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The Aveda curriculum is more straightforward. 1500 hours of coursework completion are required for graduation. In addition to the requirements listed above, here are the other unique courses that must be completed for a certificate from Aveda: The Empire Beauty School divides the coursework into 5 phases. These 5 phases must be completed in. Syllabus and Skills . Cosmetology schools differ in their curriculum, training, mode of operation and costs. Before enrolling in a specific school, take time to review all aspects of the education they offer. Some programs are more comprehensive than others. Some schools offer specialty programs where you receive training in only one specific. 1500 Hour Curriculum. 1. Basic Training - 150 hours of classroom instruction in general theory and practical application shall be provided which shall include a minimum of the following subject areas:Tools and their use. Shampooing Understanding chemicals and use Types of hair and Eyelash extension, tabs and strips Sanitation and IL. Adm. Code 1175, including Sanitary standard With 1500+ hours of total training, the cosmetology program complies with local and state licensing requirements. Let's review what topics are included in the cosmetology curriculum. Beauty School Essentials. This category of basic training includes dedicated hours focused on general theory and basic practices The primary goal of Yuri Academy of Cosmetology is to provide our students with a quality education that is up-to-date with today's trends while using industry quality tools. Nail Technician Course Syllabus. Orientation: The student's are introduced to Yuri's Academy school or facility where waxing services are delivered to the.

The Empire Beauty School curriculum will teach you how to mix and apply color, as well as how various coloring tools are used. Basic Skin Care. Basic Skin Care. Basic skin care is an important skill set for all cosmetologists to have. Understanding skin care enables Empire Beauty School graduates to open doors to even more career possibilities 2019 Health and Safety Course Syllabus - Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Author: Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Subject: 2019 Health and Safety Course Syllabus - Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Keywords: 2019 Health and Safety Course Syllabus - Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Created Date: 6/19/2019 1:37:06 P COS School Curriculum Approval Application Instructions 20160422 TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATION P.O. Box 12157, Aus n, Texas 78711‐2157 800‐803‐9202 - (512) 463‐6599 - FAX (512) 463‐1512 www.tdlr.texas.gov educa on@tdlr.texas.gov TEXAS COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL CLOCK HOUR CURRICULUM. Schools may begin making adjustments to modify the hours for existing lesson plans and the course syllabus to transition students from the cosmetology operator 1500-hour program to the new 1000-hour program Get the skills you need, and get ready for a career doing what you love. Study cosmetology for a broad foundation, or choose a more specialized program. At Paul Mitchell Schools, we have raised over $22 million for charity since 2001. We're proud to make a difference—and it's so much fun, we call it FUNraising

Book, ISBN-13: 978--974-993-99-7, $23.95. Paul Mitchell The School Salt Lake City offers two options for its Cosmetology/Barbering program, one which provides 25% of the course via distance learning, and the second option requires all of the training to take place within our campus Barbering and Cosmetology Regulations. 7/1/2021. 18VAC41-20-210. Curriculum requirements. A. Each barber school shall submit with its application a curriculum including a course syllabus, a detailed course content outline, a sample of five lesson plans, a sample of evaluation methods to be used, and a breakdown of hours and performances for all. According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), the average tuition ranges from $6,500 to $10,000 or more, with the actual amount depending largely on location. If the school you choose is in a rural area, the tuition is generally cheaper. If the school is in a bigger city, you will likely pay more Cosmetology Curriculum. The Cosmetology curriculum contains an intense training environment for hair cutting, color technique, skin, makeup, manicuring, and the application of artificial hair to enhance and reward the creative styles of every student in school. The enrollment plan covers 1,500 hours of cosmetology instruction, as required by. Online cosmetology school provides courses in facial basics, cutting, styling and coloring hair. Know all about online beauty schools and online cosmetology classes available from top beauty and.

Beauty & Aesthetics class lectures, programs and studies are derived from the Milady's Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians and Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals™ Esthetics Text Books.. The following topics are taught in a classroom setting, practical setting, or a combination of both. For class start dates see our Calendar. Ergonomic COSMETOLOGY CURRICULUM. Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology is proud to offer a rigorous 1500 hour Pivot Point based Cosmetology Curriculum connecting you to what is current and relevant. Your 50 week program will be divided into 3 segments

In order to graduate from the cosmetology program and receive a Certificate of Completion, a student must successfully complete the required 1500 hours, pass all theory and practical examinations with a 70% average and the overall comprehensive test 80%. All fees owed to the school must be paid in full prior graduation WAEC Syllabus for Cosmetology. I will provide the Importance of the WAEC Syllabus for Cosmetology below and students that will be taking this subject in their exam should check it out. You will find topics in the syllabus that you have to study while preparing for your examination. CLICK THIS LINK TO GET THE WAEC SYLLABUS FOR COSMETOLOGY Courses taught by FIT faculty, Allure editors, & industry experts. Request info COSMETOLOGY D500100/8905100 2016-2017 Syllabus Course Description Specialized classroom and lab experiences are utilized to enable the student to become proficient in the use of a variety of beauty treatments, including the care and beautification of the hair, complexion, and hands. Instruction includes Cosmetology Curriculum. Cosmetology & Beauty topics are taught in a classroom setting, practical setting, or a combination of both. For class start dates see our Calendar. Ergonomics. Products, Tools, and Equipment, Use and Safety. Chemistry. Anatomy. Bacteriology / Biology. Electricity

Curriculum. Aspen Beauty Academy - Laurel's mission is to provide quality education in a hands-on, supportive and motivating environment that prepares our graduates for licensure with the skills necessary to excel and prosper in the field of cosmetology. The program provides 1500 clock hours of required instruction in English to prepare. 1-4 AVEDA INSTITUTE COSMETOLOGY COURSE In the early 20th century, the electric permanent waving machine and heated pressing combs were first used to curl or straighten hair. At about this time, women's beauty parlors were opened, becoming not only places to have their hair done, but also to socialize. Before that time, curling an COSMETOLOGY TEACHERS: The State Board of Cosmetology requires 500 hours of education for licensure of Cosmetology Teachers. During the declared disaster emergency related to the COVI-19 pandemic, up to 100 hours may be completed through distance education in the following curriculum areas: Professional Practices; Salon Management Theory 4-Day schedule: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Davines, Hattori Hanzo, Joico and CND product partnerships. Pivot Point Lab 2.0 based curriculum. Both classroom and hands-on training in our 70-chair Student Salon and 4-chair Beauty Bar. All-school educational assemblies Cosmetology I Amber Richardson, amber.richardson@nhrec.org (757)766-1100 ext. 3368. Licensed Cosmetologist; Worked in the field for 10 years; Has managed and was a Salon Leader; Cosmetology I Syllabus Cosmetology I Pacing Guide. Cosmetology II Tanya Rogers, tanya.rogers@nhrec.org (757) 766-1100 ext. 3371. Licensed Cosmetologis

Cosmetology. The TONI&GUY Cosmetology program focuses on our Classics curriculum including 11 cut and nine color techniques. Students graduate with a fundamental education in hairdressing, with expertise in products, makeup, skincare, and an understanding of the salon experience as well as how to further their professional development Johnson High School Cosmetology 2019-2020 Course Syllabus 4260 RR 967 BUDA, TX 78610 Instructor: Aimee Foster Aimee.Foster@hayscisd.ne The Cosmetology curriculum is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry. The curriculum provides a simulated salon environment which enables students to develop manipulative skills. Course work includes instruction in all phases of

With over 9,000 square feet of learning space, including a student cafeteria, student salon, and light-filled classrooms, we hope you feel inspired every day. Our students love our small classes where they can receive personal attention from our instructors. Hands On. Practicing real-life skills is important to gain the future you dream of CURRICULUM FORMAT. Instructional performance objectives are developed for each competency in each of the programs offered by Victoria's Academy. Student learning objectives are used in all theory and practical applications, safety and sanitation practices and procedures, attendance and professionalism

Cosmetology Course Objectives. The Cosmetology course is designed to train the student in the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional attitudes necessary to obtain licensure and for competency in entry-level positions in the Cosmetology profession. Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined graduate will be The Orlo School of Hair Design and Cosmetology's 1000-hour Cosmetology curriculum prepares students for the many responsibilities faced by industry professionals such as estheticians and hairdressers. Our courses are presented by a combination of lecture, demonstration and student practice, with approximately 680 hours devoted to practical.

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(8.14) Cosmetology Curriculum for School of Cosmetology or Postsecondary School of Cosmetology (8.15) Manicure Curriculum for School of Cosmetology or Postsecondary School of Cosmetology (8.16) Aesthetic Curriculum for School of Cosmetology or Postsecondary School of Cosmetology curriculum must maintain pace with the cosmetology job demand within the professional salons and chain salons as noted in the June 2003 NACCAS report. Significance of the Project The field of Cosmetology is in need of a standardized core curriculum, which will prepare the student for the California State Board of Cosmetology licensure, become

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Submit an outline of the curriculum(s) showing that it meets the requirements of Sections 1175.530 and/or 1175.535. If you want to offer the teacher program you must be approved for both the 500- hour and 1000-hour programs. All schools are approved to offer the Refresher Courses once license is IL486-0208 Cosmetology School Application. Rule 240-15-.02 Cosmetology School Curriculum. The curriculum for students enrolled in a school of cosmetology for a complete course of a minimum of nine (9) months and totaling fifteen hundred (1,500) hours of training (250 theory + 1250 service application hours) shall be as follows Aveda is a global leader in the beauty industry. Start your career at the Aveda Institute Las Vegas and become a part of our network with lots of opportunities. Focusing on a creative approach to learning, our copyrighted curriculum sets us apart from other Institutes. All of our programs include techniques in your chosen field as well as. Setting standards of excellence, our multi-award-winning cosmetology program is on-trend, artistic, and original. We proudly teach modern classic and creative techniques, like razor cutting, creative color, and the American Wave Texture Service, so that our students are equipped to work with affluent clients with sophisticated tastes

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Cosmetology. Daytona State College's School of Cosmetology offers programs in Cosmetology and Barbering. Each program is performance based and will help you develop the general knowledge, problem-solving abilities and skills required for employment in your chosen discipline. Incorporated into the curricula is hands-on lab participation to help. Sex Trafficking. Beauty School Syllabus Now Includes Human-Trafficking Awareness Training In Ohio, learning to spot the signs of human trafficking is now a requirement for cosmetology licenses Prerequisites include High school diploma or GED, minimum age of 17. Education by Pivot Point The Fundamentals library is written with a focus on teaching students to be resilient, make comebacks after setbacks, and to understand the passion and commitment it takes to be a successful salon professional

The Rogers Academy of Beauty offers aesthetics and cosmetology Career Training. Our beauty school has a wonderful curriculum schedule offering a variety of dates. Contact us today for more information Every beauty school is different, but most cosmetology programs teach students the basics of hair, skin, and nails. Some schools can include or offer makeup or esthetics courses, but they are not always part of the standard curriculum. When deciding on which beauty school you want to go to, always research what the program teaches you

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In the State of New Jersey you are required to be at least 17 years of age, provide a proof of completion of high school or its GED equivalent and complete 1,200 hours of instruction training at an approved cosmetology school before you can take a licensing examination administered by the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. Cosmetology School License Requirements. Cosmetology Schools are defined as the premises where cosmetology or 1 or more of its services are taught and must be licensed as such. Licensed schools must provide a full curriculum encompassing all specialties of cosmetological services. Cosmetology schools must comply with all of the following Cosmetology; Cosmetology. Welcome to the Cosmetology Section web site. As a part of the Center for Health Protection, our purpose is to protect the public welfare by establishing, maintaining, and enforcing appropriate standards of competency and practice in the Cosmetology . Profession

The curriculum at cosmetology school is more in-depth, comprehensive and far-reaching. Here, you'll attend full-length courses that focus on topics ranging from makeup to nails Our cosmetology programs are designed to be engaging and fun while helping you to develop the skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed. *Some programs may not be available in all schools. Click here to view important consumer information about our programs. Focuses on core concepts that you will need to succeed in the beauty industry The School's curriculum and teaching techniques are implemented using the highest standards and are revised to meet the educational needs of the student. While at Staunton School of Cosmetology students receive hands-on-training in the development of their skills needed to be a successful Hair Stylist We're a proud Pivot Point® Legacy Partner School. That means we're able to use the curriculum and course materials provided by Pivot Point International. For over 50 years, Pivot Point® has been the industry standard in beauty education and trained successful beauty professionals from all over the globe. We put our people first COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL INFORMATION. Beginning August 1, 2019 examinations will be offered in ENGLISH ONLY. The Board will no longer offer examination in Vietnamese or Spanish after this date. Opening School Application (Link to eLicense.ohio) School Listings. CAREER TECHNICAL SCHOOLS

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  1. 9. School Curriculum Requirement The Board regulation at 49 PA Code §7.129 sets forth the breakdown of hours by subject for cosmetology curriculum. 1250 hours for cosmetology curriculum 695 hours for a licensed barber now pursuing cosmetology 500 hours for teacher curriculum 200 hours for nail technician curriculu
  2. Taught by FIT faculty, editors from Allure, and industry experts from Bobbi Brown, L'Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, and more, this is the first-ever online non-credit certificate program to deliver an in-depth introduction to the diverse array of careers in the global beauty industry
  3. ation and allow them to learn the technical, personal and business skills necessary to.
  4. Program Description: The Cosmetology program, led by Ms. F. Lewis and Ms. C. Lewis, provides students opportunities to learn processes and techniques required to operate their own hair, nail, and/or facial salons. Arguably our most rigorous program, dedicated students have the ability to earn 1000 hours of required classroom and laboratory time.
  5. g licensed, deeply enjoy the career field.
  6. Tricoci University's nail school curriculum complies with local training requirements, helping students meet the relevant benchmarks for licensing. Specific classes and training hours for nail programs will vary by state. In Indiana, Tricoci University nail students receive 600 hours of training and can complete the program in just six months.
  7. g 30 (c) Professionalism--Professional Ethics 3
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Sweeting's Cosmetology Braiding Curriculum. 120 Hrs. Theory 180 Hrs. Practical. Chapter 1- History and Career Opportunities- Why Study natural Hair Care and Braiding History and Career Opportunities , Brief History of Natural Hair Care and Braiding, Career path for natural Hair Stylist. Chapter 2- Infection Control Principles and Practices- Why. Olympus Beauty Academyis NACCAS Accredited. Accreditation means that a school has met national standards of educational performance, which have been established by an impartial non-governmental agency. The accrediting of schools by professional, national and regional associations of like schools (schools with similar objectives and subject. The International Beauty College is one of the top cosmetology schools in Texas that offers a ten-month cosmetology program that can be completed in only ten months; however, part-time programs are available as well. The International Beauty School has received accreditation from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences. Total Program Tuition Costs - 9,82

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Our online system provides more efficient services to those applying for a Cosmetology license. If you are having problems completing the application process, please contact us at 517-241-0199 for assistance and we can help walk you through the process.Should you have further questions, please contact our Licensing Support Team at BPLHelp. The Natural Hair Styling license has since been revised, and includes a separate license obtained with 300 hours of course curriculum pertaining to natural styling, braids, weaves and twisting. However, to date, natural hair styling, curly or textured services is not taught in most beauty school curriculum Barber Schools; School Curriculum. Barber 1000 CURRICULUM - REVISED 5/14/2019 ; Barber 1800 CURRICULUM - REVISED 5/14/2019 ; Barber Teacher CURRICULUM ; board home | contact the board | ohio.gov | privacy policy | state agencies The Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board 1929 Gateway Circle Grove City, Ohio 43123 Tel: (614) 466-3834 Fax: (614.

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School Data Sheet Submit information about your school, its curriculum, and any signees. Online: https://professions.dol.wa.gov. Or mail this completed form to: Cosmetology Program Department of Licensing PO Box 9026. Olympia, WA 98507-9026. For questions or language help call: (360) 664-6651. School information. PRINT. or . TYPE. School name Emai E and F of the syllabus. Each question will carry 25 marks and candidates will be required to answer two. PAPER 3: Will be a test of practical work paper consisting ofthree compulsory questions. It will take 1 hour and carry 80 marks. DETAILED SYLLABUS CONTENTS NOTES A. INTRODUCTION TO COSMETOLOGY 1. Cosmetology (a) Cosmetology. (b) Cosmetics Cosmetology Kit (with books) 1,221.00 _____ Estimated In-State Certificate Total: 4,000.00 Estimated Out-Of-State Certificate Total: 10,528.00 Costs are subject to change and are based on in-state tuition. UNIFORMS, COSMETOLOGY KIT, AND TEXTBOOKS Cosmetology students are required to wear black nursing scrub uniforms and black enclosed shoes with n B.Sc. in Beauty Cosmetology is usually a 3-year graduate program, the least eligibility criteria is a 10+2 degree from a reputed board. Admission into the B.Sc. in Beauty Cosmetology relies upon the aspirant's performance in the relevant entrance test and a counseling round The Cosmetology Program is a 1,600-hour program comprised of four (12 units each) to be taken in consecutive order. This program is completed in approximately three semesters for full-time students and six semesters for part-time students. The Esthetician Program is a 600-hour program comprised of two courses (9 units each)

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  1. The Salon Schools Group Cosmetology division offers full-service training. Throughout our program, you will. 1- Learn the latest trends in hair cuts, coloring and design for all. 2- Master hair texture concepts for all types and styles of clients. 3- Explore basic skin care and makeup services
  2. Your Path to a beautiful career starts at Gould's Academy. With two state-of-the-art facilities in Memphis and Bartlett, we offer comprehensive salon and spa education with hands-on training in the fields of cosmetology, esthetics, nail care, and barbering
  3. Conclusion. Normally, high school students usually study math, English, science and history, not nail care, skin care, makeup and hair styling. This doesn't mean that you can't though, and you shouldn't let that stop you from pursuing your dreams.By all means, become a jack-of-all-trades in the beauty industry!. If you're motivated enough it's possible to begin a cosmetology program.
  4. High School Cosmetology News. Cosmetology Curriculum Map. Instructor: Mrs. Jennifer Womer jwomer@ccctc.edu 1-814-765-5308 CIP Code: 12.0401. Cosmetology is the art and science of beautifying hair, skin and nails. It is a three-year program with 1250 hours of study. Students must apply in ninth grade for acceptance into the program
  5. Cosmetology Course Description. Graduate Certificate in Cosmetology Program Length: 54 Weeks. A student shall spend 1600 hours in the study of cosmetology which is concerned with the science of beautifying and Improving the complexion, skin, hair, and nails of the human body. 14 months are the usual contracted time for the completion of the required 1600 hours
  6. high school graduation requirements. Dual Enrollment courses can be high school academic and/or career technical education courses. Postsecondary Secondary: Cosmetology nt Course/Grade Ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth TCC Diploma nt-Bachelor of Science English 9 th grade Lit/ Composition 10th grade Lit/ Composition American Lit/ Compositio
  7. The Cosmetology course at Paducah Beauty School is a well-round program covering all phases of cosmetology, preparing you for a career as a Professional Licensed Cosmetologist. Your training will emphasize a firm, basic knowledge of theory and practical skills needed for the development of an exciting career in cosmetology or a related field

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We are a family-owned business and have been creating futures in the beauty industry for 60 years. At Continental School of Beauty, we offer programs in Hairdressing and Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetics, and Esthetics and Nails combo. Continental has three campuses in New York State with locations in Rochester, Syracuse, and West Seneca The CCCC Cosmetology Department has built a reputation for quality instruction, the development of good customer relationships, hard work and fun. It's much more than styling hair. Instructors bring years of experience as stylists, successful business owners and teachers. The college instructional salons are located in Sanford and Lillington The Curriculum. Unleash your creativity and learn to channel it through shears, clippers, and scissors! Our cosmetology program teaches the basic foundations for hair cutting, hair coloring, hair styling, hair extension application, makeup artistry, and manicuring techniques It is mandatory that you develop a curriculum for each course that will be taught in your school. The curriculum is like the scheme of work or topics the instructor is meant to cover for the completion of a particular course. You can work with business friends from other cosmetology schools to develop a curriculum for your own school. 7

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The syllabus and level of difficulty of the syllabus of the course will differ from the institute offering it. Most institutes offer the following topics as a part of their Certificate of Cosmetology programme cosmetology core curriculum breakdown and hours; scope hours; 1) professional requirements: 24. 2) safety and health: 26. 3) anatomy and physiology: 15. 4) hair analysis: 10. 5) hair and scalp disorders and diseases: 10. 6) chemistry as applied to cosmetology: 5. 7) shampoos, rinses, conditioners and treatments: 30. 8) hair cutting and shaping. Montgomery Beauty Schooly uses Milady curriculum, textbooks and workbooks, which enable the school to supply the students and instructors with extensive educational materials. In cosmetology, 2 textbooks are used, along with a unique study guide and kits that contain many components used for hands-on practice which are utilized throughout the. School Addresses. For Students and Former Students. Certification of School Hours Request Form (for download and print) School Rules. Subchapter T Sanitation Rules. For School Use Only. Curriculum Development Guide- based on rule changes effective October 1, 2019. Sample School Curriculum Guides. Sample Cosmetology Curriculu

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Continental School of Beauty's Esthetics 600-hour program teaches students the essential technical and practical skills of skin care and makeup. Our experienced educators share their real-world knowledge and skills in an onsite spa-like setting, giving you the support you need every step of the way! The Esthetics program can be completed in. The Institute of Beauty Culture will help you obtain the practical skills needed and will support you the entire way. Apply Now! Course Description. The curriculum involves 1600 hours to satisfy California State requirements. The course includes extensive instruction and practical experience in cutting, coloring, permanent waving, manicuring. ESTHETICS CURRICULUM. Graduating from the Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology Esthetics program will give you a deep understanding of the knowledge, technical and business building skills that you will need to obtain state licensure and to obtain a position as a successful esthetician. In addition, you will learn in our 7 bed student spa. a school or other institution or program privately owned and conducted for the purpose of teaching cosmetology, and shall include post-secondary institution as defined by General Laws c. 112, §§ 87T and 87JJ as amended. (2) No person or entity shall operate a cosmetology school without a license issued by the Board

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The Academy of Cosmetology Arts. 5500 E Yale Ave, Suite 400A. Denver, Colorado 80222. Phone: (303) 282-5012. Fax: (303) 282-0930. E-Mail: mail@acapros.com. Courses Offered: Esthetics Nail Technology Post Graduate Hairstylist. Train with the masters You can schedule a financial aid appointment with us by calling the enrollment office at 888-887-1501 or visit the Department of Education's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) for even more information on using financial aid at Missouri College of Cosmetology. Our federal school code is 035193. Enrollment E. Prepare school catalog/school policies (see below) F. Prepare curriculum, must be based on Board regulations G. Obtain licensed instructors for school: A. Cosmetology schools - 1 Type 4 instructor per 12 students B. Aesthetic school - 1 Type 8 instructor per 12 students C. Manicuring school - 1 Type 4 instructor per 12 student The non-refundable application fee for the addition of curriculum to an existing beauty school license is $500. LAWS & RULES. To obtain a copy of the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology's laws and rules, submit a written request to the address on page 2 of these instructions, or you may review and download them from the Board's website at:. At cosmetology school, this isn't usually the case because you'll be learning all the time, whether it's with real customers or mannequins. You'd still get the chance to practice, even as a student. How Much You Want to Learn. At cosmetology school, there's specific curriculum that your instructors and teachers will follow 2 Assessment Apply Assessment filter. 8 Curriculum Apply Curriculum filter. 9 Digital Tool Apply Digital Tool filter. 3 Direct Instruction Apply Direct Instruction filter. 1 Game Apply Game filter. 2 Graphic Organizer Apply Graphic Organizer filter. 10 Handout Apply Handout filter. 2 Independent Practice Apply Independent Practice filter. 15.