Up to 8 hours, basic, advanced or update, together with a Dimsport expert! Rapid Bike offers a range of add-on modules and accessories for the recalibration of the parameters directly involved in the engine management. A world of solutions to discover through specific training modules together with our qualified staff RapidBike Auto Blipper Shift Assist for BMW HP4 (2012-2014... PLEASE NOTE: this product Requires a Rapidbike EVO or RACING module to work - it is NOT standal.. $450.00. View Details The CEL coming on/off with Rapidbike if the zones below 3K RPM are adjusted is a known problem for the Monster 1200. I had a map created by a dealer that included adjustments below 3K RPM and the CEL flickered on/off all the time. The bike also had terrible decel popping (Termi slip-ons and Ducati up-map from day 1).. Joined Sep 23, 2015. ·. 71 Posts. #7 · Nov 18, 2015. I have yet to install mine since I've been busy with other things. Currently my Rapidbike Evo and Termignoni slip-ons are sitting in their boxes. I have yet to study the instructions that came with the rapidbike although I have skimmed it. I'll see if I can dig them up and get them into a.

RAPIDBIKE. RACING. Represents the highest level of technology available, offering the widest range of solutions for demanding riders. Based on the Rapid Bike EVO, the RACING module is designed to manage additional and innovative features setting new and unmatchable standards within the competitive arena I have a Rapidbike Evo installed on my 899 with a Termi slipon. I have been riding it around for a couple months and decided to get the bike dyno'd to see how good it's working and this is what I got back from the shop today: Race bike services. Holy crap, ran your bike on the Dyno and your.. ADORI BYPASS ADAPTER. A by-pass replacing the RapidBike module (ADapter recreating ORIginal conditions) and setting the bi.. $55.00 USD. Add to Cart The Rapidbike intercepts signals FROM the crank angle sensor (so it knows what rpm the motor is doing), the throttle position sensor, and the O2 sensors. It then sends the Ducati ECU a lie about what the O2 reading actually is. In effect it's telling the Ducati ECU what it wants to and expects to hear, while actually using the genuine signal to. Rapidbike Fuel Tuning Module for Aprilia Racing. New. $ 695.00. All Rapid Bike products are for closed-course competition use only. This kit includes the Rapid Bike Racing module, a USB cable,... Select options

RAPID BIKE EASY. Rapid Bike EASY is an O2 sensor modulator. By altering the AFR values, it gets the ECU to modify the injection values. As a result, it improves the throttle response and eliminates the torque and power surges typical of the low and medium ranges. In other words, it is an effective solutions to get rid of those annoying flat. Rapidbike EVO is our favorite fuel controller module and it is by far the best product of its kind which is available on the market today. Naturally, this is what we installed on our BMW S1000RR in order to maximize the power gains from the Sprint P08 Filter and the Akrapovic Evolution Line full titanium exhaust system that are already on this bike Rapid Bike. May 31 at 2:45 AM ·. New Rapid bike EVO & RACING applications for YAMAHA Ténéré 700 Euro 5: another chapter of a legend! FULL STORY https://bit.ly/3yOQHIW. _. #dimsport #rapidbike #rapidbikeeasy #rapidbikeevo #rapidbikeracing #rapidbikesmart. 2323 Rapidbike, Fuel, Tuning, Module, KTM, EVO. $ 525.00. RC390 / Duke - $ 525.00 USD 1050 Adventure - $ 525.00 USD 1190 Adventure / R - $ 525.00 USD RC8 / R - $ 525.00 USD 1290 Super Adventure - $ 525.00 USD 1290 Super Duke R / GT - $ 525.00 USD 2012-2015 350 EXC-F - $ 525.00 USD 2011-2015 350 SX-F - $ 525.00 USD 2012-2015 450 EXC - $ 525.00 USD.

The ECU would pull the fuel out that the Rapidbike was adding. After many calls to Rapidbike my frustration started to mount as I explained that I have a 5 gas analyzer that I keep in my back pack while riding to help diag the condition, which the 5 gas showed was a leaning out of the mixture. Very nice people though michaelm said: I just installed the RapidBike Evo on mine. This bike is a bit snappy, but I feel like the fuel ratios are much better now and smoother throughout the powerband. I have the full SC Project exhaust and the popping on deceleration was crazy, and now with the RapidBike Evo it is significantly less

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Installation video of the Rapidbike Easy unit in a KTM 1190 Adventure All RapidBike products are for closed-course competition use only. Kit including the RapidBike Evo module and the USB cable and model specific wiring harness .-The Evo module manages up to 8 injectors and modulates the signal up to two O2 sensors (up to 2 lambdas). The purpose of the O2 sensor (lambda) modulation is to prevent the stock ECU. The description of RapidBike App. Delivery where & when you'd like Tap the app, get a delivery or collection done Rapid Bike Africa is the smartest way to get or collect parcels and goods. One tap and your delivery will come directly to your doorstep 17. Lastly, connect the large connector from the Rapidbike Evo wiring harness located under the rear seat to the Rapidbike Evo module. We tucked away the accessory connectors right under the tool kit spot, and used zip ties to secure the Rapidbike Evo module so that it isn't freely moving around under the seat while riding I installed the Dimsport Rapidbike EVO, and it has definitely increased the fueling as the bike has significantly more power, but it seems to be causing a CEL. After the install, I did two short rides and all was good, then the next time the CEL popped on a few hundred feet away from home..

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The Rapid Bike EVO module has arrived, specific for a Triumph Daytona 675 2013-2015. That includes the specific wiring loom and the software loaded, although you can move modules between bikes if you update the software and get a new wiring loom (for the fuel module) as required Always had good results with the Rapidbike Evo on my 1199 and on my KTM 1290R, bikes both felt a lot smoother and allowed me to add the Motohooligan airbox to the KTM without a remap, could keep an eye on the fuelling and optimise the map through the Rapidbike master software, it also maps each cylinder individually on a twin Description: RapidBike RACING 2017-2019 BMW S1000RR by Dimsport-Kit includes, the Rapid Bike Racing module and the USB cable and model specific wiring harness.-All Rapid Bike products are for closed-course competition use only Rapidbike is the only piggyback that uses the factory O2 sensors in a similar way and allows you to tune the 0-4000rpm band as well as above. They have a auto tune feature that NEEDS miles to adapt and has a given amount of trim that it can adapt . I just had a monster on the dyno with a rapidbike, exhaust and de-cat, and the base map was so.

I looked into a PCV or the rapidbike ecu (both are avail for the duke 690) and I decided to go with the coober. The performance gains are noticeable to me. It finally stopped raining in southern california so it took the bike into the hills once installed. The coober seems to help help the flat low end on my bike a lot RapidBike EVO Self Adaptive Fueling Control Module for the Honda CB1000R (2018+) (0 customer review) $525.00. Brand: RapidBike. Product Code: KRBEVO-137. Availability: 1-2 Weeks. Stock Quantity: 0. Additional Notes

Rapidbike EVO & Racing. Standard specific manufacturing for the Automotive sector (electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to shock/vibration, temperature excursion and weathering agents); Rapid Bike EVO add-on module puts in your hands total control of fueling operations as it is directly connected to all stock injectors (up to eight) while. The way the RapidBike works, is there's a pre-installed map, then, much like DynoJet's AutoTune, the RapidBike corrects with a known amount via a feedback signal from the factory O2 sensors. It then keeps 2 sections in the software. One of the preinstalled map and one of the recorded corrections When paired with a PCC Air Box removal kit and RapidBike EVO fuel module, this is the perfect marriage to get the torque and horsepower that is hidden inside this engine. Due to the Boxer K2x engine being air cooled, we would highly recommend a fuelling module to make sure the engine doesn't run over lean when used with a full system and PCC.

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Rapidbike, Fuel, Tuning, Module, BMW, Racing. New. $ 525.00. All Rapid Bike products are for closed-course competition use only. This kit includes the Rapid Bike Racing module, a USB... Select options. Add to Wishlist Rapidbike Racing Module for Ducati Panigale 899 / 95... Rapidbike Racing add-on module is the highest level of technology for reaching top performance while offering wide ra... From $ 775.0 FWIW the RapidBike EVO is a great bit of kit, best money I spent on my bike after the suspension upgrade! Really cleaned up the lumpy low to mid range running of the standard ECU (Monster 1100EVO). Personally I think the RapidBike stuff is way better than PowerCommander

F27SWGEAR-ER+ROD RapidBike Quick Shift Sensor Kit Rapid Bike Quickshifter Kit includes everything needed to add clutchless quick shifting to any motorcycle that has a Rapid Bike EVO tuning system installed. Strain Gauge/Loadcell quick-shifter connects directly to the RapidBike wiring harness. Universal shift rod included.This quick shifting rod can work in both directions, by push or pull (not. Rapidbike MY TUNING BIKE: CAN-BUS AUTO TUNING MODULE (0) Reviews: Write first review. SKU: K27MYTB-01. Please note: My Tuning Bike kit greatly improves speed and accuracy but it is not necessary for EVO or RACE systems Auto adaptive tuning future. However this kit is necessary for motorcycles that did not come with O2 sensors as an OEM. The description of RapidBike Driver App. Ride/drive and earn Tap the app to get delivery and collection jobs. Rapid Bike Africa is the smartest way to get delivery or collection jobs at your convenience. One tap and you will know where to go With Rapid Bike APP the electronic contribution of your Rapid Bike control unit becomes even more visible through the screen of your smartphone! Once the BLUEBIKE adapter is installed on the bike (a breeze, thanks to the plug & play connection) and the application is downloaded from the store, the motorcyclist can access at any time and in. So reaching out to anyone that has this setup? I've been window shopping around for Exhaust. From the Shift techs, to the termi's and the Zards. Last two I'm on the fence cause of the price. Shift tech will cost half of the other two slip on kits. Last bike I owned I bought a $800 Vance and..

The Rapidbike piggy back unit is one notable exception to this because it seems that it also connects between the bikes lambda sensors and the ECU as well as between the ECU and the injectors. This means unlike other piggy back unit we have encountered, it can trick the bikes input to the ECU from the lambda sensor so that the ECU doesn't. DIM RapidBike 1. New (Other) C $510.65. From United States. or Best Offer. +C $57.63 shipping estimate We also designed our flashes to work with all other mapping devices on the market if you chose (RapidBike, PC5, Bazazz) but we offer so much more then fuel and ignition offset. While it does work with RapidBike units, we find that RapidBike is constantly trying to learn out our positive ridability changes Rapidbike Evo Exclusive for the RC 390. Rapid Bike EVO add-on module puts in your hands total control of fueling operations as it is directly connected to all stock injectors (up to eight) while managing at the same time the corresponding air/fuel ratio That's where RAPiDBIKE came up with a new answer to Couplet-onModule! Ideal for improving engine power, torque deficiency and fuel efficiency! Ideal air mileage is a necessary part of the Engine's protection. It's an easy to install module that only needs to be installed.. Kits are set to the manufacturer's recommended optimum values

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  1. RapidBike Evo Exclusive on 2017 KTM Duke 390 installation. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. V. varroa · Registered. Joined Jan 26, 2017 · 485 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 26, 2018. I've read many posts that reference the RBE piggyback installation with sentences like pull the fuel tank, then connect the piggyback..
  2. The RapidBike Bluebike 3 Bluetooth adapter was initially designed to allow the rider to wirelessly connect the EVO or RACING control unit to the engine operation parameter management software, today BLUEBIKE can be used on IOS and Android smartphones via the app dedicate
  3. rapid bike:ラピッドバイク商品は67点ございます。「ラピッドバイク」はイタリアに本拠地を持つdim sport(ディムスポーツ)社が開発した搭載場所の心配をしなくてよい、コンパクト・高性能・防水の3拍子がそろったインジェクションコントローラーです
  4. www.madeiraperformance.com.brwww.facebook.com/madeiraperformancewww.instagram.com/madeiraperformanceOficina mototécnica especializada em motos de alta cilind..

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(For sale a set of RapidBike EVO fuel injection add-on module with harness. 1) RapidBike EVO module NEW @1set. 2) RapidBike specific harness NEW @1set. Fits Honda CRF 1000 Africa Twin (15->16). - slip-on exhausts Diavel Model: Carbon Red. Posted 14 July 2019 - 11:26 PM. Dear all, I have been doing research about what engine tuning, and come across Tuneboy & rapidbike EVO. Tuneboy seems to have the best bang for the buck (cruise control, launch control, up/down quickshifter, able to adjust fan turn-on temperature). No wiring mess is another big plus for.

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RapidBike application list date 23/01/2020 make model year item kit item wiring self warnings adapt. 8 inject. gear read rpm limit. shift rod system sp, lim, O2 ign. mod. RB type inj. two O2 exp cost identification specific features eng, brake shift assist TC LC QS APRILIA SR Max 125 11->14 KRBEA2-023 F27-EA-023Easy2 Description Quickshifter (Up Shift Only) - Kawasaki Z900 - Rapidbike Available on Pre-order/Back Order. Check out how that works here Loadcell Sensor For Quickshifting Feature. It Includes An Innovative Feature Of Real-Time Automatic Detection Of The Kill-Time For Every Gear Upshift. The System Is Composed Of An Elec We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Tonight i finished my installation of the Rapidbike Evo Exclusive fuel piggyback. I have had different fuel controllers and seen all the good and bad stuff. since i did not like to lock my ECU to some licenced tuner, nor to send my ECU over the globe in these slow times.. i thought i might give t..

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  1. The Rapid Bike electronic fuel injection management system is an add-on-module with an internal microprocessor which allows you to modify the fuel injection of your bike.. Rapid Bike is fast and easy to install as the wiring harness supplied plugs straight into your existing wiring loom connectors and your original injectors
  2. Rapid Bike Master. Thank you for using our software library. To download the product you want for free, you should use the link provided below and proceed to the developer's website, as this is the only legal source to get Rapid Bike Master. We wish to warn you that since Rapid Bike Master files are downloaded from an external source, FDM Lib.
  3. Rapid Bike UPDATE: BMW, DUCATI, SUZUKI. Just released an update with years extended coverage for the following bike models: BMW MOTORRAD R 1200 GS. years: 17->18. Rapid Bike Easy. wiring: F27-EA-017. BMW MOTORRAD R 1200 GS. years: 17->18. Rapid Bike Evo
  4. RapidBike Master software allows to manage the recalibration of EVO and RACING modules, accessories, professional tools provided. Rapid PDF Count. Download. 3 on 3 votes . Rapid PDF Count will show you how many pages are in many PDF's and generate reports for you with a few mouse clicks
  5. The home of Gray Area KTM, your KTM performance specialists. Whether it is the RC 390 or the 1290 super duke or even an off-road model, we have the know how to make your KTM perform better
  6. RapidBike 3P. GENERALIDADES USO SEGURO Y ADECUADO SEGURIDAD EN LA RUTA Y CONDUCCIÓN MANUTENCIÓN DEL PORTABICICLETAS 01.Antes de usar el producto, usted debe leer obligatoriamente la nota de advertencias y las instrucciones de montaje, las que deben conservarse para utilizaciones futuras y para un uso seguro

Summary. With a review score of 9.3 out of 10 and an overall score of 9.4, Rapid Bike Evo Fuelling Kit is up there with some of the highest scoring Electronics that we've reviewed. And at £375.99 it really is a great buy Rapidbike Mapping Modules Shop Now K-Tech Suspension Shop Now Boots Collection. shop now Welcome to MotoPoto, India. Your destination for motorcycle parts, accessories and riding gear. We have a massive range of products from the finest brands globally. With our competitive pricing and fast delivery, along with sound technical know-how, there. 8,799 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'rapidbike' hashta

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Rapidbike Evo Install/Mini Review So this weekend I installed the Rapidbike EVO Exclusive kit for the 2015 RC390 and I have to say it makes a huge difference right off the bat. I can answer any technical questions for anyone if they have them, but the install is fairly straightforward and explained pretty well in the.. Rapidbike project - developed thanks to preceding experiences gained in the motorbike sector - officially comes to light in 2004 with the objective of offering add-on modules for fast adjustments of the engine management without interventions on the original ECU. • RAPID BIKE EVO, that puts in your hands total control of fueling operations.

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The RapidBike Evo and Race will both control 8 Injectors. The RapidBike Evo and Race will both read from the OEM Lambda Sensors to help maintain the tune. The RapidBike Race (only) can achieve timing adjustments too which have been unavailable without going down the ECU reflash. There are a host of other option Joined Oct 27, 2018. ·. 139 Posts. #2 · 2 mo ago. My LC has a full Remus system and a Rapidbike self tuning EFI/timing fixer. It is the most perfectly fueled internal combustion engine I've ever dealt with. OTOH I've plug chopped and re-jetted a 440 6 Pack so maybe my standards for convenience are low RapidBike application list date 31/10/2014 make model year item warnings wiring item kit self adapt. 8 inject. gear read rpm limiter s.rod type speed limiter O2 ignition mod. RB type injec. two O2 exp. cost identification specifics feature engine brake quick shifter APRILIA 11->13 SR Max 125 KRBEA-023 F27-EA-023Easy V 06->11 Scarabeo 250 Light.

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Rapidbike EVO Exclusive Issues. Evening gents, I pulled a stupid and routed my lambda intercept harness for the Rapidbike too close to the exhaust and melted a wire . That's the short of being stranded out in the middle of nowhere with two blown main fuses and no cell coverage, but that's another story . Anyway, after sitting for a couple weeks. Motor rapidbike. Publicidad · ariic-318-chinf Nuevo modelo Dristribuidores Encuentra tu distribuidor de Ariic más cercano. WhatsApp. ariic-318-chinf. motor Concentración, innovación, alegría. Desde 2015, ARIIC es un fabricante profesional de scooters que integra producción, I + D y ventas. WhatsApp Shop Aftermarket Performance Upgrade, Parts & Accessories for BMW R nine T R9T / Scrambler / Pure / Racer / Urban G/S 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 at. RapidBike 3P 1x 27680 94-1901-143-23 / V1/20131119 2x 2x 1x 1x 1x 1x 4x 3x 2x 2x 2x M6x45 mm M6x45 mm 6.5x19 mm 6.5x13 mm 1 > 65mm O50mm 1x PART LIST 3 25+25+15kg Premiu

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Aftermarket Performance Upgrade, Parts & Accessories for Yamaha MT-07 / FZ-07 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 at Motostarz.co Product Description: RAPiD BIKE RAPiDBIKE-EASY [RAPiDBIKE-EASY] Kit [KRBEA2-010] : Fits:KAWASAKI D Tracker 125 10-14 125cc : KAWASAKI 1000GTR 08-15 1400c... - Webike We use cookies to provide and improve our services The RapidBike EVO power module combines extraordinary performance with user-friendliness. Built around a self-adaptive, real-time auto tuning feature, the RapidBike EVO ensures your engine is always perfectly in tune, regardless of temperature, altitude and humidity, and that's just the beginning

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RapidBike EVO EXCLUSIV for Tenere 700. The Rapid Bike Evo EXCLUSIV module enables you to take total control of fuelling operations, as it directly connects to all fuel injectors and also works in conjunction with the bike's standard O2 sensor to constantly manage the air/fuel ratio. The Evo module's most important benefit is the Auto-Adaptive. RAPiDBIKE JAPAN @RapidbikeJ イタリア本社認定ー公式 ラピッドバイク-ジャパン サブコンではなくアドコンと位置付けされる高性能アドオンモジュール(追加するコンピューターの意味) ECU Set Easy RAPIDBIKE Set RB Easy Yamaha 1700 Vmx V-Max 2009-2015. AU $263.66 + AU $3.32 shipping + AU $3.32 shipping + AU $3.32 shipping. ECU Set Easy RAPIDBIKE Set RB Easy Suzuki 600 GSX R 2006-2007. AU $263.66 + AU $3.32 shipping + AU $3.32 shipping + AU $3.32 shipping. Check if this part fits your vehicle The STX 46 Street is based on popular Öhlins 46 mm shock absorber with divided piston and adjustable rebound damping, developed for naked sports bikes and street performance bikes. It features a large 46 mm main piston and an internal gas reservoir within the main body of the shock. With adjustable... Regular price. USD $800.00. Price. $760.00 Re: RAPIDBIKE EASY MODULE. The Power Commander you need to have tuned on a dyno, or buy the extra AutoTune module for a few hundred dollars more. They have standard maps available, but they're only near enough solutions. Oh, and the AutoTune uses a wideband sensor that requires a 19mm (iirc) exhaust bung. Most OEMs use a standard narrow band.

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rapid bike:ラピッドバイク rapidbike-easy [ラビッドバイクイージー] キットのユーザーによるインプレッション! 品質や性能、コストパフォーマンスなど、ライダー独自の視点で評価 Rottweiler Performance intake and RapidBike Racing unit with quickshifter sensor/heim joints and YouTune (launch control, engine braking control, traction control). Brembo RCS19 Corsa Corta front brake and clutch master cylinders, filled with Motul RBF600. Vesrah brake pads. Cox radiator guard. Puig Racing windscreen

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Next level performance for petrolheads. More. 5 fine tuning mappings Up to +15 % MPG. All Features. 6 fine tuning mappings Up to +20 % MPG App control. (optional, +50 USD) All Features. 7 fine tuning mappings Up to +20 % MPG 2 -year engine warranty. (up to 5.000 USD) 1x re-programming Rapidbike 3 Honda CB 1000 R '08.pdf. Rapidbike 3 Honda CB 1000 R '08.pdf. Sign In. Details. BLACK ANODIZED ALLUMINIUM UNIVERSAL SCREEN Race Cafe, for naked motorcycles 20,5 x 26,5 cm (H x W) to be combined with the specific AL8204A fitting kit. GVI. € 137,91. compare. UNIVERSAL TRANSPARENT SCREEN 35 x 41 cm (H x W) to be combined with the specific AL8204A fitting kit. GIVI. € 96,00 2019 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled. Beautiful, modified Desert Sled with all work done by master builder Darren Kaisersatt at Kaiserbuilt Motorcycles of Laguna Beach. Custom Arrow exhaust, wrapped pipes, custom heat shield, Rapidbike auto tuner, Sprint high flow intake, custom LED turn signals with bobbed tail. Runs great

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