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When Dudley could not find the words to express how a Dementor attack feels, Harry supplied them. Vernon jumped on Harry for causing such pain to his son, but when Harry explained what Dementors were, his Aunt Petunia piped up supporting Harry's story, shocking Harry into silence This is addressed in the source novel. Harry wants his army to practice on a Boggart, but he doesn't have ready access to one. He feels that producing a Patronus in a well-lit classroom isn't nearly the same as producing one under pressure of attack. This also explains why Lupin used a Boggart with Harry in the first place, to more accurately simulate an assault by a Dementor

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  1. Why did Harry miss the snitch during the Quidditch match? He saw dementors on the field and fainted again p.179; Chapter 10. Why do the dementors affect Harry so badly? He has horrors in his past that others don't p.187; How did Harry find his way to Hogsmeade? A magical map Fred and George gave him that has secret passages to Hogsmeade p.19
  2. One example of this was their invasion of a Quidditch game at Hogwarts during Harry's third year at the school. Already patrolling the school grounds for signs of Azkaban escapee Sirius Black, the Dementors were drawn to the intense emotions emanating from the Quidditch pitch, both from the players and the fans assembled to watch the game
  3. Dementors feed on the darkness and unhappiness in people. They bring forth the worst memories people have from deep within them and gorge themselves upon them. As Harry has a particularly painful past, they are attracted and are able to feed more from him. 3
  4. I understand. Yes, Harry is here. Thankfully, he was not injured that badly. While he was attacked by dementors in the air during the Quidditch match, he never hit the ground when he fell from his broom. Professors McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout managed to catch him before he hit the ground
  5. HP recovering in the hospital wing during final match against Ravenclaw. 1992-1993 (Gryffindor) vs Slytherin. Remainder of the season cancelled due to attacks on muggle-borns. 1993-1994. Gryffindor vs (Hufflepuff) - HP attacked by dementors (Gryffindor) vs Ravenclaw (Gryffindor) vs Slytherin. This is the only season that HP plays in all three.

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The Hufflepuff captain did indeed beat Harry on the Quidditch pitch (albeit not intentionally) but seemed to show genuinely graceful sportsmanship, even offering a rematch after Harry fell off his broom due to an impromptu Dementor invasion In the movie, it's never quite resolved why the Dementors attack Harry and his cousin in a Muggle suburb. We're left to assume that Voldemort's behind it and that the Ministry has lost control of..

Tumblr user swan2swan was the first to help shape the theory, by explaining why the dementors were so bizarrely fascinated by Harry in the first place — it wasn't because he was the one they were.. When Harry returns to the ground, Malfoy taunts Buckbeak, who attacks him. Hagrid carries the bleeding Malfoy to the hospital wing. Harry is quite distraught, mostly because Malfoy has been boasting to his friends how he could persuade his father to get Hagrid fired from his job This created some major changes in the movies, since the Dementors could fly to Hogwarts. There was also a major moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where they showed up during the first Quidditch match in the movie. These Dementors were able to fly after Harry as he was soaring in the sky on his broom Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie clips: https://bit.ly/2UP4co3BUY THE MOVIE: https://amzn.to/2PG3qGbFILM DESCRIPTION:Back at Hogwarts for his.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, it seems like the Nimbus 2000 would give Harry an unfair advantage over people who have regular brooms. And in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the Slytherins with their new Nimbus 2001s would have an unfair advantage over the Gryffindors (they did; they scored a lot more points than Gryffindor) Harry's progress with the Dementors seemed to slow to a halt from there. His next two lessons only produced that same wisp he managed after the third attempt. The three Elric brothers had started to join him during the lessons, mostly spectating his attempts, avoiding confrontation to prevent the Boggart from changing form and idly practicing on the side How did Harry try to cheer Ron up after Scabbers had gone missing? Why was Professor McGonagall yelling at the commentator, Lee Jordan, during the Quidditch game? answer choices . He was focusing too much on the Firebolt. Who told Harry the Dementors he had seen and charmed during the game were fake? answer choices . Hermione Harry finally succeeds with the Patronus when the Dementors again show up during the second Quidditch match; however, these Dementors are quickly revealed to be Draco and his friends in disguise, in an attempt to scare Harry into losing the match. That same night, there is another attack by Sirius Black (a scene partially filmed but deleted)

The dementors next appear in the beginning of the fifth book. Harry and Dudley were walking down an alleyway where two attack them, and Harry uses a Patronus. He gets suspended, but gets back into Hogwarts. After the fifth book, dementors are now joined with Voldemort again, and there is now only innocent people in Azkaban. Appearance Ginny Weasley (born 1981) is Senior Quidditch Correspondent for the Daily Prophet and a former Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies.4 She is also a notable member of Dumbledore's Army, and co-led the organisation during the 1997-98 school year, while Hogwarts was under Death Eater control.5 As a member of Dumbledore's Army, she fought in several battles, including the Battle of Hogwarts.6 She is.

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He assigns them an unnecessary amount of homework. Harry has his first quidditch match of the season. It was supposed to be against Slytherin but it ended up being against Hufflepuff. During the match, dementors came onto the field and caused Harry to faint and Gryffindor to lose the match. Lupin returns at the start of the next week But no matter the exact reason she was killed, Harry couldn't deny one simple fact. No one had died during that Dementor attack in the original timeline. That meant that Melissa's death was at least partially caused by the changes he had made. Just because he couldn't see an obvious connection didn't make it any less true Dementors invade Quidditch Pitch and knock Harry Potter of his broom! Yesterday, during the first Hogwarts Quidditch match of the season, over a hundred of the Azkaban Guards defied an order prohibiting them from accessing the school grounds and attacked Harry Potter, who was playing the role of Seeker for his house Quidditch Team Quidditch in Harry Potter Maybe his triumph over the faux-dementors foreshadows his overpowering the real dementors during the book's climax. the Beaters protect their team and attack the.

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When Harry's Quidditch captain approaches him about the possibility of having to replace him as seeker, Harry assures him that he is learning how to combat Dementors from Professor Lupin. Ron tells Wood that Harry got a Firebolt for Christmas, but it was unfortunately confiscated to be checked for hexes Harry's Nimbus 2000 was destroyed by the Whomping Willow following a Quidditch match against Hufflepuff. The match was the first Harry played during his third year at Hogwarts (November 1993) and.

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  1. The books' description of Dementors is horrifying enough, but the third movie takes it to a darker place when the viewers are treated to a close-up of one of their faces as it attacks Harry during a Quidditch game
  2. During a Quidditch match a player is chased by several Dementors; one sucks the air out of him (we see the Dementor's face and it appears to be bloody, disfigured flesh), he falls unconscious toward the ground. A Dementor is released from a trunk and it hovers over a young man sucking the air out of him until the young man faints
  3. Fans of the Harry Potter Wizarding World are holding their breath for good news regarding the third Fantastic Beasts movie. It has been delayed another year by pandemic and scandal.Fortunately.
  4. The sole Quidditch match of Chamber of Secrets (before the season's cancellation) served as the catalyst for Harry re-encountering Dobby. In Prisoner of Azkaban, however, Quidditch finally got.
  5. Why did Voldemort arrange for Harry to come to the church? To get his blood and to fight him p.658; Chapter 34. Choose a word that describes Harry during the duel with Voldemort. Why did you choose it? Brave, strong, enduring, didn't give up p.659; Who came out of Voldemort's wand during the duel
  6. Gryffindor and Slytherin verse each other in Quidditch. Harry sees a black dog's silhouette against the sky. Gryffindor lose the match when Dementors go onto the field and attack Harry, causing him to pass out. Making things even worse, Harry's broomstick is destroyed by the Whomping Willow. Chapter Ten: The Marauder's Ma
  7. The professional Quidditch match, which was held in the year 1473, was a game which will go down in history for more than one reason. The first being that it began the tradition of the recurring World Cup. The second being that this match somehow managed to contain every single one of the aforementioned 700 fouls

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  1. Well I couldn't really remember my dreams, so I just made some stuff up. One of the things I came up with was being attacked by Dementors during the Quidditch match. Hermione's jaw slowly dropped in surprise. So you the bushy-haired witch started to ask. Harry quickly interrupted, I just made some stuff up, 'Mione
  2. When Harry Potter played during his first year at Hogwarts, aged just eleven, he was the youngest player in more than a hundred years, and he also had to be given special dispensation to have his own broomstick at school, (a Nimbus 2000). The Gryffindor Quidditch team practised three times a week under Oliver Wood's supervision.. The opening game, Gryffindor versus Slytherin, was played on a.
  3. Harry made sure he was out of sight before Pansy entered the corridor. OoOoO. After repelling a Dementor invasion, even winning the Quidditch Cup seemed to pale a bit. Cedric Diggory and his Hufflepuff teammates made a valiant effort, but Oliver Wood was not to be denied his last chance
  4. ent in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in which he is the titular prisoner, and is also revealed to.
  5. d about Snape. I know a jinx when I see one, Hagrid. I've read all about them! You've got to keep eye contact, and Snape wasn't blinking at all, I saw him! I'm tellin' yeh, yer wrong, said Hagrid hotly

Professor Igor Karkaroff (d. before 31 July, 1996) was a wizard and Highmaster of Durmstrang Institute. During the First Wizarding War, he was a Death Eater who served Lord Voldemort. After being captured and briefly imprisoned in Azkaban following his master's defeat, Karkaroff turned in several of his fellow Death Eaters to the Wizengamot in exchange for his crimes being pardoned. He later. It doesn't take a genius to know that. I knew that Madam Pomfrey would require your assistance during Quidditch practices and games. Right Harry muttered. Though it did make sense, the mediwitch would have the most injuries because of Quidditch. Marcus' next actions almost made Harry jump out of his skin In clear, cool conditions, Gryffindor took an eighty point lead, but Ravenclaw managed to claw it back to 80-30. When Harry spotted the Snitch for the third time, Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Flint walked onto the pitch, dressed as Dementors. Harry having been given anti-dementor lessons, shot his Patronus at them and then caught the Snitch

Why didn't Wormtail ever do Lord Voldemort's bidding by offing Harry Potter during those first few years Harry kept arriving back at the Burrow with the Weasley clan? Because Peter Pettigrew was a coward, not a murderer. We did see Pettigrew commit one murder — Cedric Diggory's — but that was with Voldemort there, commanding him why did harry attack mundugus fletcher in hogsmeade village? why did harry make ron believe he had added felix felicis to rons juice? he wanted ton to feel lucky so he woukd play well in the quidditch match. Why had voldemort killed the poor, besotted, old hepzibah smith? During Christmas the minister rufus scrimgeour asked harry to. Dementors are horrific wraith-like creatures that appear in the Harry Potter books and film series. These nightmarish monsters have been classed by the Ministry of Magic as non-beings due to their amortal state, meaning that they are neither capable of dying nor have they ever been alive. Dementors feed on positive human emotions, draining all feelings of joy and happiness from anyone in. Harry first encountered the Dementors on his train journey to Hogwarts in his third year, when they were searching for Sirius Black, who had escaped from Azkaban Prison. He was later attacked by Dementors during a Quidditch match against Hufflepuff, causing him to fall off his broom mid-flight Harry Potter vs the Dementors: A Metaphor for Depression. It's a well-documented fact that J.K.Rowling suffers from depression. When she first began to write the Harry Potter books, she'd moved back from Portugal to Scotland, had separated from her partner, was unemployed and had a young child to raise. She began a downward spiral that.

Unfortunately the Quidditch Cup was completetely cancelled due to attacks on Muggle-born students before the Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff match, so Slytherin did not get to play against either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. 1993-1994. Slytherin's captain was still Marcus Flint. His fellow Chasers were Montague and Warrington What kind of dragon does Harry fight during the Tri-Wizard cup? A Hungarian Horntail. What wizards are trained to catch dark wizards? Aurors. What sort of power do Dementors have? They're able to drain people of their happiness. What does Prof. Lupin offer Harry to make him feel better when the Dementors try to attack him? Chocolate Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. Tests for the real fan -» Books quizzes -» Harry Potter -» Book 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban. -». Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. time limit:t < 10 min - Developed by: Berenk - Developed on: 2004-05-15 - 8,765 taken - User Rating: 3,5 of 5 - 68 Votes

Dolores Umbridge did everything in her power to make Harry Potter's life as miserable as possible. In the summer of 1995, Umbridge sent two Dementors after Harry and his cousin Dudley. This was an attempt to silence him from contradicting the Ministry's official opinion that Lord Voldemort had not returned Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third Harry Potter film, released in 2004 and directed by Alfonso Cuarón.. Sirius Black, a mass murderer believed to have been a supporter of Voldemort, has escaped from Azkaban, the wizarding prison, and is allegedly out to kill Harry.In response, the Ministry of Magic sends Dementors, a race of dreadful wraith-like creatures, to guard Hogwarts Umbridge sending Dementors to attack Harry in Little Whinging, the practice of holding a full criminal trial to deal with a simple matter of underage magic (OotP 8), and Fudge influencing the Prophet and interfering at Hogwarts are just a few of the ways that the Ministry abuses its power in Order of the Phoenix. Furthermore, the. Harry raised his right hand, hesitated, and then waved it energetically in from of Dumbledore's face. Dumbledore did not blink, look around at Harry, or indeed move at all. And that, in Harry's opinion, settled the matter. Dumbledore wouldn't ignore him like that. He was inside a memory, and this was not the present-day Dumbledore

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), and Hermoine Granger (Emma Watson) return for their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Having warned the school about the return of Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), which the Ministry of Magic has declared to be a lie, Harry is not surprised to find that a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Dolores. Quidditch is a popular sport among wizards and Harry is the youngest Quidditch player in over a century. It's also a game Harry loves more than anything else at school. As the year progresses, the three friends set out to solve the mystery of the gigantic three-headed dog that is guarding something in a deserted corridor in the school

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From the homework Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint did on set to the owls's nationality, find out 20 surprising Harry Potter facts Diggory was also the captain and Seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, and his squad was one of few to beat Harry's in a match (although this was partially due to the Dementors knocking Harry unconscious). Cedric was a good-natured rival to Harry, competing for Cho Chang's affections, in Quidditch, and in the Triwizard Tournament

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Harry Potter is a series of novels about a young wizard, named Harry Potter, who with the help of his friends struggle to take down the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. As one would expect, the books are filled with wonder, mythical creatures, and magic. One of the ways that magic was practiced was by using wands to cast spells Dark times have come to Hogwarts. After the Dementors' attack on his cousin Dudley, Harry Potter knows that Voldemort will stop at nothing to find him. There are many who deny the Dark Lord's return, but Harry is not alone: a secret order gathers at Grimmauld Place to fight against the dark forces -Ginger's POV- Today is my brother Harry's first quidditch match. After I gotten in trouble during or first flying lesson and left I guess Harry's skills in flying were witnessed by Professor McGonagall, she made him the youngest seeker ever to be at Hogwarts. Their first quidditch match is against the Slytherin's and every time I look at Harry all I can see is him being afraid.&..

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  1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the film score for the 2004 film of the same name, the third and final score in the series to be composed and conducted by John Williams.It introduced two major themes: Window to the Past and Double Trouble
  2. The Emerald Potion is a mysterious potion which induces fear, delirium, and extreme thirst. According to Dumbledore, the potion cannot be penetrated by hand, vanished, parted, scooped up, siphoned away, Transfigured, Charmed, or otherwise made to change its nature in any way
  3. But, this gets even crazier. In one loss, Harry missed most of the game after being knocked unconscious by a Bludger (didn't return to the game, sound concussion protocol). In the other loss, Harry was attacked by Dementors! DEMENTORS! It literally takes an attack by a soul-sucking creature to defeat Harry in Quidditch
  4. e Harry's performance by posing as Dementors — Draco standing on Goyle's shoulders — but they were all knocked over by Harry's first successful automatic Patronus Charm, clearly unaware that it was the effect the.
  5. Why was Harry Potter made quidditch captain in his 6th year? There was still Katie Bell who was a year older and had been in the Quidditch team for the same amount of time. A couple of reasons I can think of - Katie is in her final year and concentrating hard on her exams and future after Hogwarts
  6. Why is harry potter and the sorcerer's stone banned View source Comments Share This article is about the character. For the book series, see Harry Potter (series) . Harry James Potter (born July 31, 1980), is a Half-Blood wizard, son of Pure-Blood James Potter (1960-1981) and Muggle-born witch Lily Evans (1960-1981)

During a 2007 interview, J. K. Rowling was asked what Dudley saw during the attack, and she responded: My feeling is that he saw himself, exactly for what he was, and for a boy that spoiled, it would be terrifying. So he was jolted out of it. Dementor attacks aren't usually good for people, but this one was Griffindor's Quidditch team had to play a game in a very bad storm. Drawn by the excitement, the Dementors flew over the game, getting closer and closer to Harry until he eventually passed out and fell to the ground. Dumbledore was able to use magic to break his fall, but his broom was blown into the Whomping Willow, where it was destroyed If you grew up anywhere near the 1990s, chances are good that you grew up reading the Harry Potter books. And then re-reading the Harry Potter books. And then dialing up the internet to read this. Quidditch — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) Up until this point, we'd already seen a couple of fast-paced Quidditch matches, realized with digital effects and blue screen. The Harry Potter Reread: The Prisoner of Azkaban. , Chapters 7 and 8. The Harry Potter Reread is going to undergo hypnosis therapy to conquer its fear of tipping over while riding a bike, and.

Harry was of course very interested in the event, although the event itself left Hermione rather indifferent -- she did have some interest in meeting mages from around the world. While they could have gone just for the match, they would be at the site for two weeks, so they could meet the magical world, or at least a fair representation of it However, during a quidditch match scene, Harry flies past the Ravenclaw tower, and his robe whips up in the wind, exposing the attached seat where actor Daniel Radcliffe rests. Safety comes first. Hermione comes to the rescue and cast a spell on Harry's glasses so he can see through the rain. While playing though, he spots the black dog at the bottom and then all of a sudden a hundred dementors come into the Quidditch pitch and cause Harry to black out and fall off of his broom

and why does this surprise Harry? 3. Why do the Dementors affect Harry so strongly? Discuss their method of controlling the prisoners in Azkaban. Why is Dumbledore opposed to the Ministry's use of Dementors? What is the effect of the Dementors' kiss? 4. Harry and his friends have three new teachers this year During Harry Potter's second year at Hogwarts, there were a series of attacks on Muggle-born students at Hogwarts School due to the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. In 1993, Fudge bowed to public pressure and had Rubeus Hagrid taken to Azkaban so it would look like the Ministry was doing something Harry Potter was appointed as the Quidditch Captain during the 1996-1997 school year. The tryouts lasted two hours and involved many complaints and several tantrums, one involving a crashed Comet 260 and several broken teeth. Many first years tried out (who clearly had never flown before) and in addition, some of the people trying out were from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Harry didn't even get to bury her, as he had to cut the sidecar loose during his escape from the Death Eaters. Nagini's attack - The hunt for horcruxes and information proved to be one challenge. Harry Potter took anti-dementor lessons in order to learn the advanced charm. During a Quidditch match against Ravenclaw in 1994 he cast his very first corporal Patronus and again in June when he along with Hermione Granger and Sirius Black were being attacked by over a hundred Dementors, he cast a corporal Patronus powerful enough to drive.

The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it was the fact that she had stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, or that she had chosen to wear a necklace of Butterbeer caps, or that she was readinga magazineupside down. —Luna's unusual disposition[src] Luna Lovegood(b.13 February,1981[1]) was aHalf-Blood Britishwitch, the only child and daughter. Essay: Expecto Quidditch. While games—mock battles—segueing into genuine battles is a theme throughout the seven-book Harry Potter series, Harry's third year in school is set apart as the only one in which he plays a complete Quidditch season. Harry grows to see Quidditch—his chief metaphorical war—and learning to conjure a Patronus. After thanking Tonks for helping you, she'll explain some things about Dementors to you. You'll then share your theory with her. All the clues point out that R is responsible for the Dementor's attacks. She'll be curious to know why would R do such a thing. You have three options to respond with All of Harry's Quidditch related dreams have come true, and it's remarkable timing considering his Nimbus 2000 has literally just been destroyed. Whilst Harry and Ron are wrapped up in the excitement of it all, Hermione is the voice of reason, explaining that she thinks Sirius Black is behind the gift Quidditch, the sport of choice at Hogwarts, resembles flying lacrosse in the Harry Potter films. One might imagine that the British Rowling thought of cricket when creating the game. After all.

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In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Death Eaters attack the Quidditch World Cup. At this point in the books, this was the largest attack the Wizard community had seen since the downfall of Voldemort. Yet, we never hear of any investigation of it. It's almost as if someone in the government was actively suppressing an investigation Normally, Quidditch teams have Harry Potter inspired names, but this team decided to name themselves after a little Australian inside joke. Everyone knows there are koala bears down under, so locals tease tourists saying there's a type of koala bear hiding in trees ready to drop down on you and attack. Hence, dropbear 1 Dementors (Worst) Dementors are probably the worst monster in the Harry Potter universe. Say goodbye to all the fun at Hogwarts -- dementors will feed on that happiness. They leave their victims dejected and paralyzed after attacking (also called the Dementor's Kiss) which ultimately sucks out the soul

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For Harry, happiness was fleeting and life was a chasm of suck. So in honor of Harry's 36th birthday on Sunday, July 31, let's revisit the many times you definitely did not want to be Harry Potter. Professor Remus[3]John Lupin[3] (10 March[1], 1960 - 2 May, 1998) was a Welsh[1] werewolf and the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from September 1993 to June 1994[3]. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Hogwarts years 1.3 Hogwarts years 1.4 Adult life 1.4.1 Early adulthood 1.4.2 Unemployment 1.4.3 Return to school 1.5 Return of the Order 2.

Fanfic: Quidditch Tales Ch 2, Harry Potter | FanFiction. Chapter 1. Saturday, 9 September 1995. Hogwarts Castle, Scotland. Sweat dripped off his brow and into his eyes as he dismounted his broom. Harry Potter was exhausted. Gryffindor's first quidditch practice of the year was over and it had been brutal. The beaters had been targeting Harry. This Harry Potter trivia quiz will figure out if you have the knowledge of a true Potterhead or if we can stump you. What causes Harry to fall off his broom during a Quidditch match during The Prisoner of Azkaban? A dementor attack. Another player hits him. A bludger attack Snape had found Harry's Invisibility Cloak by the Whomping Willow.He was bringing Lupin his Wolfsbane potion when he noticed a very interesting map on Lupin's desk that confirmed his suspicion Lupin was helping Black.Snape magically binds Lupin before he can explain, then insists everyone return to the castle so he can have a word with the Dementors.. When the action resumed Harry was struck on the elbow by a Bludger, which broke his right arm. Draco Malfoy spotted the Snitch, winning the match for Slytherin. Unfortunately, the Quidditch Cup was completely cancelled due to attacks on Muggle-born students before the Slytherin versus Hufflepuff match, so Slytherin did not get to play Hufflepuff During their investigation into that mystery, they found out that Voldemort, formerly Tom Riddle, was essentially a Hogwarts honors student and had a ton of accolades to his name. This prompts Harry to say: I wish I knew why some did try to chuck it, [the Diary] said Harry

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Hazel keech worked in harry potter's three series; Hazel keech has performed as a guest in 'jhalak dikhla jaa' hazel keech did a cameo in a punjabi movie. Hazel mentioned she was part of the scene where dementors attack harry potter while playing quidditch and he falls off his broom But Pettigrew uses the chaos to attack Ron and Crookshanks and escape. The Dementors find Sirius. Harry and Hermione try their best to save him. Sirius loses it, Hermione loses it, and Harry is about to be kissed by a Dementor when a mysterious Patronus saves them. At this point, we are just very happy that Harry's first kiss was not a Dementor Professor Severus Snape is the Potions master and head of Slytherin house, and is seen as the main secondary antagonist up until the end of the first book. His most notable appearance is during Chapter 8, which is named after him (The Potions Master). He teaches in the dungeons' Potions Classroom. 1 Introduction 2 From the Story 2.1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 2.1.1 Discovered. Percy Weasley is one of Ron Weasley's older brothers. When Harry Potter is in his first year at Hogwarts, Percy is a fifth-year Gryffindor Prefect. 1 From the Story 1.1 Discovered in Book 2, Chapter 3, The Burrow 1.2 Discovered in Book 2, Chapter 4, At Flourish and Blotts 1.3 Discovered in Book 2, Chapter 9, The Writing on the Wall 1.4 Discovered in Book 2, Chapter 12, The Polyjuice Potion 1.5.

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1 Introduction 2 From the Story 2.1 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2.1.1 Discovered in chapter 27, Padfoot Returns 2.1.2 Discovered in chapter 30, The Pensieve 2.1.3 Discovered in chapter 35, Veritaserum 2.1.4 Discovered in chapter 36, The Parting of the Ways Barty Crouch Junior was the son of Barty Crouch. After Voldemort's disappearance after the first wizarding war, Barty Crouch Junior. The new professor wakes up when the Azkaban Dementors board the train, and he produces a Patronus to save Harry from the Dementor's Kiss. In the movie, he doesn't speak until after Harry has recovered some from the attack. He hands the young wizard a piece of chocolate and says, Here, eat this. It'll help. It's all right. It's chocolate The dementors placed each of the four people in the four chairs with chained arms that now stood on the dungeon floor. There was a thickset man who stared blankly up at Crouch; a thinner and more nervous-looking man, whose eyes were darting around the crowd; a woman with thick, shining dark hair and heavily hooded eyes, who was sitting in the chained chair as though it were a throne; and a boy. During quiditch she watched as Harry was helplessly hanging on for dear life onto his broomstick. not knowing what to do then the dementor showed up and for the first time Rose saw fear in Fred and George but the dementor didn't attack them. Rose did not appreciate Draco and his buddies bullying her brother about him fainting on the train. About This Quiz. Quidditch may have started on the pages of Harry Potter, but fans who grew up with these books have transformed the game into a real-life sport for muggles and pure-bloods alike. Read More. Scroll to Start Quiz