dissolve. The procedure is typically reserved for patients with AVMs in areas of the brain that are difficult to reach through surgery, patients who have medical conditions that further complicate surgery, or families that do not want an open operation
  4. In order to prevent further damage, Jabari will need US$32,500 for AVM surgery and travel fare to New York. Jabari's aunt, Karen Osborne, has since set up a GoFundMe account that has raised US$600 so far, and so the family is now trying to close the financial gap. Waner insists that the surgery will need to be done by July 2021
  5. Arteriovenous Malformation Treatment. AVMs, which can cause hemorrhagic stroke, are treated on a case-by-case basis. The treatment selected depends on the location and size of the AVM, the severity and nature of symptoms, the patient's age and health status, and the risk involved in treatment. Treatment options include: Observation; Surgery

Surgery. The main treatment for AVM is surgery. Your doctor might recommend surgery if you're at a high risk of bleeding. The surgery might completely remove the AVM. This treatment is usually used when the AVM is in an area where surgeons can remove the AVM with little risk of causing significant damage to the brain tissues The AVM may bleed, causing coughing of blood or collections of blood around the lung. Diagnosis Bubble study (Microbubbles injected into an IV while an ultrasound monitors the heart or outflow arteries; normally these microbubbles will be filtered out by the lung, but if a lung AVM is present then the bubbles will pass through the AVM and be.

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Bryan had a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in his brain that had weakened and burst, causing a hemorrhagic stroke. The team explained to Bryan's parents Melissa and Tony that they first needed to drain the blood that was damaging Bryan's brain Doctors diagnosed Stephan with an extremely rare neurological condition known as Arteriovenous Malformation, also know as AVM. Skip Navigation. Latest News Stories. Without the surgery. Update, April 15: Bishop-elect Paula Clark is recovering tonight at Alexian Brothers Hospital in Elk Grove Village after undergoing surgery today to remove an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in her brain. The surgery went as expected, and the bishop-elect was stable throughout, according to a report from her daughter, Micha Green Surgical removal: Involves conventional brain surgery where a part of the skull is removed temporarily to directly address the AVM. This is typically done if the brain has bled or is in an easy to. An AVM grading system developed in the mid-1980s can help health care professionals estimate the risk of surgery based on the size of the AVM, location in the brain and surrounding tissue involvement, and any leakage. Three surgical options are used to treat AVMs: conventional surgery, endovascular embolization, and radiosurgery. The choice of.

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  1. Note: You may need to click Read more as you scroll to read Kirk's full story. Thank you! Kirk needs help We are here knocking at your hearts to ask for your support in raising money for the continued treatment of a brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation) via Gamma Knife surgeries, for Kirk Jason Acapulco, a loving father, supportive husband, and caring son
  2. The board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists at Norton Leatherman Spine in Louisville and Southern Indiana are skilled at treating spinal AVM (arteriovenous malformation). Spinal AVM refers to a group of conditions where there is a tangle of blood vessels in, on or around the spinal cord
  3. Therapies include embolization, flow diversion and surgery. Dural arteriovenous fistulas: These rare malformations are named for their location in the dura, the brain's leathery covering. As in an AVM, arteries and veins are connected without capillaries that slow blood flow. This can sometimes lead to bleeding or stroke
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AVM BASICS AVM is an abbreviation for arteriovenous malformation. An AVM is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels (arteries and veins) that are linked directly via connections called fistulas or shunts. AVMs can occur in many places in the body but AVMs in the brain are the most common. Approximately 18 people in 100,000 in Continue reading About AVM If your peripheral AVM continues to progress, it can damage your tissue, causing pain, pressure sores and ulcers, and possibly bleeding. It is hard to predict how quickly AVM will progress. It often takes years before it does real damage. Hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy, trauma or injury, and surgery can affect how quickly the AVM. An arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins. The connection becomes tangled. Blood flows too quickly from the arteries and pushes on the walls of the veins. The walls weaken and become narrow. The artery walls also become weak. They begin to bulge from blood that is not able to go into the narrow veins Conventional Surgery In many cases, surgery may be recommended to completely remove the AVM. This is appropriate when the AVM is small and located on the surface of the brain or spinal cord. When the AVM is deep in the brain, other minimally invasive techniques are used to prevent damage to surrounding tissue Steven awoke in recovery after the 9.5 hour surgery to see his surgeon, who smiled as he told his patient he was able to remove the AVM without sacrificing the main artery. The surgeon's smile grew wider as he performed the initial post-surgical neuro tests and detected traces of movement in Steven's right foot

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Surgery alone ended up costing $280,000, Murdock said. Though Murdock was hesitant, Faber persuaded him to start a GoFundMe that ended up raising more than $36,000. Team Alpha Male has also run. Through Aug. 5, patients who have elective vision correction surgery at Richens Eye Center will save $250 per eye, for a total of $500 off. To schedule surgery by that date, you'll want to. Initial Care at the Hospital After Lumbar Laminectomy. A hospital stay of 1 to 4 days is typically required following a lumbar laminectomy surgery. 1 During this period, the patient is monitored by the hospital staff for any complications. Typically, a physical therapist works with the patient during the hospital stay to help with a guided rehabilitation program

A brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is a tangle of arteries and veins in the brain that disrupt the normal flow of blood. This is a condition that is usually present at birth. In rare cases, brain AVMs are associated with conditions that run in families. Though they are most common in the brain, AVMs can also occur in other parts of the body Surgery is often necessary because if an AVM is left untreated there is a risk for hemorrhage. Three types of surgery are used for AVM, either alone or in combination. Conventional surgery (microsurgical resection) to remove the AVM is appropriate if the lesion is located in an accessible area that does not involve critically important. OurCrowd. Yesterday at 10:00 PM ·. #StoriesBehindTheStartup . My story doesn't end here.. When the worst headache of Danielle's life resulted in a diagnosis of an arteriovenous malformation (a tangle of abnormal blood vessels in the brain), her husband was terrified of losing her. However, Surgical Theater 's VR technology. Arteriovenous fistulas are abnormal connections between blood vessels in the coverings of the brain. Although some rare AVFs appear in newborns, this type of abnormality typically develops as people grow older and is not considered hereditary (passed on through families) or congenital (present at birth)

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Jabari's family ecstatic as donors hit surgery goal. Susan Gordon is seen with her son, Jabari Osborne, who has a rare condition, arteriovenous malformation. After a Gleaner story on Wednesday, donations flooded in to finance his surgery overseas. When the family of Jabari Osborne was notified that they had met their goal on a GoFundMe. Teen back on her feet thanks to lifesaving surgery. Ivy Goldson was at summer camp in Colorado when an AVM on her spinal cord burst, leaving her a quadriplegic. The 17-year-old was terrified and in pain - feeling like there was fire in her veins - while doctors ran test after test to determine what happened Rare Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) of the Scalp: Why Finding the Right Specialist is Key. A Tiny Heart. A Big Victory During COVID-19. My name is Chris Verosky, and I would like to tell you about an experience I had with Gregory Levitin, MD . In the fall of 2013 I noticed a small bump on my forehead

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The procedure to repair my aneurysm took about two hours and involved inserting a catheter into an artery in my groin that was then guided to my brain. Through that catheter, the stent meant to help repair the blood vessel would be routed and placed, and then a tiny coil designed to fill the aneurysm would be inserted AVM: Recovering from Surgery. After AVM surgery is completed, the surgeon will talk with your family and friends. You'll wake up in a recovery area. Then you'll be moved to a special unit, often an ICU (intensive care unit), where you can be closely watched. In the hospital. If you're in pain, your nurses can give you medicines to help Dr Dukhi performs life-saving surgery on woman diagnosed with large deep brain AVM. Vanita Tageram, 25, is the first patient in Guyana to undergo an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) surgery which was performed by Neurosurgeon Dr Amarnauth Dukhi, and the staff of the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital. This was announced yesterday by First Lady. AVM and Seizures. Two years ago I was diagnosed with an AVM and rushed into emergency surgery to remove the mass. It was a seizure that alerted the doctors to my AVM. After 2 12hour surgeries the mass was removed and I was told that I wouldn't have another seizure. 1.5 years later I had another seizure and then again a few weeks later Latest News Stories. a former Georgia high school standout who played college football at Florida after recovering from brain surgery, he also had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM.

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The day Amy arrived at addenbrooks. August 1, 2013. by living WIth AVM. Leave a comment. As my wife was sent from west suffolk hospital.. Might I add tho, the doctor there was fantastic, he knew what was wrong with my wife very quickly, he then [] Read Article →. Post navigation. 1 2 Next → Sandy's story. Cervical-thoracic fusion. Recovery from complex spinal surgery is frequently a family affair. Spouses, siblings, and even children can be called upon to help with meals, laundry, and other aspects of daily living. In Sandy's case, even her pet parrot had to adapt. Read more > My surgery was more than a year ago, and I still haven't completely wrapped my head (heh) around what happened. Things seem to fall into two categories: before my brain surgery and after. That's just how it is. It's a weird thing. - For a very brief window of time, everything in your life is going to make sense The brain is best described as the component of your body that holds the reins to all its other major and minor systems, even while you are asleep! When you have surgery it is always wise to learn about the possible side effects of brain surgery. In order for you or any other person to successfully carry out an action, the real governor of your body (the brain) draws information from all the.

Mike is a brain injury survivor and a valued Peer Visitor for the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association. His car accident occurred in May, 1993. He was in a coma for 40 days. He then went to Inpatient Rehabilitation until August 5, 1993, and Outpatient Rehabilitation for 4 months, and then was released December 24, 1993 Embolisation is less invasive than surgery and is best suited when the blood vessels supplying the AVM are clearly identifiable. It is an alternative if the risks associated with surgery are high. It can also be used prior to conventional surgery or radiation therapy to reduce the size of the AVM and the risk of bleeding After surgery to remove a large malformation, Matty is back to running and playing like a typical two-year-old. Back from the brink: Bryan's life-threatening AVM. Bryan Thomas was rushed to the emergency room with a bleeding arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in his brain. Quick but careful teamwork defused the ticking time bomb.

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Tags: surgery, bengaluru surgery, rare surgery bengaluru, bengaluru arteriovenous malformation surgery Related Stories Brachytherapy offers better alternative to surgery for penile cance The Spetzler Martin Grading Scale estimates the risk of open neurosurgery for a patient with AVM, by evaluating AVM size, pattern of venous drainage, and eloquence of brain location. A Grade 1 AVM would be considered as small, superficial, and located in non-eloquent brain, and low risk for surgery Individuals diagnosed with a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal tangle of arteries and veins, are at an increased risk of vessel rupture and bleeding that can cause stroke and.

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Our patients share some of their stories of triumph over a variety of brain malformations and disorders. Gamma Knife brings lasting relief from Marilyn's trigeminal neuralgia pain. Marilyn has a lively personality, an infectious laugh — and trigeminal neuralgia. When she first felt the electrical shock in her facial nerves in her early 30s. After being in the hospital for five days for her stroke, Taylor later had surgery to correct her AVM. The surgery was a success -- but that was just the beginning of a stroke recovery that took.

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AVM is an extremely rare medical condition that causes arteries and veins in the head, neck, or spine to swell due to an abnormal tangle of blood vessels. In Nikki's case, the condition affects the right side of her face and occasionally causes life-threatening nosebleeds. She's undergone over 40 operations as a result of her diagnosis hi my name is robert i need some one to talk to about im going through this all by myself and it hurts. i have epilepsy im 42 ive had it since i was 8 i hade seziures all the time . in june 2000 i had brain surgery to remove the epilepsy.right temp lobe it was a sucess havenet had a seziure since. but know i have suvere depression and anziety. ive always had a little depresion but nothing. She had a significant brain hemorrhage, says Babak S. Jahromi, MD, PhD, the vice chair of neurological surgery at Northwestern Medicine.Imaging determined Terrah had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), or an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in the brain. It was dormant for many years, and only started to declare itself over the last year, says Michael C. Hurley, MD. Tangle of arteries and veins can be life-threatening. Arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, is an abnormal cluster of blood vessels that can cause life-threatening symptoms. Normally, arteries take oxygen-rich blood from the heart to nourish the rest of the body. Veins then take that oxygen-depleted blood back from organs to the lungs and heart FULL STORY. Every 45 seconds, another American has a stroke, caused either by a blocked or burst blood vessel in the brain. the AVM can be more safely removed in open surgery if needed. More.

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We deliver superior outcomes. Strokes, brain aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are often life-threatening conditions that require urgent, subspecialized care. Fortunately, as one of the highest-volume, most sophisticated neurovascular centers in the mid-Atlantic, New Jersey Brain and Spine provides 24/7 evaluation and treatment of well over 700 patients with these conditions. Patient Stories. Chase Essex loves pizza and has even prepared shrimp scampi for his family. So it might come as a surprise that, until recently, the 14-year-old hadn't eaten by mouth for much of his life. Now, says his mother, Antoinette, he eats everything in sight.. More than a decade ago, Chase was like any other curious.

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True arteriovenous malformation (AVM)-The most common brain vascular malformation. The blood vessels are connected without brain tissue in between the artery and the vein. It looks like a web of blood vessels. Occult or cryptic AVM or cavernous malformations--A small AVM that bleeds a very small amount The definitive treatment for AVMs is either surgery to either remove the AVM or to create an artificial blood clot to close the lesion or focused irradiation treatment that is designed to damage the blood vessel walls and close the lesion. The decision to treat an AVM requires a careful consideration of possible benefits versus risks Surgery may not be possible if the AVM is widespread or surrounds important body parts and organs. Sometimes we can only remove part of an AVM. Often we use glue embolization surgery (GES) to remove or reduce AVMs. Our doctors were the first to use medical-grade Super Glue to remove the tangle of extra veins in a single surgery The definitive treatment for AVMs is either surgery to either remove the AVM or to create an artificial blood clot to close the lesion or focused irradiation treatment that is designed to damage the blood vessel walls and close the lesion. The decision to treat an AVM requires a careful consideration of possible benefits versus risks. Prognosi Norris Payton Jr.'s mom Cassie says he is the light in every single room. After the 7-year-old underwent emergency brain surgery, resulting from a brain bleed in early April, Cassie was unsure whether her energetic and compassionate son would regain speech or motor function